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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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you amaze me.


AWWWW! I'm definitely getting Rankurusu! Adorable!


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I'm really liking this gen, can't wait to see more.
The ice cream pokemon looks a lot better from the sprite opposed to the fanart, quite adorable.
and Marakachi, yeee! want.


Rankurusu's middle stage looks cute for sure, but that's kind of all it has going for it at the moment. Nothing else about it strikes me as wonderful; it's just your generic cute little Pokemon with below-basic stats and attacks most likely. I actually look forward to Gochiruzeru's middle stage a whole lot more than to Rankurusu's middle stage now. I'm just not sure I'm comfortable with it.
I agree, I was expecting something a bit more better looking. :(

too bad Ash might have on in the anime. But, perhaps it's the appearance that gives it away, even if it has a decent move set. Never judge a Pokemon by its appearance because it can always surprise you. Oh so that Pokemon is based off as a roadrunner? Nice!


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Ok 1 cool pokemon each 40 , sorry but this isn´t pokemon xd
I have been playing pokemon games since I´m 5 years old, and I´m sure most of us also.
But this is the ugliest gen. ever, I just like the 1st pokemon that were shown.(starters and main legendarys)
And they keep showing "cute" pokemon. Now I know why nintendo didn´t show the pokemon until ppl buy the game.


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I'm definitely using Mamepato. I like how they didn't try to go over the top with it's design. Simple yet sleek. Very very nice and very very cool.
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