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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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Who can say?
Was not expecting the pidgeon to become something like Kenhorou, but then again most people seemed to assume we'd get another Staraptor/Pidgeot like pokemon. So at the very lest I'm happy that it actually turns into something different.


Ok guys, I'm back :p
- Pururiru is 1st or 2nd stage?

2nd. Female alternate form, I believe. It's wearing a crown, so I'm inclined to believe that it's the second, and I highly doubt the pink jellyfish 1st would evolve into a blue moustachioed king jellyfish.


This is all so exciting!


I would honestly trade anything to get my hands on a Zorua for Zoroark. Okay, almost anything.


I'd honestly trade my soul to get them, if I didn't already have the special Celebi and Beasts lol. I'm just still really sour about Zorua and Zoroark not being found during normal gameplay and only being found when you transfer over Celebi and one of the Shiny Beasts via the Transfer Machine to Black and White. I'll likely never get over this even though it's not going to be such a big deal in retrospect.


Rev up those fryers
What is this one? It dosen't look like anything Melkor described? It can't be the jellyfish, he posted fanart of it and this looks nothing like it.


aka Arbok
Aww, that turtle Pokémon is amazing!

The crocodile evolution is great as well. I thought it would be a Hippowdon thing, but it definitely developed itself very well.

Cecil Omega

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Yep, but you only need one to get a Zoroark, and can only get one per game....GIVE ME ONE!

lol, I can clone them too so... Open Invitation here, in honor of the leaks, PM me if you'd like your own Shiny Crown Beast! 1 per customer. Get your Zoroark nice and early ^_^

And where's the next sprites? It's been awhile XD

Lucario At Service

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Wait, does this mean... there's another way to get Zoroark?? Or, is he one of those that got the event unlocker thingy?

I think it is for the breeding purpose. If i am right, the event Zoroark which you get is a female and the event Zorua is a male. So, i think the programmers made it that we get a male & a female one & use them to breed if needed.


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*10-minute long fangasm*
I've finally calmed down now.... No I haven't ZOMGZ THEYZ ARE AWESOME!

I do honestly think these esigns are awesome. Every friggin' one. Man of the moment: Yooteri's final evolution. I hope it's shiny form is reddish so I can call it Clifford. I'll call it clifford regardless anyway, it is epic.


I think they could be counterparts.




Second evo of jellyfish Pokémon

pokexperto: 592: Jellyfish Pokémon. Round blue head with 5 tentacles. Water / Ghost Type. Has another Forme, pink color and different tentacles.
pokexperto: 593: Jellyfish Pokémon. Also Water / Ghost Type. Fanart by Hiro: http://bit.ly/aySrz8

I dunno.
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