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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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So, people who have the game right now... Noone probably knows... but do we know if any are ripping the sprites?


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I,m liking most of the new leaked sprites. The only ones i don´t like are the clown one and the 3 monkeys evos. Some others are weird, but somewhat cool.


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What is this one? It dosen't look like anything Melkor described? It can't be the jellyfish, he posted fanart of it and this looks nothing like it.

It's the Water/Ghost Jellyfish female form.

Still waiting for my fluffy white bat's evo. :) XD

It's already on the site, Cocoromori, it has grown eyes and the heart design is its nose. It has two pair of ears that are very close to each other. It looks like a fruit bat with fuzzy fur.


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2nd. Female alternate form, I believe. It's wearing a crown, so I'm inclined to believe that it's the second, and I highly doubt the pink jellyfish 1st would evolve into a blue moustachioed king jellyfish.

The crown was leading me to believe that its a 2nd stage female version, however its size seems a little different from the male (but maybe that's just part of it. Female = more elegant). Since i wasn't certain I was looking if there was some kind of confirmation. Anyway, I'll put it as the 2nd stage and correct it if needed.
And that brings the total up to 98.
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Disappointed with Mamepato's 3RD STAGE.
It's a roadrunner...

I'd honestly trade my soul to get them, if I didn't already have the special Celebi and Beasts lol.
:/ Now you're just toying with me.

I'm just still really sour about Zorua and Zoroark not being found during normal gameplay and only being found when you transfer over Celebi and one of the Shiny Beasts via the Transfer Machine to Black and White. I'll likely never get over this even though it's not going to be such a big deal in retrospect.
Okay, that's does it then. Once this game does come out here in the U.S./Canada, I will arrange to trade you just about anything for a Zorua/Zoroark.

I think it is for the breeding purpose. If i am right, the event Zoroark which you get is a female and the event Zorua is a male. So, i think the programmers made it that we get a male & a female one & use them to breed if needed.
At least they were somewhat thoughtful.



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Gym 6 run by Furou uses Kokoromori Lv. 33, Kenhorou Lv. 33 and Swanna Lv. 35
Yeah that lady is the flying type leader!
Pretty cool roster


Kenhorou's two forms

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