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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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Auberon TheFae

Nature's Breath
I actually like the water starter more compared to the others. It looks like a baby so much that needs you to protect it. The fire starter looks great as well, I am so happy it is not a fire donkey, as the rumours were leading to. The grass, well hopefully it would grow on me cause I dont rly like it as yet.


Treinador Áureo
Meh... They're okay. The only one I seem keen of is the fire pig starter. I'm sure they'll grow on me but at the moment, the water one seems like a bad Piplup-Pachirisu fusion.


I'm definitely going for the Grass starter, It has that "Laid Back" kind of look. The Fire starter looks.. Interesting, its a step ahead of Chimchar IMO. The water starter's head looks ridiculous, I bet a donut its final evolution will own. lol

Gen V is really reminding me of gen III because of the radical changes GF is making. The starters are SO different from the older ones, and that is a good thing.


Ice Master
I'm disappionted to be honest. They're okay I guess but none of them live up to previous starters.
The fire type is probably the one I'd go for. Its cute and looks like it'll evolve into something good. Could also gain dark type as it evolves.
The water type is acceptable. I like its freckles and it should turn into some sort of polarbear or maybe sabretooth tiger. I'm pretty sure it'll gain ice tpe at some evolution point.
The grass starter is horrid. I don't like it. Its really badly designed. Looks poor and is way too similar to Treeko. Its my least favourite starter ever.
I don't like the water one, but the fire and the grass are soooo cute!!
Pigs are my favourite animal, and the lizard grass dude reminds me of a mutated Treecko for some strange reason. Oh! I've never had a hard time deciding which one I'll pick. Usually it's the grass without question. But that pig... Oh! I love them both!!!

I guess the water one will grow on me. Mabye it's evolutions will be cool.


Diligent Shipper
I wanna claim Tsutaja....! Just randomly throwing that out there. I just love it, just as much as if it were a grass crocodile.


Elite Four Novice
Does anyone think that the grass starter looks like Axl from Tazmania?


Also, the whole pig OR rabbit thing is plain ridiculous. It's clearly a mixture of both. And since there appears to have been a pig-rabbit plush craze at the end of 2009 (when the starters were probably in the planning stages), I'd say we know why the creators made the fire type this way.
I'm so happy the water starter isn't a platypus! :D
The fire starter is nice too. The grass starter looks too much like Treeko to me though.


Gallade owns
I wanna see a Rabbit/Coyote hybrid in all honesty~


Poke Knight
We can also pretty much confirm that piggy can use flamethrower as the battle scene shows it using it against reptisaur guy! And it's animation looks quite cool! Pretty realistic looking!!


Trainer Trainer
Also, the whole pig OR rabbit thing is plain ridiculous. It's clearly a mixture of both. And since there appears to have been a pig-rabbit plush craze at the end of 2009 (when the starters were probably in the planning stages), I'd say we know why the creators made the fire type this way.

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!


And now for my obligatory "what I think of the new Pokemon" post.

Grass Type: I shall call him Treecko the second. I'm actually surprised to find that I like his design better than the pigs, this may break my tradition of switching between the grass and fire types each gen. I also get the impression from looking at him that the developers had Charmander in mind when designing him so I'm expecting a dragon-ish final evo (maybe even Dragon/Grass? One can dream).

Fire Type: A fire type thats not red and doesn't have flames?!? Blasphemy!! I seriously don't know what it is about his design but something about it doesn't sit well with me, it just seems off. I get the impression that he'll be like Mudkip, I'll dislike the design at first but it'll grown on me by the time the games are out. If I were to guess his final typing from the colours I'd say Fire/Ground, maybe Electric (If the yellow/black go anywhere) but I'm sceptical. At least, from the looks of things, it won't be fighting again.

Water Type: Surprisingly I don't hate it and already like it better than Piplup (never liked its design). I'm amazed but the more I look at the sea beaver thing the more it seems to grow on me, must be the Snowman like nose. As for type guessing Water/Ice seems to be its destiny which, while a little over done (four final forms), make it more appealing to me than the generic "just water starter".

If I were to choose my starter from them now, I would be stuck for choice. I like all three of them in there own way but I would probably pick the grass lizard as per tradition of never picking the water type. Though I will admit Bidoof the second is making contemplate going against tradition. Once again it'll be the final forms that decide it for me because, as cute as they are, the first form won't be with me for long.


Well-Known Member
I'm so happy the water starter isn't a platypus! :D

Me too. That would've been so boring. Love the Otter/Snowman combo!

And whilst I'm glad the Fire starter isn't the humanoid one and Fire/Fight[er] [again], it's kinda sad how little they did with his design. Could've been so much cuter, but that's just me.

The Grass and Water ones rule in my book. My jury's out on Fire 'bunsoink' for now.
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Hmm, so far I'm not very impressed by them. Actually, I'd say that I'm pretty disappointed. I think they could have done far better, but maybe they'll grow on me in time. :/

It's sad how many fan based starters - or even fan based pokemon in general there are out there that are so much better than the ones they come up with. I'm starting to think they should just pay the fans to create the pokemon for them--I'm pretty sure fans would do it for free even. =x

Ah well, hopefully the evolutions will be more appealing to me.
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Well-Known Member
So far I'm not crazy about this gen.

Zorua and Zoroark I like but I was disappointed that they turned out to be pure Dark types, just hopefully they have new abilities for them both.

But the starters, not crazy about them at all. They look interesting but at the same time they look ugly(It takes alot for me to call something ugly by the way). Gen 3 and 4's starters weren't that great for me either but they looked better then these ones for me.

I hope they have Pokemon that I can fully like and want to use like the past gens. So far the only Pokemon I would want to use would be Zorua and Zoroark, and that's still not set in stone.

Of course there is only 5 Pokemon revealed out of atless 100 new ones so I'm sure there will be atless 6 Pokemon I would want on my team.

I always use the fire starter when I first play the game, and they are always the fastest(One of the reasons why I use them) out of the three(Besides Torchic), this looks like the grass starter will be the fastest one.

I hope that their evolved forms aren't as ugly to me, atless then I could use them, although it's still going to suck if the fire starter isn't the fastest.

It's interesting how the characters are going to be older then the past ones.

Now I'll have to wait for any more info and/or Pokemon to be revealed to see if I'm going to play this game or not.


Well-Known Member
Aside from the fire pig, the starters are all Pokemon we have seen before, Treeko is also a grass lizard and Bibarel is a mammal that lives near and in the water. Water one seems based off a otter, which should make for an interesting evolution chain. I'm not really thrilled with any but the fire starter--which is unusual for me as I usually go with the water type. Hopefully the fire one evolves into a warthog like Pokemon with tusks and all. Could be really scary. And if they give it also a secondary Ground type that would be amazing.


why? Fire/ground is a horrible type combination.


Bug Catcher
The only one I didn't like was the Grass one. It is too much of a Treecko wannabe, not unique at all.

The fire aadvark is cool, I guess it will have great evolutions. The water... thing is my favorite so far.

Things will probably change when the evos are revealed, but for now I would pick up the Water guy.


Boulder Trainer
I'll join in as well.

Grass Type: Awesome, it has a bit of a laid-back face but it tops Treecko in coolness factor if you ask me. Like some others here, I can only hope that it's final evolution will be a a Grass/Dragon type. In any case, I like it a lot and I'll consider picking this instead of the pig if his evolutions look even cooler.

Fire Type: Fire Piiiiiiiig~ I've always wanted this combination and it's finally here. His coloring is red/black, so it being a fire/dark type evil looking boar as final form wouldnt surprise me, and I'm hoping it'll be just that. This is my number one pick, but depending on what the grass and fire's evolutions will be, is how I'll decide between them.

Water Type: I....dont like it, I just cant get myself to like it right now. A light-blue body with a shell on it, dark-blue tail and feet, white paws, and a white head with blue ears and a big yellow clown nose. Like someone else said, it looks like a weird Pachirisu-Piplup mix and I already know I PROBABLY wont take this one. Then again, I base my pick off the entire evolution line so who knows, but they'd better be really good. =/

If I had to choose now, I'd go for the fire pig. I think it's a good thing I dont like all 3 of them but only 2, so it's easier to pick. As for the people who dont like all 3, well....you're too picky and had too high expectations or something, sucks to be you. :)


Well-Known Member
there all mixtures of something.




pretty cool stuff non the less.
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