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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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you amaze me.
I must say that I am quite pleased with these starters, they are different and I like that.
I'm sure all the haters will stop once we see their evolutions; as they always do.
Though, I will say that right now I am favoring the grass starter, but that may change with time.


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there all mixtures of something.




pretty cool stuff non the less.


Are the scans fake?

I found another variation of the water starter in a japanese site.


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Grass starter can beat both fire and water starters due to it being grass, kills off the water type and ground type.
Fire can take out the grass starter for being grass and the water starter for having an ice type as well.
And the water type can take out the grass type for having ice attacks and the grass being grass/dragon, and take out the fire/ground with its water attacks.

I think the water starter will be the strongest in all gens.


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Is it just me who sees fire pigs bandana scheme going on? Kinda like a pirate ^_^

Or how grass lizard still has avian-like characteristics? (holding out borderline psycopath hope for a bird evolution lol)

Or how that crazy adorably ugly snowman blew everyones expectations away? ha ha

I'm ecstatic about the fact that the protagonists are older. Its about time GF realized that their main audience are the die-hards from RBY days. I just hope the mature heroes can reflect a more mature story-line....

ACTION COMMANDS! ha ha just teasin ^_^


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Not really the best looking starter's, the pig is the only one that looks a little decent, grass i'm indifferent about it looks like it could have a cool evolution, the water starter just look ugly.


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Meh... They're okay. The only one I seem keen of is the fire pig starter. I'm sure they'll grow on me but at the moment, the water one seems like a bad Piplup-Pachirisu fusion.


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Wow, a lizard, a pig AND an otter. I love reptiles, pigs and weasels. So I'm pleased. I dislike the otter's design, but maybe the final evolution will look better.

How long does it usually take before they show us the final evolutions?


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I don't really like the grass starter, my favorite is the water-type. ^^



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i love them the water one the best I think
i thought i was going to really like the grass one but its a bit of a let down


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Are the scans fake?

I found another variation of the water starter in a japanese site.



as insignificant as a change like that is.... it has actually shaken my faith in the validity of these scans 0_o which really sucks because these are my favorite starting line up to date )= I mean it is posted on serebii and pokebeach and everywhere but seriously we could all have just been had....

Why are just the eyes different though? It makes no sense....

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Since I've always gone for the reptilian/draconic starter, I'll be choosing Tsutaja, even though I'm disappointed that his look has no originality at all. He's neat, don't get me wrong, but damn he looks way too much like Treecko. However much I like his design, original or not, every single grass starter has been a reptile...I wish they could've made the fire or water type reptilian instead and broken that mold. Meh.

I have mixed feelings about Pokabu as well. His expression in the official art is...annoying, but his sprite looks absolutely adorable. At first I wasn't too keen on the pig idea, but now that I see what it really looks like, it was fairly well done. I think the evolution should be especially interesting.

Mijumaru is very, very cute even though he seems too similar to Piplup/Pachirisu. He rather confuses me, though - is he a polar bear, an otter, or a mix of both? It's likely he'll have a dual ice type, since he closely resembles a snowman too.

Overall, I have very mixed feelings on all three of them. I think they're a step up from Gen 4, which was awful imo, but they're definitely not perfect either. Still, the evolutions are all that matter to me; as long as they look cool, I'm satisfied.


I love the pig one, definitely gonna use it in the games. The water one looks like a Piplup to me and the grass one like Treecko..but I hope their evos will make them stand out more. The flame in the battle screen looks awesome btw 83


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New Starters are just plain awful. Way to ruin a franchise.

My opinion dont go crazy.

A perfect example of a fool who's hating on the new starters, no matter what they look like, probably because it's the latest generation.

Stop comparing to previous ones or having your own expectations of what they should look like, this is how it is.


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Starters dont look that bad but have issues with what they are based on.
Grass is another tree lizard, like Treeko. Works for me but other people will probably say it isnt very inventive
Fire im guessing is a pig, which is random but normally fires starters are (a chick and a monkey). If it isnt a pig not sure what it is.
Water, wtf is that thing meant to be. It looks like a freaky miniature snowman with some penguin traits. Read an otter in another post, which sounds alright but it will likely be the first water starter I dont pick since the original Gen I games
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