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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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so far that's 3 Pokemon staring with 'Z' in 1 generation.

I don't really care for the 2 legends cause I never use them, but they seem alright.


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They could keep the starters names too bar Tsutaaja due to the pronounciation maybe

Although they like to romanise names for us so they prob will change them

Any ideas for starter English names?


Is this website right in saying that the White legend is the cover pokemon for black, and vice versa?
Surely the white legend will correspond to the white game. Surely!?

Yes, it's true. This official website has posted like this as well.
I know why this is so, because it is impossible that the game's cover will be only one color. That's why the two versions are contrasting colors, Reshiram is in the Black game and Zekrom's in the White version. I always thought it would be like that.

I wonder if Reshiram's hands/wings has a special ability, those really look very invested.


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I think they could have put Reshiram on White and Zekrom on Black if they had just toned doown the background a little. Look at Diamond and Pearl for instance, they had the corrosponding legendary of their respective covers. I guess I'm making a fuss over nothing, GameFreak most likely made such a choice for a reason, so I have upmost trust in them, after all they did invent the games.

However, I did want to get the Black version, as it sounded cooler, but I'll be getting White now for Zekrom.


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I like the design of Zekrom the best.I think I might import White version this year.On the types they will be,I think Reshiram will probally be Flying/Dragon and Zekrom Dark/Dragon.


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I like Reshiram, apart from the feet and the fluffy groinal protrusion.

Here is an altered image I've made, showing how it might look mid-flight:



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I'd say it's more likely that Reshiram will be Part Psychic type than Normal or the new rumoured Light Type

They do look like Yu-Gi-Oh monsters don't they :S
I thought they looked more like digimon myself

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Why does everyone keep thinking those Pokemon isn't Pokemon-like? Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, I don't understand...
I wonder what these new leggies are supposed to represent in the new games? Like Dialga and Palkia being the leggies of space and time. I do prefer older leggies generally that look more like real creatures, and are maybe slightly less epic, Ho-Oh and Lugia being one of the best legendary combinations I think. I'm rather sceptical of the sort of jet engine tails these new ones seem to have...;254;

Oh and I agree, that they don't look particularly pokemon like.
Well, on the game box it says that theres going to be more enhanced features for the DSi rather than the DS lite. Because in the bottom right corner of each game box's it says TWL and if it was better enhanced for the DSi. While usual DS games just say NTR.


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I wonder what these new leggies are supposed to represent in the new games? Like Dialga and Palkia being the leggies of space and time.

If Reshi represents good and Zekky represents evil, I am going to scream.

So far I personally adore all the new Pokemon. Which is sorta surprising, considering Gen4's new 'Mons disappointed me (sure, I liked several, but as a whole... eh). They're straying from the original style, but I like it. It's refreshing, and I think they're doing it well. I'm looking forward to the rest of the new Pokemon.

... The only thing that disappoints me thus far is that Reshi and Zekky are part Dragon Type.


The Dragon Type is fun and all but if they're gonna start making every important Legendary half Dragon I'm... well. I wouldn't stop playing Pokemon over something trivial like that, and I sure as hell still want Reshi and Zekky (their designs won me over from the second I saw them), but... Nyeh, I just think Dragon-Type Legendaries are becoming too common. Then again I'm one of those people who gets her hopes up for new Type combinations. For instance I would have LOVED for Reshi to be a pure Flying Type. But oh well~


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They will probably represent light and dark itself, just like Ho-oh and Lugia representing sky and see.

Probably they'll also be in an epic battle for who controls...the light or the darkness? Unless both are good or both are bad.
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I've loved all of the designs so far. Am I the only one who thinks Zekrom and Reshiram look nothing like Palkia/Dialga? I can't see any resemblance except for Zekrom's claws and perhaps his wings.

I love someone's speculation that rather than good/evil, they're opposed through nature/technology. That would be excellent.

Not too happy about their part dragon typing, but I'm hopeful that if they are dual-typed, it will be with good types.

Zoroa and Zoroark are fine enough. I like their designs.

The starters are actually really nice. We've not had a snake or a pig since GenIII, so it's refreshing to get another new one. I'm also glad we have an otter. I've been waiting for one, so I'm happy.


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Why does everyone keep thinking those Pokemon isn't Pokemon-like? Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, I don't understand...

Because, generally, Pokémon look more natural, being clearly based of animals and plantlife, whilst Yu-Gi-Oh monsters & Digimon are more abstract, occasionally being based of generic animals and plantlife, but having either mechnical or crystaline look added on to them too.

Also, generally, it's pretty clear what Pokémon are based upon, whilst Reshiram looks like a large, feathered bird with a dog's head, and Zekrom looks like an armoured... thing, with a giant drill for a tail. Hardly natural or animal.

Granted, Reshiram could probably be based upon large feathered/ dragon creatures of mythology, but Zekrom, especially due to it's armoured look, really looks like something you'd find in Digimon or Yu-Gi-Oh.

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Then again, as I said, when the ingame Sprites come out, I'm sure it'll have more of a Pokémon feel to it. And, all of this Yu-Gi-Oh/Digimon/Pokémon likenesses is purely subjective.


I am so hoping for a giant, armoured volcano boar-thing as final fire starter evo.
I'm not sure where to go with the other two starters though, don't seem like they could turn into really powerful stuff imo...
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