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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. wise24

    wise24 MEWTWO KILLS!!!

    Just stating the obvious....that doesn't make me wrong..!!!just live with the pokemon and how they come out!!!!for a reason gamefreak is billionare!!!!
  2. pkmn trainer chris

    pkmn trainer chris Well-Known Member

    that was alot smaller in size then what they gave us now.
    blaziken around 1.8 meters
    legendary pokemons around 3.5 meters

    NOW thats a difference
  3. SharpedoSteve

    SharpedoSteve Sink/Swim

    I would say that about 30% of the posts about the box mascots were against them, most people are happy with them... and in the last hour or so i don't really recall anything bad posted about them.

    You should have posted all that a bit earlier when things were busier and alot of the moaners were online.
  4. SharpedoSteve

    SharpedoSteve Sink/Swim

    [insert dirty minded reply about Reshiram being the mascot for BLACK version here]
  5. Golden Fire

    Golden Fire MasterOfTheNothing

    This looks cool, so they are going for the Dark/Light legendary pokemon, hope they reveal the types soon the black one looks mechanic, Dark/Steel type? and the white one Im not sure what could be has a cool shape. Damn, I still dont know which version to buy.
  6. SQUIRTLETamer08

    SQUIRTLETamer08 lower shiny ratio!

    ROFL! I knew that would be said eventually. But what do you expect, most of these comments about the tuff of hair are coming from younger immature kids. It is expected. I think the legends look great, Rashiram as dragon/normal and Zokrom as dragon/dark. (I swear I am getting tired of the Light talk. Enough already.)
  7. wise24

    wise24 MEWTWO KILLS!!!

    Which starter r u guys goin to choose and why???and what version??
  8. Reshiram isn't all that awkward. That tuft of fur/feathers doesn't look phallic at all. It's just your puberty getting the best of you. Seriously, if you like finding phallic images in Pokemon, go look at Cloyster and Palkia.

    I'm pretty sure we can expect to see quite a few more surprise 5th gen Pokemon reveals. That, and I have a feeling Pokemon.com will officially reveal Zoroark and everybody else in the next few weeks, now that they've publicly announced the two games to world-wide audiences.
  9. pkmn trainer chris

    pkmn trainer chris Well-Known Member

    yeah well this is from a 16 year telling you that if parents see this, game freak might lose half of its buyers.
  10. InfestedProtoss

    InfestedProtoss Well-Known Member

    Well, apparently they're more Legendary Dragons. My guesses
    Reshiram - Dragon/Flying or Dragon/Psychic
    Zekrom - Dragon/Dark
  11. I doubt parents would care what the Legendary looks like, considering Pokemon is rated E. You know, for all ages?
  12. pkmn trainer chris

    pkmn trainer chris Well-Known Member

    dark is immune to psychic, and gen III had to do ground vs water because of its theme. And psychic isn't directly light so normal/dark?
  13. nikohesus

    nikohesus Banned

    Well if you care about this so much then go look at lopunny, gardevoir, mewtwo, and jynx.

    The tail on reshiram sort of reminds me of a jet plane...
  14. pkmn trainer chris

    pkmn trainer chris Well-Known Member

    wanna hear a funny story?


    Jynx was a little bit black and it was a big deal.
  15. SharpedoSteve

    SharpedoSteve Sink/Swim

    Yeah someone had to say it, so i thought i would get it over and done with lol

    I don't see a problem with that part of Ram personally, the only people making a deal out of it (i was close to saying 'big' deal then XD) are the people looking for reasons to hate on it imo.
  16. catzeye

    catzeye Writer's Block


    So nothing new came from Pokemon Sunday? Hmph oh well. Maybe some other time.
  17. PKMN Trainer Manson

    PKMN Trainer Manson Well-Known Member

    I think most people get the idea that Psychic is pretty similar to a "light-type" because of its association with the Dark-type, Espeon's evolution method in contrast with Umbreon, and attacks like Light Screen and Luster Purge.
  18. Reshiram is probbly going to be part ice type because of it's white colar(though i'm not certin).Zekrom is probbly going to be part rock beacause of it's body style. In my mind, I find both to be incraddble horrible in body style. I mean they look cool, but they're overly detailed and look more like Digimon. When you compair them to pokemon relsed in the 1 gen, they look like they come from 2 diffremt franchises. I still can't guss what they're powers will be, but I think it has somthing to do with night and day.
  19. nikohesus

    nikohesus Banned

    Did anyone else notice how the last syllables of the legends' names, ReshiRAM and ZekROM, are computer terms?

    It's too eerie to be a coincidence...
  20. Phantom champion Z

    Phantom champion Z Well-Known Member

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