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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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My personal thoughts on some of these new guys:

Mamepato: Your evo's better be awesome, or third version I'm finally gonna use Crobat.

Chiramii: You're so disgustingly cute, I can feel the 'beetus. I want you....in shiny form.

Munna: Naming you headcrab.

Gear: Eh, I'm pretty sure you're gonna get more **** than you deserve. I'm not a fan though, except that you'll put Minun or Plusle out of a job.

Hihidaruma: Baboon daruma is kind of cool, but Pokabu is my fire type for now.

Shimama: Looks like you'll be my obligatory Electric type this gen. I'm gonna enjoy trying to find the one with Motor Drive, though.

Meguroko: I'm sure you'll evolve, and congratulations! You just replaced Zorua on my team.


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Oooh, so many! @_@

Loving Chiramii, Munna and Shimama. They're soooo cute! Seriously, I think I'll train these critters up! Hihidaruma looks weird and ugly, but okay. The only one I'm not accepting right away is Gear. It's cute and all, but... I have difficulty believing it's a Pokémon. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Wonder what shiny Chiramii and Munna LOOK like... heh. =] I can see most Munna being female (it's flowery), most Hihidaruma being male, and Gear being genderless.

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i wantz beef!
i am quite surprised at how many pokemon their releasing at once. its 7 new pokes


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I like the crocodile, just because it's the first confirmed new Type combination. And I am always begging Gamefreak for new Combinations (+ Flying-single). But I guess the minimum one of the version mascots will be a new Dragon-combination.

I also like the zebra, this is something that could have come a lot earlier.

I don't like the pidgeon, just because I don't like the always same Type-Combinations exspecially Normal/Flying and Bug/Flying. *yawn*

Fireape looks great. I guess it will evolve and be one of the new standards (I see him explode).


It's this generation's Pachirisu.

It's Normal-type. It lacks electric cheeks. It doesn't have the ability to store nuts in it's mouth.

Yeah, where's our pikachu/pichu/plusle/pachirisu of this generation? I wanna see that :D

I think the C Cog is the feature for the DSi. I dunno, I just get that vibe from it.


you amaze me.
WOWOWOWOW! I actually really like all these new Pokemon!
Hihi is just freakin amaazzing!
Chirmarri is just plain adorable, I may use it depending on the movepool and such!
I like me some Munna, what is with all the Munna hate? It's different and interesting, so HUSH! :)
Shimama is awesome as well, can't wait to see if it evolves and what it evolves into!
Meguroko has an interesting type, I am excited to see what they will do with it.
Mamepato is pretty cute, I hope it lives up to what the Starly line was.
Gear, well let's just say I'll have to wait to actually see it in action and see if it evolves before I can come to an honest conclusion on how I feel about it.

I really just cannot wait to see what is done with all these Pokemon, their evolutions and so fourth!
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it will be probaly sum ugly UGLY Rat lol jkjk XD

An electric Bidoof? NOOOOOOSSSSSS...

WOWOWOWOW! I actually really like all these new Pokemon!
Hihi is just freakin amaazzing!
I like me some Munna, what is with all the Munna hate? It's different and interesting, so HUSH! :)

That's what everyone started out with Mijumaru. I hope they do change thier minds. I just like it because of the epic Metroid-dism.


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I'm liking these new Pokemon. I'm partial to Muuna...looks like it's our new Normal type, and I love it! But is it just me, or is that a silver gear Pokemon I see?

maby its the prevo of;436;


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Chirami: Another cute bunny thing that will never replace my love for PIKACHU!!!

Munna: Eldritch Horror. Looks cute and stuff... BUT IT EATS YOUR DREAMZ!!

Gear: I thought Combee had a bad and uninspired design. Let me draw some googly eyes and a smile on my coffee cup... BAM! IT'S CAFFE THE CAFFEINE POKEMON! IGNORE unless it gets a kickass Vespiqueen esque evolution.
Call it.... Guilty Gear

Mamepato: An unusually generic looking bird compared to Tailow, Fearow & Starly
Hopefully gets awesone evolutions like a bald eagle or something

Hihidaruma: All this mucking about and they finally create a FLAMING POKEMON! It looks ridiculous and I hate monkeys anyway so I'll never touch it

Shimama: OMG! AWWW! ^___^ With decent stats coupled with Wild-Drive (Wild Bolt + Motor Drive) this thing and/or it's evo could be absolutely broken

Meguroko: ^___^ Ich Bin Schnappi das Kleine Krokodil. Hopefully the shiny is green. The new ability could be awesome or fail

Dr. Araragi: YES! FINALLY A FEMALE PROFESSOR! Nintendo gets extra points if her english name is... PEACH
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Zebra Pokemon - It's an electric type, but I hope it is dark too, or becomes a dark type. That'd be so cool. I've been hoping for a zebra type for a long while now. :D WANT!

Ape Pokemon - I thought we already had a fire primate...but at least we get to have a fire Pokemon from the beginning. I'm not going to use it, though. DO NOT WANT!

Crocodile Pokemon - I want! Not surprising to see it being ground-like since the Hippo line was. WANT!

Gear Pokemon - WTF it's like...mental. Why did they create this thing? Not a lot of effort put into it. It's new move looks cool though, maybe. DO NOT WANT!

Pink...thing Pokemon - Is this even a Pokemon? It looks like my grandma's fine china. But it's psychic and it usually is hard to get psychics from the beginning, just like Abra and Ralts. Damn I had to work for those things. And it doesn't look like a pig. DO NOT WANT!

Pigeon Pokemon - I thought Pidgey's name was based off of Pigeon, but I guess not. This Pokemon makes sense since Isshu is more industrialized. Maybe you can catch Pokemon in cities? WHO KNOWS?! I hope Autumn is happy about it, though. She is the decider on flying types. I also have a guess that this will only have one evolution. MIGHT WANT!

Chinchilla Pokemon - It's cute, but I wouldn't use it in battle. Apparently it's the Pokemon first you see in the game, the one the HOT FEMALE PROFESSOR shows you in the introduction. It has a new move, too, but it sounds lame. "sweep slap" What is it, a cleaning tool? DO NOT WANT!

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Wow! I'm truly overwhelmed by the recent developments. Here is my review of the seven new Pokemon so far.

Chiramii - Very cool-looking Chinchilla Pokemon. A new animal is always welcomed. I believe it's the first bipedal rodent since Sentret which is a nice change of pace.

Munna - Looks kind of obscure and I thought it was going to be at least grass type with the flowers on his body, but it being Psychic made it even more obscure in a good way. Psychic Pokemon are always mysterious in their appearances, so Munna fits right in.

Gear - Definitely different. I am betting it's evo has the eye bandages removed and the amount of gears connected is 4. It seems like it will be the "Magnemite" of the generation.

Manepato - Ah, the regional bird is finally revealed. I looks nice, even though it's wing style is a bit similar to Starly's. It's really cool and I've always wanted a pigeon Pokemon.

Hihidaruma - Ick....it seems like it derives from the Chimchar what with it's curved eyebrows looking vastly similar to the yellow curves on Infernape's body, but it's still good, though, a fire ape isn't all the original.

Shimama - I like how it's coloring is not a traditional "yellow" color like most Electric Pokemon which gives Shimama some originality. It's definitely one of my favorites in the group show thus far.

Meguroko - Probably my favorite 5th Pokemon so far. It looks so ingenious, so fresh and so cool with an original type combo to boot. It not being Water-type is even cool, since Game Freak has managed to find a way to make a Pokemon that would normally live in water become a Pokemon of the total opposite. How quaint. It's eyes look similar to night vision goggles, thus why it being Dark is understandable.

I assume this is not all the pages revealed so far, because I really want the rumor that there are going to be around 150 new Pokemon to be true. One thing I have noticed about this generation in particular is that out of all the p\Pokemon revealed, not one is related to any other Pokemon from a previous generation, meaning no new evos, alt. evos, or baby Pokemon so far.


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Ok so if you look to the left and right of the pokedex's underneath chirimii's page, there is a picture from the game of grass starter and it's dex number as 001 and to the right chirimii and it's dex number as 070 (could be 076 though)! Just thought I'd share! ;)


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Out of the new pokemon revealed, im partial to the croc, zebra, pidgeon and the Chinchilla

dont really like the pig thing, looks more like a weird shaped ball to me.

cant wait for these to become avatars.


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My thoughts:
Chiramii: It's a cute starting Normal type. I have a love of Chinchillas, so this makes me happy.
Mun'na: I'm indifferent to this. It reminds me of a piggy-bank without the slot. x)
Gear: I like the idea. I'm interested to see if it will evolve or not.
Mamepato: I think I love this Gen's bird. More so than Starly. I'm REALLY excited to see it's evolutions!
Hihidaruma: I don't like it. At all. Something about it just, annoys me.
Shimama: ...ZEBRA! I LOVE this. I'm really happy this is Electric typed and really hoping it's available near the beginning of the game.
Meguroko: It's rather adorable. :) I might use it, but the type combo is just meh. Ground/Dark?

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Bronzor is not a gear,and it is also purple. I am sure Gear will be a non evolved Pokemon, though.

IMO, the worst Pokemon revealed so far is Munna. It looks crappy, and so is its name.


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Ok so if you look to the left and right of the pokedex's underneath chirimii's page, there is a picture from the game of grass starter and it's dex number as 001 and to the right chirimii and it's dex number as 070 (could be 076 though)! Just thought I'd share! ;)


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Oh neat! Let's see what we got:

Chiramii: This thing's actually really cute. I can't believe it. It won me over with cuteness.

Hihidaruma: FLAMING EYEBROWS. ITS EYEBROWS. They are on FIRE. Awesome.

Shimama: Nice. Clever little zebra, stealing Electivire's ability. Still, I really like it. I might have to use it.

Meguroko: Nothing special. Just a desert crocodile. Which is pretty cool, I must confess.

Mamepato: I never liked the idea of a poke-pigeon, but I actually really like Mame.

Munna: It's a flying piggy bank. What's to get?

Gear: Love the name. Honestly. The actual pokemon, though, is kinda strange.

So yeah. Pretty good, by me.


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My thoughts on the new Pokemon:

Chiramii: Cute!

Munna: Wow, and I thought the starter Pokemon of this generation were weird... It is kinda cute, though.

Gear: Huh, that thing is kinda weird too...

Mamepato: So that's the new generic bird Pokemon of this generation? Cute.

Hihidaruma: ... Wow, it looks like the off-spring between Heatran and an Infernape.

Shimama: Meh, it's okay, I guess.

Meguroko: Wow, that crocodile thing looks awesome!
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