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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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I guess I might as well post opinions. c:
Chiramii: Cute! I love Chinchillas (in fact I want one for my birthday 8D) and this is just like a blessing to me. o.o
Munna: Ew. Just ew. It's all pink and creepy looking with flowers (O_O) but I may end up liking it. Dx
Gear: When I first saw it I thought it was Bronzor.
Manepato: Cute! I bet it will have an epic evo~
Hihidaruma: Ugly. Just ugly.
Shimama: YES. Just win. My favorite along with Chiramii.
Meguroko: Cute! I really like it. It looks epic, so I hope it has an epic evo. c:

I can't wait for more to be revealed! This generation looks great so far~

Manafi's Dream

Shimama looks awesome! I do wonder one thing, though. It's new move, Wild Bolt, is obviously an Electric type attack, and it's said to hurt both Shimama and its opponent. Since Shimama does have the ability to have Motor Drive, doesn't that mean its attack wouldn't hurt it and boost it's Speed? If it does, that will make me like it even more!

Crystal Clair

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I actually am overjoyed with most of the new Pokemon!

Mamepato is my favorite of course because I looove pigeons. In fact, I started crying out "OMG A PIGEON POKEMON OMG A PIGEON POKEMON!!!!" I MUST GET. I hope its cry sounds like a pigeon coo.

Chirami is adorable. It reminds me of something from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

Munna creeps me out. It looks like a drug-influenced Pokemon creation.

Gear reminds me of that Pokemon from the 4th generation that looked like a condom that evolved into the bell.

Shimama looks kinda cool and kinda weird.

Hihidaruma looks awesome. Like some sort of tribal Pokemon.
Meguroko is cute. Nothing more



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Levels from the screenshots:

Meguroko: (the croc): 15
Shimama: (Zeebra): 50(vs. lv50 Mijumaru)
Hihidaruma (monkey): N/A
Gear: 25 (vs lv29 Tsutarja)
Munma (pink): 50 (vs lv50 Pokabu)
Mamehato (pigeon): 9 (vs lv15 Mijumaru)
Chiraamii (chinchilla)L 50 (vs. lv50 Pokabu)

*Might* be some indication of where they are in game. Maybe. Who knows. Probably the non-50 are earlier than the 50's.


maby its the prevo of;436;

Bronzor is effin' ancient, and gears were made after that thing existed. History of pokemon, you must know.

Chirami: Another cute bunny thing that will never replace my love for PIKACHU!!!

Even if it ate your family?

Munna: Eldritch Horror. Looks cute and stuff... BUT IT EATS YOUR DREAMZ!!

Eldritch horror lol.

Gear: I thought Combee had a bad and uninspired design. Let me draw some googly eyes and a smile on my coffee cup... BAM! IT'S CAFFE THE CAFFEINE POKEMON! IGNORE unless it gets a kickass Vespiqueen esque evolution.
Call it.... Guilty Gear


Mamepato: An unusually generic looking bird compared to Tailow, Fearow & Starly
Hopefully gets awesone evolutions like a bald eagle or something

It's a pigeon. I'm not seeing a bald eagle haha.

Shimama: OMG! AWWW! ^___^ With decent stats coupled with Wild-Drive (Wild Bolt + Motor Drive) this thing and/or it's evo could be absolutely broken

Yeah :D

Meguroko: ^___^ Ich Bin Schnappi das Kleine Krokodil. Hopefully the shiny is green. The new ability could be awesome or fail


Dr. Araragi: YES! FINALLY A FEMALE PROFESSOR! Nintendo gets extra points if her english name is... PEACH

Maybe Lily.

Gear Pokemon - WTF it's like...mental. Why did they create this thing? Not a lot of effort put into it. It's new move looks cool though, maybe. DO NOT WANT!

Pink...thing Pokemon - Is this even a Pokemon? It looks like my grandma's fine china. But it's psychic and it usually is hard to get psychics from the beginning, just like Abra and Ralts. Damn I had to work for those things. And it doesn't look like a pig. DO NOT WANT!

Chinchilla Pokemon - It's cute, but I wouldn't use it in battle. Apparently it's the Pokemon first you see in the game, the one the HOT FEMALE PROFESSOR shows you in the introduction. It has a new move, too, but it sounds lame. "sweep slap" What is it, a cleaning tool? DO NOT WANT!

Awwww...I do not want everything else except Chiramii.

Bronzor is not a gear,and it is also purple. I am sure Gear will be a non evolved Pokemon, though.

IMO, the worst Pokemon revealed so far is Munna. It looks crappy, and so is its name.

LOL. Munna really looks odd.


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I don't like that gear looking thing. It looks like a rip off of magnemite.
The new pokedex looks like a game boy.
Is that the new design for the pokemon box in the bottom left corner?
all pokedexes are designed after gameboys


Uni hiatus
Hihidaruma looks weird, WHAT IS HE SMILING ABOUT?
Mamepato and Chiramii look like fairly standard Pokemon. They're probably the regional bird and rodent respectively
Gear is cool, I don't think it'll evolve though
Shimama looks alright, Wild Volt is more interesting though, could this be a more distributed electric physical move? Luxray says thanks in advance :D
Munna sucks, although Telekinesis sounds interesting, is it just an opposite of gravity?
Meguroko is awesome. Give it decent speed and attack and that's a frigging awesome sweeper with Earthquake Spiral.

I tend to be more interested in the new moves and abilities just as much as the Pokemon. I really want to know what Encourage does :D


Master of the Legend
My opinions:

Chiramii: Love its look, I'm guessing we catch it early on, so I'm hoping it doesn't get an evolution that screws it up!

Mun'na: What the hell? I don't even know what its meant to be. A floating piggy bank lol. I think this needs a evolution to redeem its look - though I suppose it being the dream eater pokémon would explain why it looks so trippy.

Gear: Interesting I suppose. I imagine it'll get an evolution.

Mamepato: Nice addition to the generic birds. I only see it with one evolution though like Taillow.

Hihidaruma: Looks crazy and I'm liking it. Another fire type!

Shimama: I've wanted to see a Zebra pokémon for a while, and I think its cool that its electric too. I hope it gets an evolution that adds a secondary type like ground.

Meguroko: I'm undecided on this one, though I imagine its evolution will look good (if it has one). Interesting ability.


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Name Meanings (as best as I can ... it is 1Am here)

Hihidaruma = Hihi baboon+daruma daruma doll See here Also "hi" is a word for fire, so there's a pun going on here too.

Shimama: corruption of Shimauma (literally Striped Horse) which is Zeebra. Mama is like mommy ... doubt their going for that though.

Meguroko: meguro means something like "black eyes". roko could come from crocodile.

Giaru: Corruption of the English Gear.

Mamepato = mame, derived from a meaning of bean, means baby or miniature. pato comes from hato, which means pigeon. There is a saying that litterally means "Like a pigeon who's eaten a beanshooter (type of gun like a spit ball type thing I guess, only using beans/peas)" that means to be taken aback or surprised. Also the "hato" (or pigeon) pokemon has a ha-to (heart) shaped chest. Lol.
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bye!, i had a blast
wow, im just gonna post my thoughts on them right now...

chiramii: its cool... it reminds me of a flying squirrel

Munna: erm... wtf? the idea is ok but it just looks really weird... i hope it gets a better evo...

gera: fugly as hell... i mean seriously... pokemon like this is the reason people keep hating on the newer gens...

mamapato: aww, best generic bird so far imo... however, it looks a bit like starly...

hihidaruma: lol, its funny... in a good way... i can see this one as a middle stage pokemon actually...

shimama: heh, its kinda cool... its body is nice but the nose is kinda weird =/

meguroko: crocodile + dark type = awesome... i mean seriously.. it isn't excatly the most original design but its so cool xD... also, i can picture its evo to be badass!!!!


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wow wow wow i love the new pokemon i think there all awson with the exeption of 1 that is, ill start with my favorite

mamepato- has just over took mijumaru as my favorite 5th generation pokemon so far it is immense sooooo cute and cool, i always like the little birds but i like this one the best and since it looks like the reginal bird itll be very common witch is great, no one can say it dosnt look like a pokemon

hihidaruma- love it to i will definitly be capturing it along with mamepaton it looks really cool too iim hoping this is the first of many fire types this generation

meguroko- he looks like hes going to evolve into a big bad fighter

shimama- this is were they loose there luster a bit, its avarage


munna- its not for me but still good

gear- wot the hell megneton wanabe
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TCG Trainer
I'm going to admit: The Chinchilla's the only one that I really like right now.

I'm kind of hoping a) the others grow on me (the Croc and the Pidgeon have the best bets of that), and/or b) the Pokemon get better from here.

Calm PokeMaster

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Munna looks nothing like Drowzee, it has frickin purple flowers on its back.

My favourite is Hihidaruma, oh and meguroko's ability is darn nice.


Writer's Block
My opinions on the new Pokemon revealed.

Chiramii: It's freaking adorable!!!! I want one!!!

Munna: Kind of weird. It looks more like an anteater to me.

Gear: Love the name, Love the concept.

Mamepato: Looks like a pigeon to me. I hate pigeons though they annoy me Lol. But nevermind my gripes about pigeons...this was drawn really well. I like it.

Hihidaruma: Psycho Ape for the win! Looks like what's-his-face off of Mario.

Shimama: A zebra? Who's electric? Makes all the sense in the world. I like the idea.

Meguroko: Weird. It has a raccoon like mask. I wonder if it will evolve. It might look better.

SO overall I like the new ones (except for Munna and Meguroko but who knows I might change my mind about them)
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