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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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My favorite pokemon so far is Hihidaruma he's freaking awesome I also love Meguroko although I'm not sure how useful he will be. Gears also pretty sweet and definitely looks like it will evolve into some other kind of pokemon. In fact the only two pokemon that I didn't really like was the generic starting normal type and the Pshychic type.


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I guess I'll go about making my thoughts on these new Pokemon. XD

Chiramii: It's cute. The fact that it's a chinchilla makes it interesting, since chinchillas are honestly fun animals. Though, his little beard and hair gives me flashes of Dr. Tenma from Astro Boy.

... oh my gosh, Chiramii is a mad genius in disguise!

Munna: I'll be honest... I friggin like this thing after seeing it for a bit. It's just so... awkward and strange, but in a good and wacky way. I've found myself laughing at other peoples' reactions to the thing, and the mental imagery I get is just hilarious. It's nice to have more Pokemon based off of Japanese folk lore (Tapir and dream eating, just like Drowzee and Hypno. It's just that this thing is... yeah. XD). I can see it just now...

Munna: "LOVE ME! I can't help it that I was born this way. I just want some love... and your oh so delicious dreams! Yummy yummy I got dreams in my tummy~"

Gear: It's so simple looking, but simple doesn't mean it's terrible or bad or anything. I honestly like it, and it has such an amusing expression, as if it's half KO'd or something.

Watch them spiiiiiiiin, for they will destroy you!

Mamepato: He's kind of cute, and he has another somewhat simple design. I really can't think of much to say about him, though, but he does look like a fun little guy.

Mamepato: "Helloooooooo out there all you rad boys and girls! It is time for me to take the stage! Don't feel bad, for I shall lead in the march from now on~ Coo!"

Hihidaruma: This one amuses me. He looks close to being crazy and unhinged with some odd slasher smile of sorts, and those eyebrows...

"Beware, for by the power of my flaming eyebrows, I will show you my true might! Hihihihihihiiiiiiiii~"

Shimama: It has an interesting color scheme, which makes it a Pokemon to be curious about. It being a zebra also makes it nice to see.

"Okay, who in the funk painted me inverted colors while I was sleeping? Who was it?! I'll kick your BUTT! Oh jeez... self-conscience now... it'll be alright..."

Meguroko: He's not bad. I like his design, and I like his typing.

"You're wrong if you think I'm just full of crock!"


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If the Isshu region is really located far from the rest, you'd have to expect the wild Pokémon to be 90%+ exclusive to Isshu.


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Just noticed the above in the scans, when you place the Hirudama scan to the left of the Chiraamii scan, you realize it's all one page and here what it says under the title:

In this new region, with few Pokemon from the previous regions appearing, lot's of new Pokemon appear!

Hmmm, welcome back to Hoenn, kids?
I hope so. Way preferable to a DP Dex. So far it seems like these guys are getting a way better response than last generation.


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I still want nearly all the older pokemon to be available in game somehow. Be it the Pokewalker or whatever.


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I claim Chiramii and shall name her Strawberry o3o

I'm liking the look of Shimama, Hope it has an awesome evolution :D
Chiramii is obviously your typical normal rodent found in the beginning. Simplistic appearance as usual.

Munna looks to be an early game Psychic, Telekinesis could either be a novelty move or something else really good. "Making the opponent float" sounds vague.

Gear looks to have potential. New steel types are always welcome and this looks to evolve into something good potentially.

Mamepato is the bird pokemon of course. By its ability, could be nearly as good as Starly line was. Super Luck early game sounds pretty nice.

Hihidaruma. about time a fire type is revealed. Hopefully 5th gen has more fire types in general than 4th since that had a severe lack of fire types. Looks to be good already.

Shimaman, this is one of the ones revealed that I really like. The fact that it has Motor Drive makes it that much better. Wild Bolt assuming it's a 120 pwr move not with recoil but with actual electric damage to itself should go with Motor Drive nicely.

Meguroko looks to have potential also with its abilities along with its typing. Looks to be a good physical sweeper, Earthquake Spiral for sweeping and than the typical Intimidate which is never a bad thing.

Overall a good reveal, some of these pokemon looks to have some really good potential judging by their looks/abilities.

And the random battle part for Wi-fi screams to me Street Fighter/BlazBlue online all over again.

Chiramii- A Chinchilla. Great idea, love it, if you are the common normal Pokemon that always appears I am going to be really happy. You are so way Better than Rattata and Bidoof. Sentret is about as good as you, as is Zigzagoon. Awesome.

Munna- Looks really weird and ugly. Mind you, it could easily be an Anteater, and Anteaters are OK- I suppose. It's obvious It's going to have Hypnosis and Dream eater, which kind of makes it in league with Drowzee and Hypno.

Gear- Not a very original name, but awesome concept and Looks pretty cool. Steel types are quite good IMO too. Also, I am very happy to see it using the Plus&Minus ability! Imagine a combo of Gear and Minun/Plusle in battle! That would be so awesome. It would also mean that Plus and Minus will be more readily used abilities, as before you had to have Electric and Electric, meaning an Earthquake and you were gone. Mind you, steel is also weak to ground...

Mamepato- I like it! Sure, it looks a LITTLE like Starly, but that's only on the shapes of the wings and the chest pattern! Seriously though! It's based on a PIDGEON, not a STARLING as Starly's name suggests it's named after. I really like it and I think its evolution is going to be awesome. I think this one will probably only have one evolution.

Hihidaruma- NICE, FIRE POKEMON! I love fire Pokemon. More please! Anyway, It's SO obviously based on a gorilla. I don't like the design, but I think if it has evolutions then they will be absolutely cool-to-the-extreme fire gorillas!

Shimama- I absolutely adore that design. Looking at its colourings, I'm guessing it might be Dark/Electric in its evolution stage. I've also had an interesting thought- you know how Pokemon with different genders look different? Well, I think a Shimama found in Pokemon white will be white and Black, and one found in Pokemon Black will be Black and White. This is reinforced by my Dark/Electric notion, as Electric can represent light and dark represents dark, white goes well with a lot of speculations people have put forward.

Meguroko- I absolutely love it. It's flipping brilliant. I love the design, the colours, the typings! Yay!

New Abilities- This is REALLY interesting. If you look at the the New Pokemon page, you'll see that there are three new abilities; Pigeon heart, Encourage and Earthquake Spiral. They look pretty good.
Pigeon heart is probably only going to be for that evolution line. I reckon that it'll probably be something "vile" or disease related, as the city pigeons you see are quite disgusting and remind you of disease. The other thing it may be, in which case it'll relate to dove-like Pokemon as well, is something to do with doves. Doves and Pigeons are in the same family, so it may be something to do with love.
Encourage will either be something that boosts stats of your other Pokemon in battle or it may be goading the opponent to only use one attack, like encore, just for the whole battle.
Earthquake Spiral is the most curious one. I have no ideas whatsoever as to what this might be.

Professor Arargi- Meh. Whatever. It'll be good and fresh to have a female professor, but I'm not a fan of the design.

The Pokedex- Looks like a Gameboy colour! I don't like the design, I think it's a little lame... but what can we do about it?

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Hmmm, so it's confirmed that few old Pokemon will appear in Isshu? Well, I hope that of the few that DO appear, Koffing and Weezing are among them.

And seriously, how can any of you guys NOT like Gear? Gear rocks you.

Oh, and judging by what we've seen of it, who wants to bet that Reshiram will be a male-only species?


Thank you, SPPf! :)
I start my new job today, but I still have enough time to comment on (i.e. make fun of) these new Pokemon real quickly.

Chiramii - If this is the "Bidoof" of this generation, then it's the best darn standard beginner's normal-type since...well, Bidoof. I loved Bidoof. I don't care what anyone says. Bidoof was way cooler than Rattata, Sentret, or Zigzagoon. I'm almost willing to say this thing is better than Bidoof, but I need to wait and see how many completely useless HM's I can tack onto it. :p

Hihidaruma - I'd probably be a bit more receptive to this thing if we didn't just have flaming apes one generation ago, but I don't dislike it. In fact, I freaking love its menacing-yet-totally-goofy smile. It should totally shoot flames from it's giant eyebrows. How awesome would that be?

Shimama - Oh finally, an electric type that isn't yellow! We've had electric sheep, dogs, lions, and now zebras. I can't wait for Gen 6's electric gazelle at this rate. Actually reminds me of Horstachio from Viva Pinata.

Meguroko - This thing's eyes look like a pair of headlights. Which, as you know, is totally useful for crossing swamps in the dark. This is one of the more generic-looking ones revealed today, which should (but still won't) appease old-school Pokemon fans since it looks like an actual animal.

Mamepato - You know, if only this Pokemon's name were "Memepotato", that might have saved it from being my least favorite Gen 5 Pokemon revealed thus far. There is absolutely nothing - NOTHING - that makes this Pokemon stand out from the likes of Pidgey, Taillow, and Starly. Still, given how I like everything else, I'll let this one slide. Who knows, maybe it'll become something awesome like Staraptor.

Munna - It's like Shaymin and Chansey got a little drunk one night and...you know the rest of the story. I'm not the biggest fan of this thing, but as others have said, it's pure pinkness is almost such an eyesore that it's good.

Gear - Ah, back to the days of totally original Japanese names like Showers and Thunder and Ghost, are we? I'd actually hate this thing if it weren't for the existence of Magneton, but since Magneton sucks so very, very much, I instead love this thing. It just had better not evolve into four or five cogs. The faces are brilliant because they're so dang simple.

I'll update the sig later, don't worry. ;)


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Chiramii is possibly not the generic Bidoof type. In the screenshots of the pokedex its number is clearly too large to be of that category (somewhere around seventy).

Don't think it's on serebii's home page, but it is on the big scan on that other pokemon site with beach in the title.


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Gosh, there was a big haul of new guys today. Let's see...

First off, I'd like to say that, contrary to what it looks like most other people's opinions are, Hihidaruma is bothering me. I just don't like it. It looks the least Pokemon-ish out of everything so far, at least imo. I think it's the eyes, or the mouth. Or both. The concept is meh, we already have an ape-like fire type line (okay monkey, but still), but it's still useable. I think that the concept could've been presented in a much better way, at least on its face. It looks...too much like Wario. No me gusta.

I really like Meguroko. I've been itching for another crocodile Pokemon and this looks promising. Plus it's a new type combo, which always excites me.

I will definitely end up using Shimama on my team. I've been waiting for specifically and Electric-type Zebra. Motor Drive will make it beast.

Mamepato will likely find a place on my team, too, albeit an early one. I love the design, I think it's adorable, and I love the little pink thing above its nose; it signifies that it's a pigeon.

I was attacked by a pigeon once, it flew into my chest and tried to do it again. Battling with this thing will be...fitting.

Munna could've been worse. All I can say is, it better gain another type, or I will be sorely disappointed. At the very least, keep it quadrupedal--we don't need another Grumpig/Hypno.

I quite like Gear. The only thing that irks me is its ability; I never prefered Double Battles, and this ability is nigh useless. Still, one can hope that it evolves into something awesome. The design on it is great, though.

Chiramii. Before i saw it's tail I thought, it's a little man with ears. NOw, I see it has a long fluffy adorable tail and I love its design. I have a feeling I'll just end up hating it. Stats/Movepool problems. Still, I love chinchillas.

I think that's about it. Yay for female prof, yay for new Dex, as always, yay for new moves/abilities. Yay yay yay.


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Oh man, I wake up after sleeping in all morning to see a freaking White Rat first thing when I get onto Serebii?

I honestly don't know what to say, maybe its the fact I need my coffee still, but I don't really like any of these new Pokemon. I'll give them props for the Dark/Ground Crocodile (because they haven't done that type combo yet have they?) and the female Professor (Guess we know what's gonna happen to Brock right?) but that's just about all I can say now.


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*strokes Munna* See Headtick? People are beginning to realize how awesome you are.

Not that the rest aren't awesome, seriously, this may become my fave generation just due to these seven and Pokabu.
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I must say at first i looked at the pokemon with a disadaining demeanour but now they are growing on me

I'll post my personal thoughts on each new pokemon as soon as i learn their names


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Chiramii, mamepato are cool! i like how much they resemble the animals they are based off of =) thats what i like to see in pokemon.

but if they were all very similar to animals it would get a bit boring, which is why i like shimama and munna as well =) shimama is nice looking but i don't like the nose too much, and munna has a mystical type feel to it which is cool.

Hihidaruma is wierd looking, but i guess ill get used to it, kinda how i got used to drapion. i receon it'll be on it's own with no evo's or prevo's

Megaroko is interesting, looks like a pokemon, probably a basic so if like hippotas it evolves into something real mean looking i might just get one =)

Gear is cool, but i don't like the x eye, it makes it look iffy, if it had ^ eyes i think it would look pretty awesome. it's nice to have a thematically metalic steel type, it'll probably evolve into something i recgon.

Reshiram's new screen looks descent, i have to say i thought it looked a little out of preportion and stuff in the first pic but it looks a lot nicer in the new screen, i actually think it looks pretty descent now =P
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I really like Hihidaruma, as a fire type he feels really new to me, as for the comparisons with Heatran I'm really not seeing it! At least we know we're getting fire types, last gen seemed to really shove them to the back of the pokemon stage!
I'm looking forward to seeing what gen 5 holds for the new water pokemon.
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