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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    I think I like Meguroko the most out of the seven new Pokemon. Hopefully, it'll have decent stats to support its useful ability.
  2. freekhenstra

    freekhenstra Water Pokémon lover

    Chiramii is NOT the Bidoof of Gen V, and not one of the early catchable Pokemon either.
    In the picture with the Pokedex, you can see Chiramii. It's not very clear, but I can see either #070, 076 or 078. I don't think any of the Pokemon caught in the first few routes have ever have a dex number this high.
  3. Arsène

    Arsène Well-Known Member

    Farewell, light-type fandom. We'll be seeing you all in the inevitable Generation 6.
  4. Still doesn't stop it from looking like a generic normal type.
  5. zen_master_dude

    zen_master_dude Just Zen.

    So, here's my opinion on the newly revealed critters.

    Chiramii - the rodent of the generation. Most likely will have only one evolution.
    Munna - probably the trickiest to decipher. It looks cute enough, but it's known as the "Dream Eater Pokémon", which may mean it can be mischievous. I predict it evolving only once, too.
    Giaru - the most peculiar one, and of course my favorite. They're a pair of cogs, so they probably won't be able to function without each other, similar to Magneton in that vein. I'm not sure if it will evolve at all.
    Mamepato - The bird of the region. Will evolve once probably.
    Hihidaruma - What is this thing? It's pure Fire-type, so it reminds me a bit of Torkoal. I don't expect any evolutionary relatives at all.
    Shimama - Hey, a zebra Pokémon! Did we have one of these previously? I don't think so. It looks nice enough.
    Meguroko - Will probably evolve twice. Its ability, Earthquake Spiral*, seems pretty helpful.

    * - Bulbapedia says its ability is Overconfident, but Serebii here says it's Earthquake Spiral. I think Bulbapedia said Earthquake Spiral too as soon as they got the news. Whatever, it's the same ability, just a different name.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2010
  6. halloweenghost

    halloweenghost Well-Known Member

    indeed. I think it is more along the pachirisu, marril pokes.. deffiantly not bidoof I hope...
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2010
  7. Jirachi Kidd

    Jirachi Kidd Well-Known Member

    This was a lot of pokemon all revealed at once...
    I was like, "WOW" once i saw it on the Mainsite.
    Can't wait for more:D
  8. flygonabsol99

    flygonabsol99 Well-Known Member

    Pokabu is a fire type. It is based of a pig. That means bacon!

    I couldnt resist that.Anyways ,I really like most of the pokemon they have made so far. Especially Tsutaja and Chiramii.
  9. Arceus - The Original One

    Arceus - The Original One Ruler of Isshu

    It's tail disagrees with you.
  10. scythemantis

    scythemantis Creepy crawly

    Nobody else immediately recognized hihidaruma's basis?
    These are "Daruma," which you might have seen in other video games as items or monsters, not to mention anime or any real-world gift shop that carries Japanese items.

    I wonder if Hippopotas will be catchable in the same place as the new crocodile? I love the idea of amphibious water animals adapted to just sand in the Pokemon world.

    A lot of people are getting whiny about how the pokes revealed thus far share animal types with existing pokes. Pig, ape, crocodilian, pigeon....who cares? They have entirely different designs and abilities. I like the new pigeon quite a bit more than pidgey, and obviously there are going to be a lot of whole new creatures in an entire generation.

    The gears are both cool and adorable, they fit right in with the style of Magneton and Voltorb. I honestly think what we've seen so far looks stylistically very similar to the first generation, as opposed to the fourth.

    Last edited: Jun 11, 2010
  11. G4Pokefan


    I was like wow when I saw all the new Pokes! They look real interesting.

    But at the same time I was like "Dang it!!" Alot of these ideas and Pokemon I had for the 5th gen I made up now gone to waste!! Might as well trash 'em all or try to pitch them for a 6th gen!
  12. revenge

    revenge reshiram ftw

    is anyone else really creeped out by munna? because i most definately am. does it float on its own?
  13. Jirachi Kidd

    Jirachi Kidd Well-Known Member

    You're right these pokemon seem very original:) I like that about them.
    If that's what you were talking about...
  14. PKMN Trainer Manson

    PKMN Trainer Manson Well-Known Member

    I think it's a Japanese thing to associate sand with water. I don't really know why. It's interesting but it doesn't make a whole of sense. It's an association in a lot of other Japanese games too. Who knows.

    Also, Pidgey, despite its name, is not a pigeon...
  15. halloweenghost

    halloweenghost Well-Known Member

    I think thats whats awesome about it!
  16. Jirachi Kidd

    Jirachi Kidd Well-Known Member

    That's what i said! i was freaked out that it floats in the picture...
  17. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Well well, a nice selection of new additions time to give my thoughts on them.

    Mamepato: Well hello common bird of the Gen. I'm actually quite pleased that they decided to go with a Pigeon Pokemon for this Gen as it does seem to be rather city themed and, personally, I like Pigeons so I'm happy we now have a city one (Pidgey always struck me as a wood pigeon). I'm not to sure what to think of the Defensive route as Flying has never been the best at that (especially normal/flying) but it'll be interesting to see. Oh and I'm betting that it will be given the name Pejon when translated.

    Giaru: Obligatory comparison to Hagurumon. Seriously it looks like the love child of it and Mime Jr. That said it is nice to see the Double Pokemon return from the First Gen (I don't count Combee and the Meta line). Still I can't say I'm too fond of the design at a glance though given my reactions to the Mime line that'll likely change. As for a name, I can't help but shake the feeling that it'll be named Clongjoined or some other silly pun.

    Munna:Ah another Baku Pokemon, Drowzee will be proud. Still I like it's piggy bank-ish design and wonder how it's new move will affect the game. A nice addition still I expect it to evolve into something with more elephant like features and, possibly, part ghost.

    Meguroko: Periscope eyes? Dark, Ground? Powers up when defeats others? Hot damn even on paper I like the sound of this guy. Pretty sure it has some connection to the Hippo line of the last Gen (possibly predator? Similar gender colours?) Still I hope it's Evo isn't half embedded in sand.

    Hihidaruma: A monkey Pokemon? Well we all know that Ash will get one sooner or latter. Another I'm not too keen on at first by will probably grow on me. Still considering it's clearly based on a Daruma Doll I wonder if it'll bring good luck in game?

    Shimama: And the fans rejoice, the Zebra counterpart to Girafarig they have desired has finally arrived. I like the little guy already and the gift of Motordrvie can be nothing but a blessing. I'm betting it's English name will be Zapbra.

    Chiramii: A Pikachu pokemon thats not electric? What? Still I'm betting I'll over looking it as I have done with every other Pikachu pokemon that has been introduced but it's a nice design.
  18. CourtshipDating

    CourtshipDating alice in the glass

    Guess I'll join in on the seemingly obligatory "This is what I think and my opinion is important :) :)" posts, and post my opinions on the new guys in town.

    Mouse-thing: meh, it has a beard, which is something, but in general, meh and bleh, boring generic design. Way to cute.
    Munna: Brilliant. Looks like something they threw together while on needles. Looks like **** really, but I like the extreme Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds vibe.
    Bird: Like it for some reason. Never liked Starly, this one is on the other hand just smooth and cool.
    Giaru: They're Gears. That is all.
    Croc: Croc is cool, digging the sun-glasses. Looks like a fakemon tho, but I'm fond of Dark-types in general, so I'm liking him.
    Ape: F***ing ugly. Someone said Wario, and that's spot on. Never liked Wario initially either, but he grew on me, so I'll see.
    Zebra: I like it, feels like it would fit along the other generations quite well.

    So far, Gen V has had it's ups (Munna, Bird, Tsutarja or watev, Reshiram) and its downs (Ape, Mouse, Water-starter, Zekrom). I'll just have to wait and see if it turns out for the good or bad.

    Btw, Tsutarafruit is epic, and definately the best from V so far.
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2010
  19. A_Merry_Snowrunt

    A_Merry_Snowrunt Snorunt!

    good evening friends. Isshu looks awesome, but hopefully it won't be too small. And secondly, perhaps the bridges were apart of that director's idea? Remember the interview back in 2009 when he went to the VGC, he mentioned about bridges? Anyways, fire/dragon type, finally! And the new pokes look quite awesome at the moment. I wonder if we'll explore another region since Isshu looks far to cramped there. And secondly, what's this rumor I hear about no gyms?
  20. Isis-sama

    Isis-sama Well-Known Member

    I have to say that I am less than impressed by the design of the bunch of new Pokemon that were just revealed. I hope that most of them are base forms, since those tend to be more cartoonish in design than the evolved ones.

    On the other hand, at least we finally have a Dragon/Fire hybrid. I've been wanting to see one of those ever since Charizard . . .
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