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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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Has anyone considered that Munna might be a baby for the Drowzee/Hypno line?


Cool, new pokemons, I like what we have but, not sure whats the point of Meguroko the desert crocodile, how its different from Hippowdon? at this point they seem to be too similar.

Please explain to me how a Dark/Ground type is the same as a Ground type, especially when this dark/ground type has a totally different set of abilities. Intimidate and the new Earthquake Spiral are nothing like sand stream at all...
Its nice that we are getting original pokes. And this time they made the slave look cute too.
The best thing is fire type daruma doll. Thats just epic and look more bad*ss than zoroark.


Fighting Type Prof.
Oh, awesome! I can't wait! (I'll even buy a second DS for this one. I gotta have my hitmons...) Chiramii is just adorable, and I really like meguroko, gear, and shimama. The only one I don't really like is Munna...it's fugly. Whoo! *giddy, like a child*

~Nemmeh ;107;


Coral Eye Trainer
I reckon Munna will evolve into some epic Psychic-being & have heads all turning towards it. Don't underestimate.

Valkyrie X

Well-Known Member
I reckon Munna will evolve into some epic Psychic-being & have heads all turning towards it. Don't underestimate.

Agreeing with this. Makes me think of Ralts and its evolutions. I highly doubt Munna will turn out to be a Drowzee pre-evo, so I'm having high hopes for it. I'm guessing it'll become some sort of elephant or anteater, both of which I'd appreciate.


Just saw the new rumours on Pokebeach. I'm 100% convinced these are true. After all, some of the details of the CoroCoro leaks were actually rumours for a long time(like the female professor and her name)

Tauros gets a Minotaur evo, much as many predicted:D Minotaurus is an awesome name, i wish the name stays the same in English!


I find munna to be somewhat disturbing, honestly. It's just so...alien. It makes me think of a vital organ that's run away from it's owner. It's probably blubbery and strange to touch too. But that telekinisis ability seems interesting. I wonder what kind of effect it will have on the opponent. Maybe make them invulnerable to ground moves in exchange for some kind of added weakness?


Master Abra Catcher
Telekinesis is an attack I believe. I think it may be a heavily damaging attack that, in a 2v2 battle, will make the opponent immune to a ground type attack that strikes afterward. A reverse Roost, if you will. Or maybe it will be an attack that reduces speed/defense/attack or removes an Electric resistance from Ground types, who knows.

Another Plus/Minus ability--that is what I'm most interested in (though, the fact that there is another Steel pure is good too). That and the pigeon. I simply like all the new reveals, though Munna and the ape are a bit weird. Everything else looks really great.


Ironclad trainer
Haven't posted here in a bit.. Left 4 Dead 2 taking up my time.

My thoughts (cause everyone needs to contribute their 2 cents)

Chiramii- The new "rodent". Cool it is a chinchilla, thought I hope its more useful than being a decent battler/HM slave. Technician may prove useful for it if it has a decent attack stat.

Munna- Eh.. weird looking thing. I like the new attack it has. The 1 st gen reference is interesting, but I can't make heads or tails of this thing. Literally. I hope the evolution is decent.

Gear- I am naming one COG btw.. but more of that another time. I like that they basically add support to Plusle and Minun. Hopefully they can learn good supportive moves and magnet rise. I also hope it has a good evolution.

Mamepato- A pidgeon! Awesome. I hope he evolves into something cool like all the other birds did. Also his abilities are awesome.

Hihidaruma- A fire ape? Hopefully this will give us a gorilla. Everyone always wants a gorilla. Also it doesn't look all that bad, so I dunno why people don't like it.

Shimama- An awesome Zebra. I'm glad it's electric. I wouldn't mind if it evolved into a Okami or a full grown Zebra. Both would be cool.

Meguroko- Really awesome. I love his typing and his new ability. I can foresee him being used alot. I hope he becomes something really cool, kinda like Hippowdon.

Confirmed typing for the legends is cool too. Also if what pokebeach says about tauros evolving is true, then that would be awesome. Although I;d rather dunsparce or something that needed it evolve.

Also based on the new pokemon (A zebra, a ape, a crocodile, a chinchilla) I'd say that it may be based on Africa, or at least draw inspiration from there. However I don't think Africa has Pigeons (well not natively) so that theory may not hold water.
Just my speculation.


Chinchillas are from South America mainly (not totally sure if they can be found in africavbut don't think so. but they are native to SA, We have 20 of them here at home and my mom breeds them :) )


Well-Known Member
Might as well give my two cents on the entire haul sense I don't think I have posted in this thread yet:

Tsutaja - At first I thought it was too similar to Treecko and kinda WTF'd at a snake having arms and legs. Although, I'm guessing it's based more on a Quetzalcoatl than a normal snake. I suspect it will get a Grass/Flying type evolution. This will probably be the elegant/girlish starter of this generation. I'm guessing it's final stage will look like a reptilian, mystic, plant-filled version of Milotic.

Pokabu - This one's pretty good. The basic what I've come to expect from the starters. I'm still betting on a fire boar being it's final stage.

Mijumaru - When I first saw this I actually started going along with the nostalgia fanboys that believe that every single old design just ***-ram the newer designs. I couldn't even figure out what it was by just looking at it. After I read that it was a sea otter it all came together and started making sense. It's actually kinda cute in a dimwitted, sad way. I can see a fat otter being it's final stage.

Charamii - If this is the regional rodent, it's the best one yet. Sentret was the best one before this IMO, and this blows it out of the water. Almost so much that it would be a shame to see it go to waste as the regional rodent.

Manna - I don't think it's a Drowzee pre-evolution. Wouldn't they have pointed it out if so? Anyway: http://users1.ml.mindenkilapja.hu/users/diginevelde01/icons/l7689496.jpg

Gear - It actually makes sense to have two gears. It's getting to the point where a new pokemon can't share even the smallest similarities with an older pokemon without being called a rip off. Wonder if this confirms that Plusle and Minun will be part of the Isshu Dex

Mamepato - It does kind of look like Starly, but what can you really do with birds? Something like a woodpecker, eagle, vulture, or parakeet would have probably given the designers more room to create a more unique design. Maybe they're holding off on those.

Hihidaruma - IMO this is the best one that was revealed so far. It looks epic. t looks like it'll be quite entertaining to watch in the anime and in the games I expect it to be a physical powerhouse. This may be this generation's Drapion. By that, I mean it's revealed as a promotional pokemon rather than it's pre-evolved form.

Shimama - Another one I like a lot. I like how they stuck to the Black/White theme. This generation's Mareep, Electrike, and Shinx in the form of a zebra = nice.

Meguroko - I'm getting strong Hippopotas vibes, but it's still nice. Sense it's Dark type I see it's evolution being deadly looking.

Zorua - It's face is odd-looking IMO. It's eyes make it give off an aristocratic air for some reason. However it's body seems really dark and kinda contradicts that. Still my least favorite of the 5th Generation pokemon.

Zoroark - It's evolution; however, is really nice looking. This thing looks like it could violently tear apart it's trainer's rivals' entire team.

Reshiram - Unique looking starter. All godly-looking and whatnot. One of my favotite starters.

Zekrom - Black and White doesn't look like it's going to disappoint. These two legendaries are both unique and look very threatening.


Well the map seemed like a total heartbreaker. I mean, I though Hiun city was completely an island. But I do feel that metropolis in the middle of nowhere theme with that bit, since behind the city is a freakin' desert.

Isshu, however, overall, looks like Shikoku, only rotated 90 degrees to the left. So is the mainland above it from the map of Japan.

The northwestern area of the map is very intriguing. It has a lot of thing right there. I see apparent ruins to the northwestern, and a strange area full of puddles. Legendary pokemon area?! :D

I think I'm the only one who found it funny the Sky Arrow Bridge from Hiun City to the forest area ends in a spiral. Lol.


Master Collector
Right time for pokemon opinions

Chiramii - it looks good it's clearly going to be the cute pokemon of the generation which i don't mind as we do need one keep the balance and what not. It kind of reminds of Calumon from Digimon tamers anybody else think so??

Mun'na - I look at this guy and think wtf it's a floating blob of pink with flowers on it's side. Now i don't hate i don't hate any pokemon i love em all but it just looks very basic and yet again like a Digimon. It's interesting how the idea of it could've possibly been around since Gen 1. All i have to say about this guy is i hope there's an evolution

Gear - I like it. It looks pretty obvious that it'll get an evolution. It reminds of Weezing and Magneton as a Pokemon who has 2 actual beings on itself like and when it evolves it could either gain more or just become one

Mamepato - Looks like we have our regional bird. I usually always use the regional bird so my opinion on this pokemon does count for my team. One thing i must say it looks very much like the bird it's based on, a pigeon. I'm a bit sceptical on the fact that they yet again based a Pokemon on a pigeon. Well pidgey was really just a small bird but it's name suggest otherwise. I hope it's evolution/evolutions are good and cool looking and powerful like Staraptor.

Hihidaruma - Love it. Bit of a chmichar evo rip but it looks completely different so that makes it ok. It will defo be my Fire type pokemon i love Apes and a fire one rocks so there we go it rocks. I wonder yet again if there will be an evo??

Shimama - Hmm i like it a good bit i must say. I'm thinking about using it as my Electric type. I hope it has an evolution which if it does i will defo use it then but i'll wait and see what electric pokemon we have. It looks interesting to say the least it's colour scheme leaves a bit to be desired for however

Meguroku - this guy just screams Hippopotas to me. It looks like it's the basic form of an evolution line up well definitely 1 evolution. It has an interesting dual type and i'd say it's evolution will be very cool but i doubt i'd use it personally


Well-Known Member
Yin: black, earth, dark, night, cold, wet, soft, slow, passive, tranquil, femininity, negative, broken line
Yang: white, sky, light, day, hot, dry, hard, fast, active, aggressive, masculinity, positive, unbroken line

I wonder what of this they have gone for with Zekrom and Reshiram?


Well-Known Member
Yin: black, earth, dark, night, cold, wet, soft, slow, passive, tranquil, femininity, negative, broken line Zekrom
Yang: white, sky, light, day, hot, dry, hard, fast, active, aggressive, masculinity, positive, unbroken line Reshiram

I wonder what of this they have gone for with Zekrom and Reshiram?
There you go well at least they are my choices.


Diligent Shipper
Megukoro - Can I bring it home and name it Victor and teach it to be an evil gang leader that saves the world? Cuz he reminds me of him!

You do that, and I'll bring one home, alter one letter in Victor, stuff some headphones and a bling chain on it and train it to be a good detective who stops evil gang leaders and still save the world. With a shiny Kecleon and a Combee.

It's make for a fun match, at the very least...

Still, love all of the Pokemon so far, especially Meguroko.


Well-Known Member
i bet gears evolution will be like a grandfather clock think about it


Well-Known Member
Just when they do a major revealation of seven whooping pokemon at a time, my net connection goes haywire. So I have a late comment, but I have comments none the less.

Chirmill, was it? Is that the regional rodent? I like the design, but the color not so much. I love white, but in chirmill it just seems like a lack of color,
which is not good. Another slapping attack for sig move. Not very interesting, but will do. Since when regional rodents have fancy sig move anyway?

The pidgeon looks good. Again, what happened to their color palette? White and gray, really? Did we just not have a regional bird with the same color scheme? To me it
seems like it will have only one evolution, like hoothoot. The design looks a bit too matured - look at the legs for example. BTW was not pidgey also classified as a
pidgeon pokemon? For now I wonder what 'pidgeon breast' will do? - make it tasty?!?! Probably something along the line of 'guts'.

The piggy-bank flowery psychic thingy looks weird. For a moment I thought it was pre-evo of hypno. What's with those flowers? Looks unimpressive. If it's a dream-eater
pokemon put patterns of moon on it, not flowers that look like drawn by a two-year old. It will probably look better in the anime.

I love the fire pokemon. Now that's what I am talking about. A very original and interesting design. Kinda looks like a semi-legendary though. Seems like it will not be
easily available in the game. What I really would have liked is a three stage fire pokemon like magby that is not expanded over three gens. But for now this will very
much do.

The gear pokemon is just meh... For a 'magnemite-2' it is not much of a looker. I like magnemite more. The gear-idea is interesting though. Only it does not seem
they did much with it.

The new croc I love. The typing is cool, the look is awesome. And I am sure the earthquake spiral thingy will come very handy in gym and E4 battles.
I definitely gonna have one in the games.

Wow! An electric zebra!! Now who could have thought of that? I love the design - now we know zebra is basically black with white fur. I love sig move 'wild volt' even
more. Better than pachi, not better than shinx line atm. Do you think it will have an evolution? I kinda see it as the next girafarig.

Overall, I love the new seven. The designs seems like somewhere between gen 1 and 2. Though the croc looks very much gen 3. Major improvement from sinnoh style, I must
say. But it's too early to make that call. So we will wait and see.


Catching up on XY
Has anyone considered that Munna might be a baby for the Drowzee/Hypno line?

Have you considered that that is highly unlikely? :)

lol, jk. No flaming intended.

I think it would be easy to spot a pre-evo, since they usually look a lot like their evolution. This pink, flower-spotted pig looks nothing like Drowzee or Hypno, despite them being Psychic pig-like Pokemon.

Oh, and on that picture of Munna, why is half its body pink and the other white? It is supposed to be like that, or is it a miscolor by the magazine? I can't really see the in-game sprite, so I can't tell.


Diligent Shipper
i bet gears evolution will be like a grandfather clock think about it

If they emphasised the wooden parts on the clock casing, we could theoretically get a grass/steel type. 4x weakness to fire would majorly hurt but it would have a nice immunity to poison...
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