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Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation V Discussion' started by Shining Mew, Feb 7, 2010.

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  1. FlyAsADunsparce

    FlyAsADunsparce Well-Known Member

    I do hope that the starters are fake, but if they're not. Then I'm going with Pokabu, even though his evolutions are fugly as hell. I always take the fire starters. If these turn out to be real. Then I'll be disappointed in GameFreak, cause I kinda defended them when all the other pokemon were released and some people were just complaining and stuff. But the evolutions, especially Miju3, Tstuta3, Poka2 and Poka3 are fug as hell
  2. CressofLight

    CressofLight Peace from the Light

    did u guys see in pokebeach that theres a blue yanappu with a green one.
    its either a shiny one or it could be like a twin like plusle and minun.
  3. terminoob

    terminoob The Underdog

    We're finally getting a sea monkey Pokemon.

  4. Upyourarsenal

    Upyourarsenal Trollrr

    Um, the monkeys are cool. :D

    But back on the subject that matters:

    @Pipboy U probably think 4th gen was the best gen evaaar amirtie

    @Pokemon Hero Completely agree with your arguement

    @FlyAsADunsparce Couldn't agree with you more...well except on the Water Evo :D
  5. Skeith

    Skeith (◕‿‿◕)

    Dude, we have no chance against this controversial. Still I feel compelled to fight the tide.

    I personally hated the broccoli-monkey when I first saw it as it wasn't my sort of Pokemon however the little guys grown on me the more I look at him. As for the idea of a Fire and Water triangle with his design I think its a great idea and seems fun. It also seems like something that will be in the game due to the badges design (note the red, green and blue gems) though the badges never really have anything to do with the Pokemon.

    I like your way of thinking :D It adds to the monkey's awesomeness.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2010
  6. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    You know, plenty of people hated Swampert's, Blaziken's, Sceptile's, Torterra's, Empoleon's, and Infernape's designs too. Some even admitted so in this very topic. I know this is just your opinion, but I felt it necessary to comment.

    So, being leaked = design is accept. Unconfirmed Pokemon = design is not acceptable.

    This just gives more credence to the notion that people are simply calling these designs fake based on the adverse impression they have of them. You say it doesn't match Sugimori's art (which I disagree), but plenty of CONFIRMED FAKES have looked very similar to Sugimori's style and are most definitely fake. How is that a valid arugment?

    I keep hearing this over and over and over and OVER AND OVER. I know people have a tendency to find correlations/similarities between old and new things, but this is ridiculous.

    Oh, so Pokabu's 3rd evo is in the same stance as Rhyperior. Big freakin' whoop. That's about where I'd end the similarities. And Tsutarja's 3rd as Milotic? Because they're both serpent-like in appearence? Next you'll tell me that Gyarados looks similar. The Mijumaru complaint takes the cake though. It has a horn, so it looks like a previous older fake (from 8 years ago I might add). It has a long next and is on all four, so it looks like Dialga. Do you honestly believe this crap you're spewing? How you make such an outrageous connection is beyond me.

    My pall Sabonea_Masukippa made a valid and fleshed out argument about the changes between starters basic forms and their final forms. The gist of it is this: Big changes happen.

    It's not 'devolving' a Pokemon, that's just what happens. From Squirtle to Blastoise, Torchic to Blaziken, Turtwig to Torterra, and all the ones in-between, radically different forms is nothing new and is NOT a valid argument for discounting Pokemon as fake or not.

    As a matter of fact, I find it funny when looking at fanart of the evolutions to see how similar they make them to the 1st-stage.

    It's not a narwhal. It's not a unicorn. It isn't anything stupid like that.

    Just look throughout this thread. Time and time again it's been brought up that the finale evolution closely resembles a Giant Otter. Plenty of people have pointed this out. Just because Blastoise has metal cannons doesn't make it a some sort of machine, and just because Mijumaru's 3rd Evo has a horn doesn't make it some fish.

    Also, this whole talk about Bipedal/Quadrupedal is getting old. Many of the 2-legged starters are also able to walk on 4-legs, like Typhlosion and Swampert. We still do not have enough evidence to say whether or not Miju's evo can do this. But the point is, changing from standing to walking is not such a big deal.

    This is rich. What invisible rule is this? A Starter will be designed however the designers want. You can't randomly state something like this as fact.

    You don't know how moves for these Pokemon are going to work at this point.

    Actually, y'know what. Last I checked, either Sabonea or slowkingsley had a running total of ALL the moves the new B&W Pokemon had been shown using up to this point, from videos, pictures, and advertisements. So far, I think Tsutarja is the one with the most known moves to date. It has lots of special-based attacks and a lot of wrapping or coiling moves. It hasn't been show to use any type of punching or kicking attack, meaning that it fits perfectly for a serpent-based evolutionary progression.

    Plus, weird combinations of moves on certain Pokemon exist everywhere. Gastly can use the elemental punches. Alakazam can use Iron Tail (even though he loses his tail). Wooper can use Ice Punch. Dugtrio can use Aerial Ace.

    By the way, for those interested, anyone else thinking those two small green fleshy bits hanging off of Tsutarja's final evolution are its hands in a vestigial form? I get the feeling it won't completely lose its ability to grasp things.
  7. maniacmatt

    maniacmatt Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else think the monkies might end up like being like the new eeveelutions of gen V? I think it would be ineresting if there's a normal monkey pre-evo to go along with these three.
  8. Dragonheart7

    Dragonheart7 Dragon Trainer

    OK i try too have an open mind about all the new Pokemon but what in the nightmare of a methead Game Freak was thinking when they came up with the start evolutions Tsutaaja become an banana, Pokabu an sumo wrestler and Mijumaru an sea unicorn. D/P starters was way better x.x disappointing but never the less the game looks great ! (some one at Game Freak taking too much of Mario mushrooms XD )
  9. Ultimate Glalie

    Ultimate Glalie Well-Known Member

    The blue monkey is called Baoppu, and it is part of a trio consisting of itself (a Water-type), Yanappu (a Grass-type) and Hiyappu (a Fire-type). This information is on the front page of Serebii.net.
  10. Wishing_Star*

    Wishing_Star* Wish I was a balloon

    Man these evolutions suck... But after last generation, we could hardly expect anything better. I'm still crossing my fingers that these are fake for the sake of being optimistic. But more and more these are looking real. Dang... Luckily we have this grass/fire/water monkey trio so that we can pick one of those instead of sticking with our fugly starters.
  11. PipBoy

    PipBoy Well-Known Member

    Upyourarse Upyourarsenal! I really didn't like the fourth generation, and in fact my favourite is the second generation, so before you make assumptions based on my opinions, just think!
  12. AnonymousGuy

    AnonymousGuy Combaticus

    I couldn't care less for the starters' appearences. They aren't that bad, but they aren't too great either. If they are real, I'll probably snag the fire pig until I get the national dex, where I'll replace him/her with Charizard. :D
  13. OtterPops

    OtterPops Mareep!

    10charlimit. I have to go now. I'll be back later.
  14. Snegy

    Snegy Doctor WHO?

    Well, regarding the old starters... Swampert was the only thing I still find repuslive. F*cked up eyes, mouth and really, really strange body.

    But talking about the last generation... Turtwig and Chimchar sure look bad 'till today, but their final forms... And Piplup's, too... Are awesome! Very nice concepts and designs. All of them had a background 'story', very nice to them. Submarine emperor penguin, very elegant; continental tortoise, part ground... And an actually cool looking monkey with nice traits apart from its typing.

    Actually, all pokémon monkeys are just ugly, IMO. To this day. Infernape saves it.

    But, now? A grass snake with no real changes from the start, apart from losing the legs and arms... I expected some flower or plant to bloom AND the same color style to remain. Still, it's the best among them.

    THE FIRE PIG? Jesus. They coulda make a badass looking boar which would NOT copy the typing of the past two final stage fire starter buds. Also, the patterns on its belly are just like Infernape's! Not original at all. And original is not the only problem; it just resembles a lot of pokémon altogether. It doesn't feel right for Pokabu, y'know? It was my fave starter, but NOW? Sorry.

    Now, Mijumaru's. It's just confusing. It could be white and light blue, but that dark blue thing just makes me think of Swampert. And where is its face? WHAT is it? What's that thing behind it? It's too much for me to process, I think.

    So, my point is: YEAH, they're more likely real, but almost everyone are so frustrated with them it's easier to hope that, if there's 0.01% of a chance they're fake, then let them be.

    It sure is spamming and all that and, of course, there are always the extreme comments like Sabonea_Masukippa said ("I won't buy the games anymore"/"I won't ever evolve my Tsutaja", etc.), but people gotta deal with this kinda frustration, too. Everyone should just calm down; the ones that already expressed the opions, especially. Let people talk, for God's sake.
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2010
  15. Icy_Snorunt

    Icy_Snorunt Pokemon Coordinator

    Aww man, I really liked Yanappu when it first came out, but after realizing it is in a trio, I dislike it now :/ I dont know why, but it just seems like it lost its uniqueness now that there are two other pokemon that look almost the same
  16. Nielsspeler

    Nielsspeler Well-Known Member

  17. Upyourarsenal

    Upyourarsenal Trollrr

    I did think, and I assumed since you like Pokabu's evo that you like bad Pokemon designs. Ergo 4th Gen. Second gen was probably my favorite also, but Pokabu's second evolution looks like a Looney Toon - a joke of a Pokemon like Probopass.
  18. Nielsspeler

    Nielsspeler Well-Known Member

  19. Manene!

    Manene! Well-Known Member

    I really don't get the hate. They're aren't that bad. Surely, the pig is a more interesting design than Charizard and Typlosion, which are both pretty basic.

    HDU! Unicorns are the most beautiful, non-stupid animal to ever exist!
  20. V Faction

    V Faction www.faction.com

    I would refrain from linking to 4chan if I were you.

    But you have to agree that the idea of thinking the evolution to be a unicorn is stupid, yes? That's what the stupid part is, not that I have a vendetta against unicorns or something.
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