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Confusing H2O deck


Look over there!
I have used this deck once before and won so I want to know what you guys think:

Slowpoke lv 10 x2 GE
Slowbro lv 39 x2 GE
Eevee lv 14 x3 MD
Eevee lv 12 x1 MD
Glaceon Lv 46 x2 MD
Glaceon Lv 44 x1 MD
Vaporeon lv 45 x1 MD
Espeon lv 44 x3 MD
Articuno lv 46 x1 MD
Smoochum lv 6 x1 SW
Jynx lv 30 x2 SW
Girantina lv 52 x1 LA
Mantyke lv 6 x2 DP
Mantine lv 25 x2 MT

Speed Stadium x1
Leftovers x1
Buck's Training x2
Cynthia's Feelings x3
Bebe's Search x2
Technical Machine TS-1 x1
Energy Restore x3

Psychic x10
Water x11
Call Energy x2

I use Mantine's Jumbo Fin and Espeon's Sunlight Veil to my advantage.


My advice is to take out 5 energy cards and the 3 Energy Restore and add in more suporters. I would sugest 4 Roseanne's Research and 4 Bebe's Seach.