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Conquering the Frozen Tower: Articuno Stars in My New BT Team!

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by Eon Master, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    No, Going for the Gold is still in use, but I know I'm not going to beat V4E with it, so I've decided to simply try a new idea for fun. So let's cut to the chase.

    Spiritomb@Choice Scarf
    -Pain Split

    Lol, it's the third slowest (after Duskull and Dusclops) TrickScarfer in the game. What makes him so attractive for the role isn't speed, but the fact that he has no weaknesses, and the ability to drain his opponent's PP using Pressure and Grudge. Nothing OHKO's him, so I should be able to easily Trick the Scarf at the bare minimum. Once that is accomplished, I can use Grudge to drain the PP of their last move, making them totally useless when my Sweepers come in. If I would be better served by it, i.e. if my opponent is locked into a setup move, I can use Memento to drop their stats, allowing an OHKO if Swampert come in, while for Articuno, an OHKO is assured. Pain Split is simply there to weaken opponents that are locked into Attacking moves (if Spiritomb isn't going to faint in turn 2), so that Swampert gets an easier KO. EV's maximize defenses, giving him a 151 in Defense and Special Defense, and a 157 in Hp.

    Swampert@Chesto Berry

    RestChesto CursePert. The Physical counterpart to bulky CMCune. He'll come in if there's something the star of the show can't handle, such as a Fire Type, Rock Type, Electric Type, or Steel Type, or a Pokemon locked into one of those moves. Wait, did I just list all of Articuno's weaknesses?:D That's the point. The only thing I wasn't really sure about was his last move. EQ is STAB, but it would've left me open to several Pokemon, namely Gyarados and almost all Grass Types. Articuno laughs in the face of Grass Types, but Gyara could've be a problem. To that end, I've sprung for Return, with it's awesome coverage on everything but Shedinja and Empoleon when combined with Waterfall.

    And now... Introducing the Star of the Show...​

    -Sheer Cold
    -Mind Reader

    Now do you guys see why Articuno is so beastly? As long as she has Sub up, she's virtually indistructible. Switching into a Struggling or weakened Pokemon allows her to set it up with ease. Roost is for healing, should it even become a necessity. Finally, Mind Reader and Sheer Cold ensures an OHKO on anything without the Sturdy ability. Palmer should be shivering from both fear and the cold with her on my team.

    And that concludes the team. Comments and Suggestions appreciated!
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2009
  2. bknesal

    bknesal Power Trainer

    My only fear for you is Sturdy Magnezone that isn't exposed to your starter. Namely this one:

    604 | Magnezone | Impish | Lum Berry | Iron Head | Explosion | Swagger | Psych Up | Atk/Def

    Psych Up, Def EVs, Swagger, Explosion. I'd be careful around him.

    Also your moveset for Spiritomb seems a bit redundant, but I guess that's the point and won't really matter once Articuno gets on the field. I'm interested in knowing how this team does.
  3. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    Yeah, that Magnezone is a problem child, but he's still just a child. Defensively bulky as he is, Swampert will at least tie with him. If he gets locked into Swagger, that's fine with me, Articuno has Pressure too. She's faster, and if I set up Sub, it won't hurt me. It'll take a little while to stall out Swagger, but it'll work.

    Yeah, he's meant to function the same way as the Dusknoir set I gave you. I haven't tested it extensively, but so far it seems to work extremely well.

    Yeah, I was leaning twoards Dusknoir for a while, but I chose Spiritomb for his lack of any weaknesses, at least allowing me to Trick the Scarf before the battle gets started. He also has three very common immunities, meaning he's safe from quite a lot.
  4. hailflameblast

    hailflameblast I'm coming...

    You know the drill. This is quite a good team.
  5. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    Most of the stuff you mentioned isn't much of a problem. The Absol is, but Aero isn't. 30% Flinch hax maximum means that Spiritomb still has a 70% shot at getting off Trick. And that's if it uses Rock Slide. Sheer Cold hits Sheddy, but he disappears after battle 20, so I won't be losing any high streaks. Thanks for the rate, though.
  6. venra77

    venra77 Wifi battler

    on spirttomb u need toxic instead of memnto they switch momento useless

    swampert switch the berry to a salac berry then switch rest for ice punch getting a effective hit on gyra since u r a cursepurt use hammer arm instead of eq

    articuno fine
  7. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars


    Memento is used when Spiritomb is almost dead/PP wasted, and the AI rarely switches.

    Swampert is meant to be bulky, that's why it has Rest, to allow him to stay in and sweep. EQ gets STAB and decent (enough) coverage along with Waterfall... so if anything Return>EQ. Whatta rate. I congratulate you on your knowledge of the English language.

    Nice team you have here Eon. Although I would personally use Spite>Grudge on 'Tomb since I'm not exactly sure if Grudge comes into effect if you use Momento (if that was what you were planning) otherwise, looks great.

    Also, kudos for using Articuno :]
  8. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    ^You hit the nail on the head for correcting that person :)

    Anyway, Spiritomb has a choice of using Grudge against attacks, Memento against setup, or Pain Split for fun. I wasn't planning on using Grudge and Memento at once, it wouldn't work.

    And thanks:D I've been trying to fit her into a team for a long time.

    EDIT: 1000TH POST!!!
  9. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA

    it just occured to me that you have no Shedinja killing moves
  10. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    ^Sheer Cold hits Shedinja.
  11. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA

    Oh, I thought WG applied to all moves. Oh well. :p
  12. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    Even if it didn't, All 3 of his Pokes could PP stall it. Spiritomb can stall it with Pressure, Swampert could stall it with Rest, and Articuno could stall it with Sub + Pressure. So it's nothing really to worry about anyways.
  13. Vaporeon4evr

    Vaporeon4evr Cyndakill

    Be warned: Stone Edge seems to be the default move for Pokemon who don't carry super-effective moves in the Tower, meaning Articuno may be virtually useless some rounds. When set up correctly, I predict Articuno will be able KO 1 Pokemon most of the time, 2 a good deal of the time, and possible 3 if your sub never breaks. Chances are your sub will break on the secong opponent, and the third Pokemon will get a free attack while you take a turn to use Mind Reader.

    It could work, but I honestly don't see this team quite getting very far. But I think you already know this.
  14. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    Flash is an option over Grudge because 1. Grudge does not work alongside Memento (iirc) 2. you can screw around with the foe some more. Hypnosis is a possibility for the same reason, though the accuracy is a bummer. Spite is not because you might lower the PP of a non-choiced move.

    Return > EQ because SE coverage matters very little at +6.

    Overall, this team looks reasonably decent. Just one thing - If Arty's Sub breaks on the first or second pokemon you could potentially find it difficult for Swampert to kill the third, especially with so many faster users of Grass-type moves. For this reason you could probably try and keep Spiritomb in the game; even without being able to Trick another Scarf, he can successfully cripple many potential threats. Bear in mind that this is just speculation.

    Also, did you get the idea for the Articuno set off my comment in Project New World?
  15. bknesal

    bknesal Power Trainer

    Allow me to quote something from http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=427036

    Please read this guide before rating BT Teams.
  16. bknesal

    bknesal Power Trainer

    You don't understand Spiritomb's purpose. He's supposed either 1. Lock the opponent's starter into an attack then reduce that attacks PP to 0, therefore locking him into struggle or 2. Lock the opponent's starter into using a setup move then reduce it's defenses with Memento. It would be feasible to replace Memento with something else, but there really isn't any point. Especially with the first option being a move that attempts reduce the opponent's accuracy while the accuracy Hax is in place.
  17. AlCario

    AlCario Banned

    Locking the opponent into a set up move is the best possible outcome. Why? Because they can't do a thing to hurt him, buying him even more time. Reducing their defences is pointless because 1. Swampert KO them at +6 anyway, in most cases and 2. Memento doesn't do that. Also, Flash is a perfectly viable option.
  18. Slowprince

    Slowprince Prince of Slowmania

    I don't really know much about that Trick Scarf strategy, so can anyone explain it?
    'Cause i would say to switch Trick with Trick Room and make your other pokémon as slow as possible? xD Then you can switch an item that would work better for Spiritomb so it isn't a wast...
    But i said i don't get the point of the strategy, and i know my suggestion could ruin your team, but its just a suggestion. :p
  19. Eon Master

    Eon Master Born from the Flames

    I wasn't planning on using Grudge and Memento in concert. It's one or the other, depending on the situtation. Flash might be a good idea over Memento though.


    Yeah, I know. It's another problem, but all teams have several. And it's less likely than the Magnezone problem.

    Yeah, I finally figured out how to use her in a BT team because of that. Thanks.

    Ok, I'll explain. The Choice Scarf may increase speed to +1, but it also locks the holder into a single move. Tricking the Scarf to my opponent locks them into the move that they used or are planning on using. Then, the Tricker uses various setup moves (Grudge, Thunder Wave, Flash, Memento, ect.) to cripple the opponent. Then, the setup sweeper comes in and increases their offensive stats using moves like Curse, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, or Calm Mind, usually from behind a Substitute. It's a nearly foolproof strategy when executed properly.
  20. Vaporeon4evr

    Vaporeon4evr Cyndakill

    Forget what I said about Stone Edge. You can easily PP Stall in out with Spiritomb. But I have tried using that Spiritomb as a lead, and I should warn you that Grudge only works if the opponent KOs you the same turn that you use it. Therefore, it's pretty unreliable. Spite would be the next best choice. Combined with Pressure, it should probably still work rather well.

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