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A random thought came to me a while back concerning our interaction with other planets.

It always seems in the movies that when ever we contact an alien race, theyr'e always millions of years ahead of us with extreemly advanced technology, and theyr'e always smarter than us. Why are we never the ones with the upper hand?

It finally occoured to me that mabie the reason we havent contacted any other civilizations is because WE'RE are the most advanced civilization out there, and that we're the ones who are millions of years ahead of everyone.

It Just seems that humans are always the ones beeing attacked and out-classed. (Then again, if that was'nt true, then all the Sci-Fi movies wouldn't have a plot line...)
There are many reasons why we haven't received contact/had contact with alien races (I am stipulating that past 'alien sightings'/roswell are completely bogus, as is likely the case):

1. That the chances of a planet falling into the specific temp range to sustain advanced life are so infinitesimally small that we are the only 'advanced' race in the universe(s).

2. Because the chances of other intelligent life are so small they would likely be millions of light years away if they existed.

3. A species would likely wipe itself out before it develops the technology to locate other life, and develop craft that can travel at, near (or perhaps faster than) the speed of light in order to reach the other civilisation. ;123;
One reason that alien life always seems so far advanced is because most of the time, it involves aliens coming to our planet and not vice versa. The basic idea is that if aliens are advanced enough to get to our planet, they are probably going to be more advanced in general than us. Along with that, its pretty much just been a tradition to make humans the prey of aliens.


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Any movie that contains aliens is invariably an action movie, meant to be filled with action. What kind of movie would it be if the aliens were idiots who got slaughtered immediately?

As for why...I myself believe that there is life outside of Earth. I certainly don't believe there are alien sightings all the time, but the universe is massive. Surely the must be other life somewhere? Even if it isn't actually intelligent, it seems impossible that there could be nothing out there.

Assuming that there is intelligent life out there, then there would likely be millions, if not billions of species all over the universe. Even if only one in a hundred thousand solar systems had life, that would leave the universe teeming with life. Take this, and the odds that we are the most intelligent life in the universe are astronomical.

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Any movie that contains aliens is invariably an action movie, meant to be filled with action. What kind of movie would it be if the aliens were idiots who got slaughtered immediately?

Don't forget that it's the aliens who get slaughtered at the end.

On topic: of course, if it were the aliens who got pushed around, we would have obliterated them, so they would not appear on Earth.


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oh please, everyone knows that the aliens are the smarter life form. they can abduct you while you sleep, perform experiments, and have you back on your bed in the morning for an alien abduction interview with the press a week later.
then you'll try to get rich quick by attempting to write a book about your kidnapping and horribly fail and go mad because most of us humans fail to have a decent writing prose. you see? they are driving us mad.
It also depends on the kind of alien that you are talking about. For instance there are probing aliens, killing aliens, and cow-abducting aliens. All of these may make a difference in their technological advances. Alien-life is mostly just limited to one's imagination.

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Personally its a topic like this that makes me like the Stargate SG1 series.
There are plenty of "aliens" in the universe. They are either too primitive technologically to contact us, or they are technologically superior to us and look down on us as not worth their time.


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You know, I've always wanted to see a movie where we discover another planet full of cow-like aliens, and we just go conquer the hell out of them.


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Or just haven't found us yet. Seriously, I've always been of the opinion that they haven't dug down all that deep on Mars. It's possible there's life on the exact opposite side of the galaxy, nicely out of the way. And even if there was anything in a human perception of "range", how do you know that their technologies even vaguely compatible with ours? Radio signals? For all we know, they may use pheremones. And is there any reason why we can't be the most advanced species, presuming there's another one? Gotta be somebody and the odds would be even. Most of human conception of aliens revolves around the aforementioned movies that have become ingrained in the modern view. Million of sentient species may have risen and died and we simply haven't been around to see. Yes, the odds are astronomical, but so's the time period and the amount of available space. I've heard all the theories of aliens intervening with humans, but there's no more reason to believe it than to disbelieve it.

And everyone, or at least most, assume that their psychology would be even vaguely similar. Would they have some great drive to expand, this urge to advance, or just stay as they were and be contented? Would they sacrifice their planet for the sake of expansion, try and colonise the galaxy or just stay in hiding? And, OK, say that there is an extraterrestial sentient species that has seen humanity. We wiped out thousands of species, we slaughter each other, we follow and worship invisible and unproven enteties (cowers under religious tirade) and we even decimate our own planet. Do you think they're gonna want to make contact?!?


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You wonder why they're depicted as light years ahead of us? Think of it this way; are we going to their planet or are they going to ours?

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Pretty much it will be a better film if they show us years ahead of us. This can show us what we might be like in the future which most people would go to the movies to see. It would just be boring if they showed a bunch of poor people like on a poverty commercial, right?


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A movie needs a good plot, so that's why we're always being invaded. Plus, if it was real, we'd probably be the intelligent one around.


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Or mabye if you go by the whole theory that the people of atlantis were from outer space and more intelligent than the human race here, that they were wiped out so we went from second most intelligent to most intelligent.
We have no idea if there really are aliens, and if there are, we have no idea what they would be like compared to us. Therefore, the reason people give aliens this intellectually superior and usually invasive/aggressive persona is out of fear of the unknown.
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Really, an unintelligent species could pose just as much threat to us as a more intelligent one. An infestation of fast multiplying insects, microorganisms, or other parasites would be difficult to cope with.


One of the reason one does rarely see humans at the peak of technology in these kind of movies is the human need to feel superior, even through weakness. I'm not quite sure if I'm explaining this right but, anyway, it's in our nature to glorify or fill ourselves with confidence in some way. One of which is to show the human race being endangered by aggressive and more advanced beings but still be able to overcome the threat of extinction.
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