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Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)

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The game leaks imply a new hat Pikachu so I feel that might be the first actual hint of the anime continuing.

Or we are getting yet another movie
Dawn had more screentime in JN than Ash's team
And that's a good thing.


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Gym Leaders aren't actually numbered, and even the games have been outright stating that they vary their Pokemon and tactics based on who they're fighting because they're supposed to present a challenge to be overcome, not fight to win.
Did you just remove a bunch of post? because I feel there was a lot more here.


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Let's just restart this one. Bolded some rules people seemingly are having a hard time with:

People have been asking for this thread for a while, so let's get a proper regulated one going, shall we. Keep the following guidelines in mind:

1) This is a thread intended specifically for people that WANT to be spoiled about things they aren't supposed to know yet. For the most part, this means information posted online from people that claim to have exclusive information on upcoming episodes nobody else has. Don't use it to discuss magazine articles, official tweets or other things that you'd normally post in the regular threads for the episodes in question. Remember the point of this thread is to make it safe for people that don't want to know these spoilers to still use the forum, not to keep actual official announcements from them.

2) This is a containment thread for a specific type of spoilers not all people want to see. Things that belong here are infraction-worthy to post elsewhere.

3) Given the subject matter, this means the source of these claims is generally "dude trust me". Assume everything posted here is potentially false, but feel free to discuss among yourselves how potentially "legit" any named leakers are. If it's actually confirmed, though, it probably doesn't belong here.

4) Machine translations of articles, interviews and other info is not leaks and is not allowed.

Feedback, further rule suggestions etc are welcome. Keep them coming.


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What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?


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I’m not 100% sold on a new Cap Pikachu being proof of a Gen9 anime or Ash continuing to Paldea. Dressed up Pikachu is becoming more of a thing, especially in Go where they have a Pikachu variant for everything.
But all the Pikachu's that have caps in the games are all based on Ash's Pikachu and the hats he wears.


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Although it could just be Ash's Journeys cap, which has never been made available.
Yes it was, almost two years ago.

Unless there's a yet-unannounced movie with the alternate Ash wearing a different hat than the one used in M20 and M21 that they want to make a Ash Hat Pikachu out of, a new cap can pretty much only imply a new series.


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