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Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)

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Additionally most of these people lack the experience, credentials and creativity to even think about making something better.

It’s hard to please everybody at once, so what makes you think your work wouldn’t be critiqued by fans as well or that you’re writing a universally loveable story?
Plus most of the people that do praise those fanfics do it as a 'GOTCHA' moment to spite the original work, if they were fed those fanfics instead when the stuf originally came out, they would still mald


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The funniest thing in all of this is people who say dumb **** like "I could do a better job than any of them" while ignoring the several stages, tight scheduling, and limitations that come when writing a single episode for even an anime like Pokemon.
This indeed. Like, I'm sure you could come up with some good episode and arc ideas, but actively producing the anime? Nah.


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See all of these complaints and dissing the productions staff, they’re having trouble hiring and still trying their best to give you a good production. Calling them lazy, unprepared, having bad time management and they’re truly struggling but giving it their all. And this isn't even addressing the entire team/departments decline in workers

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Kind of stating what was assumed but staff shortages are a big reason for why things are the way they are.

(Incidentally I’m wondering if a seperate topic should be made on the troubled production at this point since it’s because such a big issue the longer we go on)

I kind of just recently learned that the thing about Anipoke breaks was because of not enough animators, in fact one of the animes I was watching just got 'cancelled until further notice' due to lack of staffing; but having a bit more clarification on the loss of employees OVER time seems concerning now...

Do we have any interviews from the past four years regarding people who has quit the company? Would love to see what changed to prompt a declining amount of animators


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129 employees in 4 years? Holy s***
I work in staffing, and to be honest, this is not surprising. Covid-19 has caused a lot of companies to lose some of their workforce. Many other companies are offering a lot of different benefits as well to attract new workers. Add all that to the fact that they most likely lost a lot of money in 2020-2022... they had to lay off part of their force. Makes me curious what their total headcount before and after is.. also, just because they lost 129 employees, doesn't mean that they didn't hire new ones to replace them.


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As a member of the Pokemon anime we make mistakes I would like to make the following corrections:

I'm sorry for overreacting

And OLM welp... they should stop doing the Pokemon anime. cause this pressure is not normal you cannot live of recaps and breaks. Maybe that's why the lack of promotion of SV anime???

The future of Anipoke is unknown and that's not a good thing....


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Considering EVERY single fanfiction that ive seen that tries to correct what went wrong in stuff like Star Wars or Game Of Thrones being utter **** or derivative of what happened makes this even funnier
Don't forget how frustrating it must be for writers that have legitimate writing skills like Yajima to have to discard ideas because they are either too mature for the series, would be problematic for the status quo, or aren't worth the production for a weekly show. I can imagine this going in the production table:

"So, Ash is now supposed to release Goodra in a scenario that is unique for the entire anime, because now he can't directly interfere with things and has to keep his own distance rather than battling things out directly, for this is more of a natural problem that can't be settled by brute force and wou-"
"Put Team Rocket in it."
"W- why?"
"Kids love Team Rocket!"
"Yeah, sure, we are still making him win the league though, right?"
"Oh, he will win a league alright."
"Yeah, sure, we are still making him win the league though, right?"
"Oh, he will win a league alright."
It’s really too bad. Imagine XY without those contraints about having things that would be too mature. XY should have been 4 seasons so that they could flesh out XYZ more, showcase Ash’s E4 run and have Ash and Serena hook up
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