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Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)


Call me Robert guys
Gryphon posted that Koriadon and Miriadon are either in the opening or ending for the people who are like no game characters anywhere in the show lol.


Call me Robert guys


Deluded Dreamer
The following post contains speculation... (or I'm dealing copium...take your pick)

Maybe Ash will be exclusively a movie protagonist going forward. His story was played out as the weekly anime lead. But there is still plenty they can do with him if he were just meeting legendaries and mythicals in the new regions.

Assuming they're going to continue making new movies, that is...
Plus knowing it's him getting closer to difficult and rare Pokemon such as legendaries and mythicals would make it so much more worth it to watch and knowing it's a big step for his journey

But if they wanna do a movie with Ash, they need to show him using his reserves during the movie 's events, otherwise Ash would be eventually just be too boring and a side piece in the movie. You cant Pikachu everything

I'd honestly rather them doing unique plots taking advantage of the games lore. Give me an Hisui movie showing Alder as the Original Hero way back, etc.
I'd honestly be alright if movies aren't for the anime either anymore, but franchise originals like other series
Funny you should say that.

Gryphon just said his source told him he's heard something about a movie coming in December.
Isn't it too late to expect it now though? Like we've heard zero word for it so far and usually we have a lot of movie promotion done already for movies releasing in the year....
Now that the main series is concluded, I was wondering if the mods could take this opportunity to clean up the Anime Spoilers forum a bit.

IMO, we don't need a leaks thread anymore since the original intention was for the PWC outcome and series finale spoilers. The two movie threads and the PM2019 thread can all go. I'm not sure why we need a move catalogue thread, or even a battle record one either, but I'd like to see if we could trim the fat a bit.

For normal threads, maybe you guys can crack down a bit on threads that don't serve much of a purpose and don't have a need to stay alive for multiple pages.
PM the mods instead
How does any of this affect you at all? The move and battle record stuff is interesting data that isn’t covered much elsewhere. It isn’t going to hurt you to scroll a little past threads you think “don’t serve a purpose” when you can just suck it up and scroll past threads you don’t like.
He's not wrong though? Why do we still need the past movie threads stickied up like Coco and Mewtwo Strikes back? Battle records is fun and all, but the move catalog is outdated as well and I think someone made a new thread for it that should be stickied instead. In general there needs to be cleanup there