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Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)

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Cause a pirate is free


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I bet the fight between Amethio and Friede is going to last like 15 seconds lol.


It's named after Asagi City. "Olivine City" in English.

(asagi is the Japanese name of a blue-green color relatively similar to turquoise)
Wow they didn't name it after a Kanto town they are learning!


Not thinking twice!


Johto is basically Kanto 2 so not much
More like Kanto's forgotten sibling because until recently it was pretty ignored and even in GSC the new mons were ignored in favor of Kanto mons since a lot of them were locked to the Kanto post game and a lot of GLs had Kanto mons as their aces


Gryphon seems to be hinting that Ludlow is Nidothing.
I'm surprised that Nidothing's identity is going to be revealed this early. I thought that they would keep this a secret for at least a few more months.