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Containment thread for LEAKS of upcoming episodes (READ THE FIRST POST, IMPORTANT)


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Liko take the dang Fidough with you, do what Chloe never could
Honestly I suspect her Fidough to go the same way as James’ Growlithe and Chloe’s Yamper in other words a Pokémon that she owns but never comes with her on her travels.

I’d be happy to be proven wrong though.

Trey pokes

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Over the horizon. Now I'm really glad that they named this Pokemon Horizons lol. Sounds like a good episode on our hands.


Ooh, I wonder who's gonna battle him


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Apparently Nemona's characterization is spot on but the animation is weaker in this episode
Intrigued, Nemona is like one of my faves from Scarlet and Violet so I realllly hope she's treated as well as Leon was, she's an amazing champion (Geeta who?)


Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike
Looks like the Explorers are back. They didn't clarify if it was in ep 12 or the preview for 13 but either way I'm excited. Seems like it's Amethio still, not Spinel. Which makes sense since he was chasing Rayquaza last we saw of him but I do wonder when Spinel will act.


If the fire's man-made it feels OOC for Amethio to start it considering he doesn't seem to want to hurt pokemon, I think Spinel will be more ruthless


Call me Robert guys


Glad Spinel is shaping up to be a competent threat, can't wait to see what the other Explorers admins are like


Call me Robert guys
Seems like Captain Pikachu has a big secret in episode 18 hence why the episode title was hidden for some reason lol.