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Contest Island (Contestshipping, PG-13)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Medea, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Yes, I have done yet another story.

    This is the story of 12 Coordinators who must live together in house. We have May, Joshua, Janet, Ogata, Grace, Drew, Erika, Timmy, Kelly, Harley, Savanna, and Robert. There will be drama, there will be heartbreak, there will be reality shows that are going to be made fun of...


    Week One:

    The twelve Coordinators were getting settled into their new surrounding. Ogata was playing the first couple of seconds of Smoke on the Water on his guitar. May then entered the room and said her goodbyes to Ash, Brock, and Max. “Goodbye you guys. I hope you won’t be too sad that I won’t be with you all for a while” she said. Max then said, “I think we’ll survive May. Plus, I can’t wait to see you make a fool of yourself on national television.” As everybody’s loved ones left the house, everyone grabbed a piece of paper which told them what room they were going to be. When May looked on her paper, she noticed that her roommate was Erika. “Well looks like we’re going to be roommates May. Let’s just get one thing straight here I am not here to make friends. And for your warning, I know how you are so nice to Joshua. Well I want you to remember that he is my boyfriend” said Erika. May then sighed heavily and said that it was going to be the longest couple of weeks of her life. In Drew’s room, he started to unpack all of his clothes. Just then, his roommate Harley came inside. “Hi roomy, I’m so glad that we get to be roommates” he said. Drew then gave a weird look to Harley and gave a big sigh. In a room upstairs, Kelly and Savanna were assigned to a room together. Savanna then told Kelly that she was thinking about making dinner for everybody. “That sounds like a good idea. Say, how good are you at making pokeblocks” asked Kelly. Savanna told her that her pokeblocks were okay, but she could use a few pointers in making pokeblocks. In another room, Timmy was on the phone. “Yes Mom. I’m doing my homework now. Yes Mom, I promise I’ll do that” he said. After he hung up, Joshua walked over to him and said, “You haven’t even been here for an hour and your mother is already checking up on you. I must say that’s pretty rough.” Timmy then asked Joshua how he’s able to act loose and fancy free. “Well first off, you really have to learn how to say no. That’s how I’m able to take charge in dire situations” he said. All of a sudden, Erika started yelling at Joshua and telling him to come. “Yes ma’am” he said.

    Later that day, Savanna fixed the whole house a nice meal. As May sat down, she saw a red rose next to her plate. As May picked up the rose, she thought that it might be a sign that Drew really liked her. Grace then said, “Hey, I got a rose. What the hell is this, The Bachelor?” As it turned out, all of the girls got a red rose next to their plate. When Drew entered the room, May asked if he gave all of the girls a red rose. Drew then told May that he never gave away a single rose. When Robert entered the room, he told the girls that he was the one who gave away the roses. Just as all of the girls started to blush, Drew yelled out, “That S.O.B. has been stealing my roses.” As everybody gathered around the table, a beeper went off playing Beethoven’s 5th. “Uh, sorry about that everybody, my mother was paging me” said Timmy. As Savanna put down more food on the table, she looked outside and noticed that there was hot tub outside. Janet then said, “A hot tub? Oh, we girls should have a hot tub party.” As all of the girls agreed for the hot tub party, Harley started to smile.

    After dinner, Joshua headed back to his room and saw Timmy reading a math book. “Okay, it’s time for you to take a step up Timmy. I really can’t stand seeing someone in your position like this” he said. Timmy then said, “Oh Joshua, I’m not depressed at all and I am able to take charge of my own life.” Just then, Timmy’s pager went off again. Before Timmy was able to pick up the phone, there was a knock on the door. When they opened the door, Harley came inside. “Hey guys, Ogata and I are going to…take a peak at the girl’s hot tub party” said Harley. As the three guys looked at Timmy, he said, “Now wait a minute you guys, I don’t think we should be spying on the girls. Plus, my mother might see me on TV doing this” he said. Just then, Timmy’s beeper goes off again. Timmy then turned off his beeper and brought out his phantom costumes. “Here, I have plenty of these phantom costumes, so we can go in disguise” said Timmy. The other guys were very happy and ran towards the costumes. In the hot tub, all of the girls were talking to each other. “I have to admit, that was a great idea Janet” said May. As all of the girls talk in agreement, Janet sighed heavily and looked up in the sky. When May asked her what was wrong, Janet replied, “It’s just that…well, I miss Chaz. Now I have to spend the next couple of weeks away from him.” Grace then said, “Sorry to hear about you missing your boyfriend Janet, so I guess that leaves more guys here for the choosing. Besides, I have my eye on that hunk Harley.” Erika then butted in and told Grace to not even think about going near her Joshua. Savanna then told Janet that she doesn’t blame her for missing her loved one. “You see, I miss my daughter Sondra” she said.

    In the bushes, Harley was looking through his binoculars and slowly started jacking off. “Hey did you guys hear a strange noise coming from the bushes” asked May. Joshua then turned to Harley and said, “Harley you horny jackass. The girls have spotted us.” All four of the guys bolted out of the bushes. “Did you get a good look at them” asked Janet. Kelly said that she couldn’t get a good look at who was in the bushes. The four guys ran back into Timmy’s room. “That was a close one. I will never trust Harley on anything ever again” said Timmy. Joshua then told everybody to take off their costumes before anybody saw them. “Well this has been one exciting night. I’m going to hit the sack. Good night gentlemen” said Ogata. That night in Ogata’s room, Robert was sleeping with the radio on easy listening. With a pillow over his head Ogata said, “I can’t listen to this crap all night. I’ll never get to sleep.” As Ogata walked over to turn off the radio, Robert woke up and asked him to turn it back on. In Drew and Harley’s room, Drew was going under the covers when Harley came in with nothing on but a thong. “Oh dear Jesus, I don’t need to see this” said Drew. Later that night as Joshua and Timmy were sleeping, Timmy’s beeper goes off. As the beeper continued to go off, Joshua started to get pretty mad and yelled out, “Shut that (bleep)-in beeper off before I shove that (bleep)-in gizmo up your ***.”

    That next morning, Ogata was sitting at the table rubbing his head. Drew then walked into the room and asked Ogata if he had a hard night. “You’re not kidding, that Robert guy had such crappy music in the room all night” he said. Drew then said, “You think you have it bad? I had to see Harley in nothing but a thong. Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is his crotch.” Just then, May walked into the kitchen and said hi to Drew. “Oh May, hello. How was your night” Drew asked. May told Drew that she was able to get a good night’s rest. But when May asked Drew about his night, Drew shuddered and told her to just drop the subject. Joshua then entered the kitchen holding his head. “Good morning Joshua” said May. “Eh, what’s so good about it” Joshua snapped out. When May gave out a weird look, Joshua apologized for snapping at her and explained that he couldn’t get any sleep because Timmy’s beeper kept going off throughout the night. Timmy then entered the room and apologized for the beeper. Just then, Timmy’s beeper goes off once again. Joshua then snapped and yelled, “That’s it! I’ve had enough! It’s time to step in.”

    A little later, Joshua brought Drew, Harley, Ogata, and Robert to his room and see if they can help with Timmy’s dilemma. Timmy then stepped in and said, “Oh come on you guys, I don’t have a problem. Why if you ask me, I can be pretty tough at times.” Just then, Timmy’s beeper goes off once again. “But I guess it doesn’t help that you have such an overprotected mother” said Drew. Once again, the beeper went off and that was when Timmy grabbed the beeper and threw it out the window, and shattering it into pieces. Timmy then gave a big sigh and said, “I’m free! No more beeper! Ha, ha! I’m free! I’m free! I’m…” Just then the house phone rang and Timmy answered and his mother came on. “Uh Mom, what brings this wonderful surprising phone call” asked Timmy. Mrs. Grim then butted in and said, “Save it Timmy! Don’t think I didn’t see you throw that beeper out the window. I also saw you and those little hoodlums spying on the girls last night. I want you to come home and quit this show right this second.” It was then Timmy fought back and yelled out, “Now look mother, this is my decision and I want to be on this show. I shouldn’t have to be under your watch 24/7. You should allow me to live my own life. These guys are great! So what if a number of them are perverted beyond my reason of understanding, I consider them as friends. I WANT YOU TO BUTT OUT OF MY LIFE!” Mrs. Grim just stuttered a bit and then cried and hung up the phone. The five boys then walked over to Timmy. “I must say Timmy, it seemed like you were a little tough on your mother” said Robert. Timmy just walked off and told them he was going to take a relaxing bath. All of a sudden, May, Grace, and Kelly came in. “So, you were the perverts who were peeping at us last night” May yelled out. Drew and Robert then went to the girls and said that they were innocent and had nothing to do with the peeping. Grace then gave off a weird expression and then laughed and walked over to Harley. “Oh you don’t have to hide if you want to stare at me in the hot tub” said Grace, as she smacked Harley in the butt.

    After taking a relaxing bath, Timmy walked into the kitchen area. When he walked in, he saw Kelly standing around. “Hi Timmy, I thought that you might be hungry so I fixed you up a bowl of soup” said Kelly. As Timmy had some of the soup, Kelly sat down and said, “I know it’s not my place to intervene, but your mother is just looking after you. I mean sure, she does seem a little…Okay very overprotective, but that just proves how much she really loves you. Well that’s my two cents, so you can take it or leave it.” Timmy then thanked Kelly and told her that he’s going to call his mother back up after he finishes eating. After eating, Timmy ran to his room to call his mom on the phone. But when he tried to reach her, no one picked up. A couple of hours later and everything seemed pretty quiet around the house. Just then, there was a knock at the door. When Timmy answered, he saw his mother was standing on the front steps. “Oh crap, I’m dead” he thought. Mrs. Grim then said, “Timmy, I want to apologize. I’ve only wanted what was best for you. Perhaps I should learn to just give you your space when you need it. But for the most part, you have my permission to stay on the show.” Timmy then smiled, then hugged his mother and apologized.

    ...To be continued...
  2. Nice begging Medea Love these fics, Harley's Thog thing Scared my half to death othe rthan that good job
  3. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    That was so funny! About Harley...(Burst out laughing)
    But since when did Drew and May become friends? Or, at the starting point, they haven't met each other until they came to the house?
    I have no idea how this fic will end up contestshipping...it's humourous!
    Good fic! I can't wait for more chapters...
  4. HarleyScarow

    HarleyScarow Emerald Shinigami

    Yep. Love Harley in there the most. This could be something like a Power Rangers team or something? . . .
    You can see my love for him in the signature.
  5. That is very good, I like that. But the Harley-in-a-thong deal was scary! -shudders- Anyways, keep up the good work!

    ~Kitteh ;259;
  6. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Oh, thank you all for the comments. Well, it is Sunday and Happy Easter for those who celebrate. I guess I should have told you guys that I'm only putting up the parts every Sunday morning. Well here's the next part of Contest Island.

    Week Two:

    One afternoon, Janet was doing a little search around the basement of the house. By luck, she was able to find a karaoke machine. When Janet told the rest of the people in the house about it, everyone (except for Drew and Savanna) went down to the basement to sing some tunes. First, Harley stepped up and sang.

    I’m too sexy for my shirt
    Too sexy for my shirt
    So sexy it hurts
    And I’m a model
    You know what I mean
    I must shake my little tush on the catwalk

    “WOO! SHAKE IT BABY” yelled out Grace. After Harley sang his song, Ogata went up and sang Smoke on the Water, while playing his guitar.

    We all came out to Montreux
    On the Lake Geneva shoreline
    To make records with a mobile
    We didn't have much time
    Frank Zappa and the Mothers
    Were at the best place around
    But some stupid with a flare gun
    Burned the place to the ground
    Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

    In the middle of Smoke on the Water, Savanna was walking down the stairs. She then interrupted them to tell everyone that dinner was ready. As most of them went back up stairs, Savanna complimented Ogata on his song and he started to blush. As the rest of the people went up stairs, May stayed behind and looked through the song list for the karaoke machine. She then decided to put on a song just for the fun of it.

    For I've imagined every bit of him
    To the strong moral fiber to the wisdom in his head
    To the home-y aroma of his pipe
    And I shall meet him when the time is right

    I'll know when my love comes along
    I won't take a change.
    I'll know he'll be just what I need
    Not some fly-by-night Broadway romance.
    And you'll know at a glance by the two-pair of pants.
    I'll know by the calm steady voice
    Those feet on the ground.
    I'll know as I run to his arms
    That at last I've come home safe and sound.
    Until then, I shall wait.
    Until then, I'll be strong.
    Oh, I'll know, when my love comes along

    Drew then comes in and accompanies May in the song.

    Mine will come as a surprise to me
    Mine I lead to chance and chemistry

    May: Chemistry?
    Drew: Yeah, chemistry! (He continues)

    Suddenly I'll know when my love comes along
    I'll know then and there
    I'll know at the sight of her face
    How I care, how I care, how I care
    And I'll stop. And I'll stare

    And I'll know long before we can speak
    I'll know in my heart
    I'll know and I won't ever ask
    Am I right, am I wise, am I smart
    And I'll stop. And I'll stare
    At that face, in the throng
    Yes, I'll know when my love comes along
    I'll know when my love comes along

    After singing, Drew and May stared at each other and went closer to each other until they were interrupted by Janet. “May, Drew, we’ve been waiting for you guys so we can start dinner already” she said. As May apologized, Janet asked her if she and Drew were going out with each other. May blushed and said, “What? Who me? No, no, no, Drew and I are just friends.” Drew just gave a little sigh and walked up stairs. During dinner, May asked Drew how he knew the song. “I just know the song very well. You have a very nice singing voice May” he said. As May blushed, she thanked Drew for the compliment. After dinner as Savanna cleaned up, Ogata brought out some wine and wine glasses and suggested to have a little dip in the hot tub. Savanna giggled and then accepted Ogata’s offer.

    That night while Ogata and Savanna were in the hot tub getting to know each other a little better, Robert and Janet were in the basement looking at the song play list for the karaoke machine. Janet then decided to go to bed a little early. Robert then stopped her and asked her if she would like to soak in the hot tub with him. “Oh Robert, I would love to but I’m just so very tired right now” she said. Robert then insisted that taking a dip in the hot tub would help her relax. “Well now that I think about it, a dip in the hot tub sounds like a good idea” she said. A little while later, Ogata and a little tipsy Savanna left the hot tub for Ogata’s room. Meanwhile, Robert and Janet made their way to the hot tub. As Janet started sitting in the whirlpool, Robert started to take off his shirt and pants. When this was going on, Janet started to blush. As Ogata and Savanna went back to his room, Ogata was carrying Savanna over his shoulder. As he put her on the bed, Savanna started feeling a little frisky as she grabbed Ogata’s shirt and started kissing him. Ogata then gave in and started kissing as Savanna started taking off his clothes. Back at the hot tub, Robert was talking to Janet but she really wasn’t saying much. Just then, she started to turn all red and fainted. Robert got up and quickly got her out of the hot tub. As he carried her over his shoulder, Robert went over to her room but the room was locked and her roommate Grace wasn’t anywhere to be found. So Robert brought Janet back to his room. As he laid her on his bed, he noticed that Ogata was sleeping so he decided to sleep as well. Little did he know that Savanna was underneath the covers sleeping with Ogata.

    Later that night, May was walking into the kitchen to get a little snack when she saw Drew sitting at the table all alone. “Drew, what are you doing up this late” she asked. Drew then said, “I am not going in my room. Not with Harley and Grace in there. God, those two are loud together. Well anyways, what are you doing up?” May told him that she was just going to get a little snack. As May sat down with her snack, Drew started to ask her what she thought about him. “What do I think about you? Well, at first I thought you were very arrogant and very stuck-up. But throughout the years, I really haven’t looked at you as much as a rival as I did before but more like a friend” she said. During their talk, Kelly came into the kitchen and asked them if they saw Savanna. When Drew and May said that they haven’t seen Savanna, Kelly then said, “I was just a little concerned because she left over four hours ago and she still hasn’t returned.”

    Early that next morning, Savanna woke up wearing nothing but a sexy nightgown. But when she realized that she was in a bed with Ogata, she got up in a panic. In that, Janet started to wake up and realized that she was wearing one of Robert’s jackets over her bathing suit. Both of the girls ran out of the room together. When they realized that they saw one another, both of them yelled out, “YOU NEVER SAW ME” and ran off. After the girls found their room keys, they sneaked back into their rooms. A couple of hours later, everyone was in the dining room eating some breakfast. Robert then sat down next to Janet and checked to see how she was doing. “Oh I’m fine Robert. Thanks for looking after me when I passed out” she said. May then said, “Hey, I wonder where Savanna is this morning.” Kelly then told her that Savanna was sleeping in her bed. With that, Ogata started to giggle. All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door and May got up. When she opened the door, she saw Chaz with mad look on his face. “Chaz, I haven’t seen you in a while. What brings you here” she asks. Chaz then told her that he needs to speak to Janet alone and walked into the dining room. When he came into the room, Janet quickly got up and asked Chaz what he was doing here. “Don’t play stupid with me Janet. I saw what happened on TV, your little hot tub action with Mr. Tall, blonde, and handsome over there. Now if you don’t mind, I would like to talk to you in your room by yourself” he said.

    As Janet and Chaz entered a quiet room, Grace, Erika, and Kelly hovered around the door to listen to the conversation. “You guys, why are eavesdropping on Janet and Chaz” May asked. Harley then pushed May out of the way and said, “Hush up May, this is going to be one hell of a fight.” Back in the dining room, Drew was asking Robert what was going on. “Nothing happened. All that happened was Janet passed out in the hot tub, and I took her back in my room” said Robert. Joshua the said, “Apparently, Chaz doesn’t know that yet and in his rage, I doubt he will want to listen to reason.” Back in the room, Janet was telling Chaz that nothing happened between her and Robert last night. “Please Janet don’t lie to me like that. I saw you on TV in his bed with nothing but a bathing suit on” he said. Janet then said, “But it’s not what you think. All I remember is passing out in the hot tub and then waking up in one of Robert’s jackets in his bed. But you have to believe me I didn’t do anything to cheat on you.” Even after Janet’s heart-filled apology, Chaz still didn’t believe her. “How can I believe you, especially when you are hanging around that blonde pretty boy” he asked.

    As most of the girls were hovered around the door, Savanna came out of her room and ran into the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, Savanna was walking and saw Kelly and the others around the quiet room. When she asked what they were doing, all of them stepped away from the door and said that they were doing nothing. Kelly then said, “Oh yeah, I whipped up a special blend of pokeblock for your Flareon and Lairon.” When she gave her the basket filled with the pokeblock, Savanna took one and ate it. Just then, she started to eat up all of the pokeblock. After she finished off the pokeblock, everyone started to give her a weird look. “I guess I was hungrier than I first thought” she said. Kelly then told her not to worry and that she can always make another batch. Just then, Savanna saw Ogata sitting at the table and so she said hi to him. All of a sudden, she started to get worried and ran back to the bathroom.

    Just then, Janet and Chaz came out of the room. “Oh Janet, are you alright” asked Grace. Janet then told her that everything was okay and that Chaz just overreacted. “Janet, I’m sorry I acted like such an ***. I should know to trust you more often” he said. Robert then came to the two and apologized for causing them such trouble and turmoil. But, Chaz told Robert that it was entirely his fault and apologized to him. Chaz then said he was going to leave now, but first he needed to use the bathroom. A couple of minutes later, Chaz marched out of the bathroom with a stick in his hand. “WHO THE HELL TOOK A PREGNANCY TEST” he yelled out. Grace then said, “Ooh, somebody’s pregnant? I wonder who it could be.” Chaz glared at Grace and then went to Janet and asked if she knew anything about it. “Chaz honey, I told you before that nothing happened between me and Robert” she said. Just then, Chaz went over to Robert and lifted up his fist and Drew, Joshua, and Timmy grabbed him before he punched Robert. All of a sudden, Savanna came by and said, “What are you doing with my pregnancy test?” Everyone gasped and questioned Savanna about if she was pregnant or not. Savanna then told everyone that she wouldn’t know for another two minutes. Chaz then said, “Oh, boy I am embarrassed. Janet, once again I apologize for my behavior. You know what; I think I should leave now. Goodbye Janet, I will see you in a couple of weeks.” After he kissed her, he left the house. Just then, Ogata started babbling and then fainted. “I wonder why Ogata fainted…like…that…Oh dear Jesus! That is just sick and wrong” said Drew. Grace then didn’t know what Drew was talking about. Just then, May whispered in Grace’s ear and told her what happened. “WHOA! That’s just creepy” said Grace. Savanna then went to everybody and told them that she was not pregnant. All of a sudden, Ogata recovered and asked just to make sure that she was not pregnant. When she told him that she was sure, Ogata said, “Phew, thank you God. That was a close one.”

    ...To be continued next Sunday...
  7. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Uh...Good chapter? Good thing Savannah didn't get pregnant...I was wondering what would happen next if she got pregnant.
  8. Tiffany

    Tiffany Staff Member Super Mod

    I was laughing so much when I saw the song Harley decided to do. The karaoking (is that even a word?) was really cute. Good thing Savanna didn't get pregnant. I didn't see any mistakes or anything. Can't wait for the next installment!
  9. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Yeah...XD It was so funny!
  10. Medea

    Medea Excalibur

    Happy Sunday everybody (it just means you might have to go back to school tomorrow) so here's something for you to laugh at.

    Viewer disgression is advised

    Week Three:

    Lately, there has been a strange theft going on in the house. Erika went over to Kelly’s room and asked Kelly and Savanna if they had any missing dresses. “No, I’m not missing any dresses. Why do you ask” Kelly asked. Erika then told her that for the past few weeks, three of her dresses went missing all of a sudden. Just then, Joshua walked by the room and Erika jumped and started hugging him. “Oh Joshua, some mean evil, perverted person has been stealing my dresses. Could you help me find the pervert? Pretty please” she sweet talked. Joshua then said, “Are you sure you just didn’t misplace your dresses? I mean, they could be in your closet somewhere in the back.” Erika then took Joshua to her closet. But when Erika opened her closet door, she saw the missing dresses at the back of the closet, just like what Joshua said. May then went over to Erika and told her that one of her dresses was missing as well. “Ah-ha, I knew I was right about the dress theft. But then again, my dresses got returned” said Erika. May then got an idea and took Erika over to Drew and Harley’s room. At the door, May started banging. When Drew opened the door, May started to blush and smile a bit. Erika then pushed May aside and demanded to know where Harley was. Drew gave off a scared look and told them he was on the bed talking to Grace. Erika then marched over to Harley and yelled out, “Alright you pervert, what are you doing in our dresses?” Harley just gave off a weird look and simply told Erika that he has no idea what she is talking about. Grace then yelled at Erika and said, “Harley didn’t do anything you heffer! And if you think he’s so guilty, why don’t you search in his closet yourself” Grace yelled out. When she looked through Harley’s closet, there were no dresses.

    That night, Erika was pacing back and forth in the room. “Please don’t make a big deal out of this Erika. Maybe I should just look through my closet again and see if my dresses are really in there” said May. But Erika refused to accept that and told May that tonight, she was going to stay up all night and search for the pervert. That night, May was at one end of the house outside and Erika was on the other side. Later that night, Erika was calling May on her walkie-talkie to tell her that she saw nothing so far. But May never picked up the call. Erika then got irritated and rushed over to May’s station. When she saw May snoozing, Erika yelled at her to wake up. In the middle of Erika’s rant, a weird looking shadow started moving very fast. Erika then started to chase after the moving shadow, but the shadow was able to outrun her and left the house. Erika snapped and called everyone out of their rooms to have a meeting. A couple of minutes later in the living room, almost everyone was sitting and very cranky. “What the hell is the idea of waking us up at this un-Godly hour” asked Grace. Erika told Grace to shut up and then she noticed that Joshua wasn’t in the room. Just then, Joshua rushed into the room and wearing bright-red lipstick. “What’s with the lip-rouge boy” asked Ogata. Joshua stuttered a bit and said it was just a lollipop and he got some on his lips. Erika then said, “Okay, whatever sweetie. Now look, there is a stranger breaking in our little house and apparently stealing our dresses. Now then, we are going to assemble a crack team to find the little pervert tomorrow night.”

    That very next night, everyone in the house prepared for the return of the creepy person stealing the girls’ dresses. In one room of the house, Drew and May were on patrol together. Drew quietly asked May how many of her dresses she was missing. “Just one dress is missing and I’m assuming that the strange person we saw last night must be the same person who stole Erika’s dresses” she said. Drew then told May that he wanted to tell her something. Before he was able to say anything, Erika came by them and told them to turn out the lights. When the lights went off, everybody in the house hid behind some of the furniture and everyone got quiet. About an hour passed by and there was still no sign of the creeping pervert. During which time, Grace and Harley were giggling their heads off. Just then, Grace kissed Harley on the lips. “You just kissed me! Ooh and I have never been so turned on in my life” Harley yelled out. With that, the two of them started making out. As the two locked lips, the mysterious person ran passed them and Grace noticed. Grace got on her walkie-talkie and said, “Kelly, Savanna, I spotted the mysterious pervert. He’s coming your way and…Oh, oh, Harley, get off my neck.” As the person continued running, he noticed Kelly and Savanna coming his way. But since it was so dark in their area, the two girls knocked into each other leaving the pervert to make an escape. Luckily, Erika saw the pervert and ran after him. As the pervert continued to run away from Erika, Ogata and Robert stood in front of his exit and the pervert bumped into them. Erika then grabbed a flashlight and noticed that it was a girl and she was in her blue velour dress. Erika seriously got p*ssed and grabbed the girl by her hair. When that happened, the hair fell off and revealed that the lady was really Joshua.

    When Erika saw Joshua in her favorite blue dress, she just stood there shocked. Just then, everyone else in the house came to see the creeping pervert. But when everyone came to the room, they all kind of stood in shock. “Wow, this is some Jerry Springer crap here” said Ogata. Erika then asked everybody to leave the room so that she and Joshua could have some time alone. But then, Joshua told everyone to stay in the room, for he had something to tell them. In the living room, Joshua stood up and said, “Now I know I have some explaining to do here, but you just have to know that I am not a pervert. You see, I have been in this dancing group for the past few months.” Ogata then got excited and asked if they all could see a performance. Joshua then told him it wasn’t that kind of dance group. The name of the group was called Viva Las Gay Guys. “Wait, why are you in a dance group with gay guys if you’re straight” Erika asked. Joshua then said, “Well here’s the thing Erika, for a while now, I found myself less interested in women. A couple of months ago, I found myself in love with a nice looking coordinator, Kent and we’ve been going out for the past six months. And there you have it, I AM GAY.” After his little speech, Joshua asked them all if they were okay with the fact that he is gay. Luckily, almost everyone was very forgiving and accepted the fact. Grace then got up and said, “Hey, I don’t have a problem with you being gay Joshua. Just one thing, blue is definitely not your color.” In all of the hype that was going on, Erika just started to tear up and ran outside. When everyone saw her run outside, they all go quiet and all decided to go to bed.

    Outside the house, Erika was crying and talking to herself. “The one boy who I’ve loved for all of these years and this had to happen. I knew I did something to make him go the other way. Why does this have to happen to me” she cried out. Joshua then came outside and sat down with her. “Erika, it wasn’t your fault that I went the other way. Please don’t blame yourself. Look I know I should have told you about this a long time ago, but I just kept on putting it off and I was kind of afraid that we wouldn’t stay friends” he said. Erika then grabbed Joshua’s hand and said that she would like it if they would stay good friends. Joshua then told her that he would like it very much. Erika then said, “Oh Joshua, I’m so happy for you. Oh, before I forget, please, don’t ever go around wearing my dresses again.”

    ...To be continued next Sunday...
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    And what was Drew wanting to tell May?

    I know you won't tell me...anyway....NAUGHTY ERIKA! YOU JUST SPOILED THE MOMENT!

    Nice chapter! Like as always...can't wait for the next chapter!
  12. Those were good. The song Harley chose was hilareous!!! (I can just imagine him singing that song and probably waving his shirt over his head. LOL!!)

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    Thanks for all of the comments. Well happy Sunday to you all. Here is another week of Contest Island.

    Week Four:

    One morning, May found Erika making a huge map in the room. When May asked what she was doing making a map, Erika told her that it was to make a note of all of the available guys in the house since the recent revelation of Joshua’s homosexuality. “Since Ogata is way too old for me, that just leaves four guys I can try to hook up with. Now then, first I will start off with Drew” she said. May then got a little shocked and asked her why she would want to start with Drew. “Why are you asking me May? Oh, I get it. You like Drew don’t you” she asked. May blushed and told her it wasn’t like that and that they were just friends. Just then, Drew passed by their door and checked to see how May was doing. “Well, I can see that Drew is out of the picture in my plan, so I’ll go to my next choice. Have fun with your boyfriend May” she said as she left.

    The first thing Erika did was to try and win over Robert’s heart. She found him doing some practice moves outside with Milotic and Claydol. “Wow Robert, your pokemon sure are strong” said Erika. As Robert thanked her for the compliment, Erika decided to get to know Robert a little more by asking him what kind of woman he is interested in. Robert kind of got a little shocked when he heard her and asked Erika why she asked that question. “Oh, I was just curious. You know Robert; you are in a house filled with six very pretty girls. Have you ever found yourself attracted to any of them” she asked. He then told her that all of the girls in the house are very nice. Erika then asked him if he would choose one girl from the house, which one it would be. Robert then said, “Well, if you are talking hypothetically, I guess I would go with May.” After he said that, Erika’s jaw dropped and she left without saying anything. “I can’t believe he would rather go out with May than me. What do boys see in her anyways? Hmm, I guess I can always try my luck with Timmy. A little later in Timmy’s room, Erika was sitting on his bed, trying to get to know him better. Just then, Timmy’s Dusclops sneaked up right behind Erika, scaring her half to death. With that, she left the room. “Ah! That just won’t work! I’m not going out with a guy who has a pokemon that can scare me like that. Well there’s only one choice left and that is Harley” she said as she stares at Harley’s backside.

    A little later that day, Erika was hanging around Harley outside. Inside, Grace was walking and noticed Harley and Erika outside laughing. Grace then gave an evil look and walked off. She then marched into the kitchen and saw Savanna and Kelly cooking lunch. The two then asked Grace if she would like to help them with preparing the food. When Grace accepted, Savanna asked her to chop up the carrots. As Grace started to chop up the carrots, she started talking to herself and saying, “How nice, Erika and Harley together like that. That lying, no good, kinky jerk. YOU LIED TO ME HARLEY.” After yelling out loud, Kelly and Savanna gave Grace a scared look. “Oh dear, I’m sorry you guys. I didn’t mean to say all of that out loud” she said. Kelly then said, “Well that’s okay Grace. But you know you did chop up those carrots pretty bad.” Grace then looked down and saw the mess she made. Erika then came into the kitchen and gave everybody a big hello. Just then, Grace stabbed the cutting board and didn’t say a word. “Oh hello Erika, we’re just about finished with making lunch, so why don’t you go find everybody and get them out for some food” said Savanna. After Erika left the room, Grace started to growl silently.

    At the table, Erika and Grace both sat next to Harley and completely ignoring each other. As Harley ate his food, Erika took Harley by the hand and told him that she picked some flowers for him. Harley nervously thanked Erika for the nice gesture. “What do you think of the soup Harley? You know, I cut up the carrots. I hope you like it” said Grace. Harley then gave another nervous thanks. Just then, Grace and Erika started to glare at each other. “You know what Erika, you’re just trying to get with Harley because you can’t stand the fact of being alone since Joshua went gay” said Grace. Erika then said, “Oh aren’t you a smart one. For your information, Harley likes me.” Grace then grabbed Harley and told Erika that he likes her much better. All of a sudden, Erika got out of her seat and slapped Grace in the face. “Erika, Grace, please don’t fight” May yelled out. “That’s easy for you to say May. You have Drew and Robert who just love to be with you, but I…” Erika said. Just then, Grace came back and punched Erika in the face, knocking her down to the ground. As Erika got up from the ground, she was about to strike back when Harley asked to speak to Erika and Grace alone. When the three left the room, everyone was in shock. Just then, Ogata started to take bets into who would win in the catfight.

    In the other room, Harley was talking to the two ladies. “Now look, Erika, you are a very nice girl and everything, but in all fairness I’m just not attracted to you in that way. And to be perfectly honest, I just don’t see myself with you Grace either” he said. Erika then got a gleam in her eye and said, “Well then Harley, what if hypothetically, you had to choose between the two of us, which one would you choose?” Grace then yelled at Erika and told her that he would choose her, since they have perfect chemistry together. “Chemistry” questioned Drew in the other room. “Yeah, chemistry” said May. Back in the room, Grace and Erika continued fighting over who would get Harley. Just then, the girls started to hit each other once again. “THAT’S IT! We are going to settle this once and for all. Let’s have a pokemon battle, right now” yelled out Grace.

    Outside, the girls prepared for a battle. “Harley, if you have any decency in your heart, you’ll stop this right now” said May. Harley then said, “You know what May, I actually have no intention of stopping this. This is really entertaining.” May then gave a big sigh and walked off. Robert then decided to referee the match and started the match. Erika let out her Jynx, while Grace brought out her Medicham. Erika started things off with getting Jynx to do an ice beam attack. Grace then got Medicham to do a psychic attack to stop the ice beam. Medicham then sent it back on Jynx. “Oh no, Jynx, we can’t loose to this thieving rat” Erika yelled out. Once Jynx got up again, Erika told Jynx to do a psychic attack. With that, the psychic attack was able to control Medicham. “Medicham, try to break away from the psychic attack” Grace yelled out. All of a sudden, Medicham broke free from the psychic attack. Grace then told Medicham to do a high-jump kick, knocking Jynx down to the ground. “Now finish it off with an ice punch attack” she yelled out as Jynx got knocked out. Robert then said, “Jynx is unable to battle. Medicham is the winner. The victory goes to Grace and Medicham.” As Erika recalled her Jynx, she told Grace that she’ll have her rematch one day. Grace then went over to Harley and said, “I know that there won’t be anything between us Harley, but I must admit it has been fun being around you.” Grace then kissed Harley on the cheek and went back inside. Timmy then went over to Harley and said, “It’s too bad that you two aren’t together anymore.” Harley then put his hands over his head and yelled out that he made a big mistake and ran back inside to make up with Grace. Everyone watched through the window of the two talking and then they start making out. Erika just stood there with her jaw hanging down and then yelled out, “THIS SUCKS! All that work and for nothing. I’m off men for now.”

    ...To be continued next Sunday...
  14. First to review! (Maybe) Whoa. That was insane.

    ROFL!! That's just crazy!! XD

    No mistakes that I could find, very good! Can't wait for the next Week!

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    Stephy candies!!!11

    XD And like what Kitteh said also, I loved the part where Ogata started making bets who would win the catfight! Love the chapter!
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    Well folks, it is Sunday and I am happy because, my last day of school is tomorrow. So I hope you all enjoy this next part of Contest Island.

    Week Five:

    One afternoon, there was a knock at the door. When Janet opened the door, she saw Vivian, Lilian, Contesta, Sukizo, and Nurse Joy. “Whoa, this is weird. What are you guys doing here” she asked. Contesta walked in and said he has a surprise for the people in the house and asked for everybody to come outside. When all the housemates went outside, they all saw most of their loved ones. Nurse Joy then said, “We figured since you all have been living in this house for the past couple of weeks, we decided to have a little reunion with all of your loved ones.” May then ran over to Ash, Brock, and Max and greeted all of them. Just then, Caroline came from behind May and gave her a big hug. Near by, Savanna was with her daughter Sondra. Just then, Savanna’s friends grabbed her and started to ask Savanna about her night with Ogata. “You guys, nothing really happened and I don’t think this is a great subject to talk about in front of my daughter” she said. Then, her friends begged her to say what happened. In another area, Janet was looking around for Chaz and she finally found him. As the two started to embrace, Joshua was standing near by with Kent and said, “I’ve been waiting a long time to do this without fear.” And so, he kissed Kent on the lips and yelled out that he is now proud of his homosexuality. As Drew was walking around, he looked at May and then gave a little sigh. Just then, he got a tap on the shoulder. When Drew turned around, he saw Wakana.

    “Wakana, this is certainly a surprise to see you here” said Drew. Wakana blushed and said that she has wanted to see him for a while now. As the two started to walk, Max noticed the two and asked if that was Wakana walking with Drew. As May saw the two, she got a worried look upon her face. “Hey May, what’s the matter? Aren’t you happy to see us” asked Ash. May snapped out of her trance and said that she was okay. Just then, May walked away and decided to spy on Drew and Wakana. Drew decided to take Wakana to his room, but when he opened the door, he saw Harley and Grace making out on the bed. “You guys, this is very inappropriate” Drew yelled out. Harley then said, “Okay fine Mr. Conservative. Come on Grace, maybe your room will be empty.” In the house, May walked slowly to Drew’s room. Just then, she felt a hand on her shoulder and she jumped. When she turned around, she saw her mother and Brock standing there. “You like Drew don’t you May” said Caroline. May blushed and told her that she and Drew were just friends. Brock then said, “Oh come on May, we’ve been watching the show all season long and everybody can tell that you like Drew. And you know what I have to say to that May? I say go for it! We all know that you are the only one with a chance at true love. I don’t have a chance and Ash is just hopeless.” Caroline then interrupted and said that she was pretty sure that Drew liked her too. “You know, you guys are right. I’m going to tell Drew how I really feel” May said. In Drew’s room, Wakana took a deep breath and told Drew that she loves him. Drew went into complete shock when he heard that. As Drew was about to speak, Wakana put her finger on Drew’s lips and told him not to speak. Just then, May opened the door and saw Wakana and Drew kissing on the lips.

    After the kiss, Drew blushed and said absolutely nothing. May then ran to her room and started crying. Caroline and Brock decided to follow her to see what happened. In May’s room, May was sobbing uncontrollably. When Caroline asked what happened, May yelled out, “He doesn’t like me. He likes…Wakana. I HATE MEN!” Back in Drew’s room, Drew stuttered a bit and then told Wakana that he had something to say. “Wakana, even though you are a very, very, sweet girl, I don’t love you the way that you love me. I think it would be better if we could just be friends” he said. Wakana wiped a tear away from her eye and said that she would like it if they were friends. Wakana then gave Drew a hug. At the end of the day, all of the guests said their farewells to the housemates. “Well I guess I’ll see you guys in a couple of weeks. Be sure and take good care of my brother” said May. As Ash promised May, Caroline told May not to worry and to always keep her chin up. May gave a little smile and said goodbye to her mother and friends.

    That night at dinner, May was very silent while she ate. “So May, did you enjoy seeing your friends and family” Drew asked. May coldly replied, “Yes I did.” Drew then asked her if anything was wrong. May then yelled, “I’M JUST FINE! I’m going to excuse myself. I suddenly lost my appetite.” As May left the area, Erika asked Drew what he did to make May so upset. Drew said he didn’t do anything to her. Harley laughed and said, “You say you didn’t do anything. Please Drew, do not make me laugh. I saw you with that short little red-head.” Drew then said, “What, you mean Wakana? I don’t see why May would be mad about…Oh crap. She probably saw Wakana kissing me.” Ogata then yelled out, “You kissed another girl? I didn’t know you were such a player boy.” With a serious look upon his face, Drew excused himself from dinner as well. Drew walked over to May’s room and knocked on the door. When May asked who it was at the door, Drew asked if he could talk to her. “I don’t want to talk to you Drew. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! I HATE YOU!” After saying that, May went back to crying and Drew went back into his room. Back at the table, everyone sitting had a shock look on their face.

    Late that night, when everyone else was asleep, May left her room and walked down into the basement. In Drew’s room, he heard some footsteps and took a peek from his room door. In the basement, May started to talk to herself and said, “The karaoke machine, that’s when Drew and I sang that song together. Back when I thought, he might have liked me the way I liked him.” Drew then came down the stairs and said that he didn’t know that she liked him. May then gave a sour look and said, “Well, I used to. Now I don’t know what to think about you.” Drew then said, “Well now that we’re alone, I’ll get a chance to say what I need to say. I take it that, you saw Wakana and me earlier today. Now she did kiss me, but I told her that I like her only as a friend. May, you have to believe me on this one, I don’t ever want to make you upset in any way and the truth is, well…I LOVE YOU.” May started to tear up and asked Drew if he really meant what he said. “It’s true May. Ever since the day I met you, I knew there was something special about you and for the past few years, I have developed feelings for you” he said. But May wasn’t really convinced that Drew was telling the truth. Thinking of the time when he and May sang at the karaoke and decided to sing something.

    I've never been in love before
    Now all at once it's you
    It's you forever more

    I've never been in love before
    I thought my heart was safe
    I thought I knew the score
    But this is wine that's all too strange and strong
    I'm full of foolish song
    And out my song must pour
    So please forgive this helpless haze I'm in
    I've really never been
    In love before

    Drew then held out his hand and May grabbed it and started singing.

    I've never been in love before
    Now all at once it's you
    It's you forever more
    I've never been in love before
    I thought my heart was safe
    I thought I knew the score
    But this is wine that's all too strange and strong
    I'm full of foolish song
    And out my song must pour

    The two then sang together.

    So please forgive this helpless haze I'm in
    I've really never been
    In love before

    After the song, Drew and May held each others hands, stared at each other for a couple of minutes, and then kissed each other on the lips. Through the crack in the door, Erika, Grace, Janet, and Kelly were watching the action.

    ...To be continued next Sunday...
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    YAY! They are together! YAY! YAY! YAY! I like this chapter! Though I think this is just a simple way of getting together...but still....YAY! THEY ARE TOGETHER! XD And Ogata is always so funny...
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    great story!!!

    I hope im doing this right since this is my first post ever on serebii forumes. but I have to say this is the one of the best stories.
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    Hello all, Happy Sunday. Here is the next week of Contest Island!

    Week Six:

    One early afternoon, May was heating up some soup. As Drew walked into the room, he asked her what she was doing. “Oh, I’m making some soup for Erika since she’s got the flu. But in the meantime, I guess I’m going to have to sleep on the couch so I don’t catch the flu” she said. Drew then offered May to stay in his room. “Oh Drew, that’s so nice of you to offer, but do you think Harley will be okay with it” May asked. Drew then told May that with all the crap he had to put up courtesy of Harley, he owes Drew big time. As May finished fixing up the soup, Joshua came into the kitchen. “Joshua, could you do me a big favor and give Erika her soup” May asked. Joshua then said he would do it. As Joshua entered the room, he saw Erika sleeping in her bed. “Erika, I brought some soup for you” said Joshua. Erika then opened up her eyes slightly and said, “Oh Joshua, I just had a bad dream. I dreamed that you were gay. Thank goodness that you are straight and that you love me.” Joshua then got a little freaked out and left the room in a hurry. That night, May came into Drew and Harley’s room wearing a pink night gown. When Drew saw May, he started to blush and left the room for a little while to catch his breath. As May lay on top of the bed, she fell instantly asleep. Harley then chuckled a bit, brought out his camera, and took a picture of her. He then went to his laptop and downloaded his picture of May and downloaded a picture of Drew he took a while back. And thanks to Photoshop, he was able to make a picture of May sleeping and Drew touching her.

    That next morning, Kelly was in the kitchen whipping up a batch of pokeblock for her Grumpig. Just as she put the finishing touches on the pokeblock, Savanna entered the area and told Kelly that her mother was on the phone, so she rushed to the phone, leaving her pokeblock in a big bowl. A little while later when May left Drew’s room, Grace and Janet were giving May a weird look. “May, I’m really surprised at you” said Janet. As the other girls agreed with Janet, May asked what was going on. Janet then pulled out a picture of May in a bed with Drew touching her. Just then, Drew came out of his room and May went up and yelled, “How dare you! I actually trusted you, you, you, creepy pervert. And then you do this while I’m sleeping!” When Drew asked May what she was talking about, she showed him the picture. “WHAT? May, I never did anything like that to you” said Drew. May then butted in and said, “Just save it Drew! And to think, I actually believed you when you said that you loved me. I’m going to stay with Grace and Janet.”

    Later that day, Kelly was sitting in the living room reading a magazine. Just then, she heard some groaning sounds coming from the kitchen. When she went in to see what the noise was, she saw her Grumpig holding its stomach. “Grumpig, what’s the matter” she yelled out. All of a sudden, Grumpig fell over. A little later, Kelly had a Nurse Joy come over at the house. “Your Grumpig is going to be just fine Kelly. It just needs its rest for a couple of hours. But, when I pumped Grumpig’s stomach, I found trace amounts of poison” said Nurse Joy. Kelly then wondered what could have happened. “I didn’t put anything different in my pokeblock recipe. I wonder what could have happened. Wait a minute, when I left to talk to my mother somebody must have done something to the pokeblock. But, who could it be? Well, I’m going to find out myself” she said.

    In the living room, Kelly called everybody out to have a little meeting. “Okay, now that everyone is, wait a minute…Where is Joshua and Erika” she asked. Joshua then ran into the living room with a scared look on his face. “Let me guess, she still thinks that you’re her boyfriend and straight” said Timmy. Joshua told him yes and thinks that it’s because of all the flu medicine that she’s been taking. Kelly then said, “Well that’s all fine and everything but I need to figure out a mystery. Earlier today, I made a batch of pokeblock for my Grumpig. But after eating the pokeblock, Grumpig got really sick. Afterwards, Nurse Joy told me that Grumpig had poison in its system. Now, I know for a fact that I did my pokeblock perfect. But when I left the room to talk to my mother for a while, that’s when I figured somebody was in the kitchen screwing around where they shouldn’t belong. NOW CONFESS! Who poisoned my sweet little Grumpig?”

    After Kelly’s speech, Grace raised her hand and said that she was in the kitchen right after she left. “You see, I was getting some liquid soap to wash some dirty dishes I had. But when I was in the kitchen, Harley came up behind me and well, one thing led to another and we…” said Grace. “Okay, okay, okay, Grace, just tell me what happened that didn’t involve such grotesque behavior between you and Sir-Humps-A-Lot” Kelly yelled out. Grace then continued her story by saying that she accidentally knocked down the bottle of soap and some of it might have dripped into the pokeblock. Kelly then asked how long she and Harley were making out for. “Um, I would take a shot in the dark and say around five minutes. Um, sorry about that Kelly” Harley said. May then said, “Why don’t you ask Drew? Apparently, he has a way of hiding secrets.” Timmy then brought out the picture for Kelly to see. “HOLY POKEBLOCK! Wow Drew, you really have to be ashamed of yourself” Kelly said. Robert then said, “Well earlier, I remember seeing Erika out of her room. She was coughing and calling out for Joshua. When I caught her, she was in the kitchen and I remember her coughing near a bowl. I didn’t know what it was at the time, but I’m guessing now that was your pokeblock Kelly.” After the confessions, Kelly was just really relieved that she didn’t screw up on the pokeblock recipe. “Kelly, I am really sorry for what happened today and I hope that Grumpig is okay” said Grace. After she apologized, Harley said he was sorry as well. Kelly then accepted the apologies.

    After most everybody left the room, Drew asked to talk to Kelly for a second. “Look, I never did anything to May. I slept on the ground last night while May took the bed. Now I need your help to find the person who did that picture of May and me” he said. When Kelly agreed to help Drew, they both headed to Drew’s room. But when they got to the door, they opened the door just a crack and saw Harley on his computer. “Who knew that first picture would have convinced so many people? Maybe I should make another picture of May and Drew” Harley schemed. All of a sudden, Drew and Kelly bust open the door and accused Harley of spreading the horrible picture all around. “What? Why that’s just absurd. What proof do you two have” he asked. Kelly then said, “Well first off, you have a picture of this on your computer. Secondly, we just heard you say that it was you who put the picture together.” Harley then smacked his forehead and said, “Okay Sherlock Pokeblock, you caught me. Does May know yet?” Drew told Harley that if she knew, he’d be dead by now. When Harley asked if there was anything he can do to make up for his misdeed, Drew then said, “Well first off, I am going to tell May what you did. Because of you and that damn picture, May hates me. And second, I want you to start wearing clothes at night. I am sick and tired of seeing you wearing nothing but a black thong.” Harley gave a big sigh and said he would do it.

    Just as they were about to leave the room, May and Grace walked by. “You better stay away from Drew, Kelly. He’s not worth being around” she said angrily. Kelly then told May that Drew didn’t have anything to do with the picture. As Drew elbowed Harley, he went up to her and said, “Okay fine! May, I was the one who took the picture. I took a picture of you on the bed and with Photoshop I put an image of Drew on there so it would look like he was touching you.” After Harley confessed, May was all shocked and walked over to Drew. “Oh my goodness, Drew, I owe you the biggest apology in the world for being such a jerk. I don’t blame you if you never want to speak to me again” she said. Just then, Drew grabbed her hand and told her that he could never stay mad at her. As the two kissed and made up, Grace walked over to Harley and said, “You made this picture Harley? I am impressed!” Harley was shocked to hear Grace say that and asked if she was mad about it. “Well sure, it was sneaky, evil, and almost sabotaged Drew and May’s chance at happiness, but it was nicely done.” As everyone left the room, May saw Joshua standing outside her room with a bowl of soup in his hands. As May walked over to Joshua, she asked him if he was going to see how Erika was. “May, thank God you are here. I need you to see Erika this time. Every time I go in there, she thinks that I’m still straight and tries to kiss me” he said. Just then, the door opened and Erika weakly said hi to May and Joshua. “So are you feeling better Erika” asked May. Erika then said, “Yeah, I can’t really remember the last few days.” Joshua then put his hands on her shoulders and told her that he is gay. Erika then gave off a strange look and said, “Joshua, you told me three weeks ago. What else is new?”

    ...To be FINISHED next Sunday...

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