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Contest Tie (Contestshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Encyclopika, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Ok, finally, I finished my Contestshipping fanfic! Well, not really, I only got Prologue done. But there will be more! Anyway, um, I think I have to rate this story as a whole, so according to the rules it's rated R - but that's only because of one episode. I've decided to also rate each episode themselves, but that first one is for the whole story, just so that you can pick and choose if you're not a Contestshipper. Anyway, yes, I said episodes, not chapters. That's mostly due to the fact this story was originally a manga I'm currently writing. Now, in the manga, I started off with Fallarbor's famous Contestship quote and then added some stuff, but you guys already know that stuff, so I'll skip it. Now, on to Contest Tie! That's it's stupid American name, it's real name is "It Started with a Rose! Journey Through Contesta!" ^^

    (Oct. 17, 2006 - The PM list is a very difficult thing to keep up with this fic. If you choose to be on it, please be sure to review every five chapters at least, or you will be taken off.)

    The following links go to important pages about this fanfic. A summary of their service will be listed after the linked name
    Contest Tie Main page - insight, the PM list, general fanart(by the authoress), and misc
    Contest Tie Character Bios - Character Bios of all filler and reoccuring characters.
    Contest Tie Episode Guide - Full list of episodes at this time, links to the individual posts/episodes, history of each episode's production, the new Pokemon that appeared in them with links to their pictures, and summaries of the episodes.
    New Pokemon list - includes all made up Pokemon made by the authoress, including those that don't make appearances in this story.
    Contest Tie clips - Manga clips made by the authoress based on small clips from the episodes. (only a few)


    (This story starts at the end of the Wardy Grand Festival where May and Drew are fighting over something. Wardy is another made up region besides Contesta I made up. Like any new region, there will be new Pokemon - ones I made up! Hehe, have fun! And I'll explain where some new ones came from. Currently, Drew has captured a Flareitten – explain later in story, and May has an Icechik – ice type blue penguin baby. I’ll explain things in the story as I go.)

    Episode 0 – Prologue
    Rated G

    She stepped back and took a good look at him. Both of their faces were red at the news that had been shared. It was a fight, like any other the two shared, except this time, he slipped a bit of information out under the pressure the brunet put him through. All this time she had not known of these feelings he had to himself, never to share with her, thinking he was out of his league, and out of time. She stood there in the back room of the Wardy Contest Cup Hall, eyeing her greatest rival. She never thought more of him. She never thought he thought more of her. Now the curtain rises to reveal a secret.
    “I do care about you, May,” he said softly, trying to get the message across. It was time to let the Skitty out of the bag, and tell her exactly what was going on when she turned away. After all, if not now, there wouldn’t be another chance.

    “How long…?” she asked, but it couldn’t be answered.

    “Would coordinator number 36, May come to the stands for your final match?” the announcer asked over the loud speaker. May shot a glance at the voice box and then turned to look at Drew, whose eyes were pleading for her to leave so that he could look over his life and how big a hole it had been falling in ever since he met her. She left to face the challenger.

    “Begin!” the announcer said when May got out onto the bright stage.

    The boy standing across from her threw a pokeball in her direction.

    “Let’s go, Seaking!” he yelled.

    A giant gold fish Pokemon squirmed on the floor, but managed to keep its balance. The boy, she could see, was a fisher of some kind. He wore a fishing vest over an orange t-shirt. Hooks and liners were hanging off the vest, obviously his best. He has brown hair that was sort of a mess hanging down in front of the left side of his face. His eyes were coal black, but filled with life and determination.

    “Come on out, Bulbasaur!” May yelled.

    She knew she had the perfect advantage, but that’s all she remembered of the match. The trainer against her tried his Pokemon’s normal attacks, trying to avoid dumb water moves, but with a few Vine Whips and Razor Leaves, Seaking was down for the count.

    “And our winner is, May!” the announcer said happily.

    May perked up to the announcement of her name and stood there confused. She won? She hadn’t even been thinking about it.

    May smiled at the crowd and waved to them, and thought, “They know more about the match than I do.”

    Something had been on her mind during the match. ‘I do care about you…’ How long could that have possibly been going on? She couldn’t believe she had been so oblivious about it too. Now she fully understood his roses. He was as confused then as he still is now. Poor thing…


    Drew’s battle was up next. He just wanted to get it over with already. He was sick and tired of battling. He must have gone through four rounds in order to get to the semi finals. The coordinator across from him let out a Pokeball.

    “Go, Teddiursa!” the girl said.

    A cute, bear Pokemon came out of the red and white ball. She looked like a preppy high school student still in her cheerleading outfit. The shirt was short and showed off her stomach and was white with green outlining. She had on a short skirt and long socks that reached above her knees. Her feet were tucked away nicely in brown shoes. Her hair was blonde and pulled back into two little balls on each side of her head, tied right with blue ribbons each.

    “Let’s go, Roselia!” Drew shouted.

    I rose girl Pokemon came out of the ball. It had green thorns coming from its head. Drew knew this girl’s strategy. She would always use Attract on the opponent and then pummel them with Double-Edge. Her luck of getting all male opponents had ended here. Not knowing of Roselia’s gender, the girl started off with Attract. Roselia was unaffected. The girl was utterly shocked.

    “Huh? Why isn’t my attack working?” she asked in horror at her stradegy’s demise.

    “Uh, Roselia’s a girl” Drew informed her, and then gave his orders to the plant, “Roselia, Petal Dance and Stun Spore!”

    Roselia did as it was asked, and shot out pink petals and an orange dust.

    “Well, my adorable Teddiursa can do other stuff too!” the girl said defensivly,her face red with embarrassment, “Use a Double-Edge!”

    Teddiursa went for the attack, but Roselia was too much for it. With a few good attacks and Roselia’s dodging, Drew won that round with ease. The girl and her Teddiursa cried, which struck a cord inside Drew. A short clip of May crying from Slateport ran through his mind. The thing that hurt the most was the fact that he had been responsible for that.

    “Congratulations…” he heard the announcer’s voice say, but he didn’t listen, nor did he acknowledge the crowd.

    “Now it’s time to select the partners for the final round!” the announcer said over the loudspeaker later on.

    The judges handed her an envelope with their decisions and she read them aloud, “Our teams for the next round are May and Drew on the red side and Higimarshi and Scott for the blue side!”

    That evening, Drew sat outside on the hill behind the Pokemon Center facing the small lake. The sky looked like it was falling from all the shooting stars.

    He mumbled to himself “Looks about time,” to the sky.

    He turned around and saw that May was watching him.

    “And how long have you been there?” he asked.

    She didn’t know how to begin so she just answered, “Not long.”

    “So…” he trailed. He knew there was something on her mind, something she needed to say.

    “I…didn’t know that about you,” May said putting her hand behind her head and laughing nervously.

    “Yeah…well,” he tried to start.

    He didn’t really want to explain it, he didn’t even understand it fully.

    “But, what about that stuff you said?” May said pretending to get mad.

    He was glad she was doing most of the talking and questioning. At least then he wouldn’t have to talk to much about it himself.

    “I didn’t mean any of that stuff I said. I just said it so that you wouldn’t catch on. Anyway, you get so cute when you’re mad,” Drew said to her with his usual grin.

    May flashed red at his last statement and ended the conversation with a “he-he.”
    “Well, if we’re going to be partners tomorrow, don’t you think we should practice?” she asked with her hands on her hips.

    “Yeah,” he said, relieved, “What Pokemon were you planning on using?”
    She smiled a cute smile and said, “How about Beautifly and Masquerain? They seem to like each other.” She said pionting up to the two bug Pokemon who were flying circles around each other.

    “I think we’ll be up against the coordinator with a Natu and the guy with the Growlithe,” Drew said as Masquerain landed in his arms.

    May looked up at him worried, “Then we have a disadvantage if we use Beautifly and Masquerain.”

    “Not necessarily,” he said with a smirk, “Natu is not only a Flying type, but a Psychic type as well, being weak to Beautifly’s Bug type. There’s also Growlithe whose Fire is weak to Masquerain’s Water. We’ll be fine.” May seemed relieved.

    “Then we’ll work on defense techniques,” she said putting out her arm so that Beautifly could land.

    They spent a lot of time that night practicing using Flareitten (Fire type, an orange cat that stands on two legs, has wide yellow eyes, and fly like wings. Evolves from Scorchkit) as a substitute Growlithe. They decided that they would work on getting Natu out first, to corner Growlithe. The plan was set and they were ready for tomorrow.

    “Will our finalists please make their way to the stage?” the announcer asked.

    In the back room, May and Drew were getting ready with their two Pokemon. They heard the signal to come to the stage. It was finally time to show the Wardy region what they were made of. As they walked down the long corridor to the stage, Drew noticed May’s hands were shaking.

    “Are you always nervous before a contest match?” he asked, an old taunting tone in his voice that May couldn’t miss.

    “Yeah. I know that losing isn’t the worst thing, but I still get nervous. I guess I’m just afraid that…” she stopped when Drew held her hand in his.

    “We’ll win, don’t worry about it,” he said and let go. She didn’t shake anymore.

    When they got to the stage, two coordinators were already there. There was a man with short, purple hair. He must’ve been a coordinator for a while, his hair was turning gray. His eyes were filled with experience; light brown and droopy. He wore a long sweater that was buttoned up, covering a striped shirt underneath. His pants were brown and sagging. The other kid standing next to him had wide hazel eyes. He was short and skinny and had brown hair that was combed to the front of his face. He wore a white shirt covered by a blue vest and wore shorts with big pockets. He looked more like a trainer than a coordinator.

    “Let the battle begin with five minutes on the clock!” the announcer said and the coordinators presented their Pokemon.

    “Come out, Natu,” the old man said and weakly through his Pokeball to the center.

    A tiny, green bird popped out.

    “Kick some butt, Growlithe!” the spunky kid next to him called.

    He through his Pokeball forcefully and it spitted out an orange, black striped dog Pokemon who looked as spunky as its trainer.

    “Come on out, Masquerain!” Drew threw his Pokeball to the center.

    The ball let out a bright blue bug to the stage. It had small, beady eyes, but what attracted attention to it was the ‘fake’ eyes that stuck sideways from its head. It’s tiny wings keeping it afloat in midair.

    “Let’s go, Beautifly!” May called and let out a beautiful butterfly Pokemon.

    It had a small body and big, blue eyes. It twirled in the air playfully, drizzling sparkles to the ground.

    “Alright, a piece of cake! Growlithe, use Ember on that Beautifly!” the kid said as soon as the clock started down.

    His dog Pokemon sprung to action by letting out hot embers from its mouth in the direction of Beautifly.
    May gasped at Beautifly’s unfortunate position, but Drew stepped in and called out, “Masquerain, protect by using Bubble!” Masquerain jumped in the way of the Ember attack and shot out big bubbles, deflecting every last ember.
    “Natu, use your Psychic attack,” the old man said softly and Natu prepared to strike Masquerain.

    “Quickly, Beautifly, use Silver Wind!” May called.

    Beautifly positioned itself high up into the air and flapped its wings very hard. Silver slashes began pouring down on Natu. It was thrown back. Masquerain continued to tangle with Growlithe, not allowing it to reach Beautifly.

    “Natu, help Growlithe out with your Psychic,” the old man said and Natu obeyed.

    Natu jumped on Growlithe’s head. Growlithe stopped its attack of Ember, confused about Natu’s actions. Masquerain’s Bubble got closer and Natu spread its short wings and was outlined with a blue aura. The bubbles stopped in midair and began to climb up to hit Masquerain. They hit their target, but May was quick with a counter.

    “Beautifly! Use Whirlwind to send them back!” May shouted to her Pokemon.

    Beautifly flapped its wings forcefully and stopped the Psychic, sending the Bubble right where it was intended to go. Growlithe and Natu were hit with the two attacks, both losing a lot of points.
    Without giving them a chance, Drew and May shouted at the same time, “Silver Wind!” Masquerain and Beautifly moved in perfect sequence and delivered a double Silver Wind attack. Natu and Growlithe were beat up further. Because of its weakness to Bug type, Natu fainted, leaving Growlithe alone to deal with the powerful bugs.

    “Thanks, Gramps, you were a big help!” the kid said sarcastically, “Alright, Growlithe, give ‘em a Flamethrower!”

    Growlithe shot out a long flame, but the bugs had something else on their minds.

    “Use Gust!” May shouted.

    “Use Bubble!” Drew called.

    The bugs did as they were told. Masquerain let out its Bubble and Beautifly’s Gust pushed them faster to make a hard hit, not to mention a super effective one. Growlithe lost a lot of points. The buzzer rang and time was up.

    “Looking at the scores, it seems that Drew and May are our Wardy Double Champions! Congratulations!” the announcer said. May’s friends – Ash, Misty and Brock – and her brother, Max, cheered her on from the stands. The judges congratulated them and they received the Wardy Split Ribbon. Everything from there is a white blur…

    “We’re really proud of you, May. Great job!” Max said to her as she admired her half of the ribbon.

    “Yep, now it’s on to a new region!” Ash said gleefully.

    “Yeah, I sure hope there are contests there so I can kick some new butt!” May said.

    Everyone laughed and she joined in.

    “What exactly is the new region we’re going to, Ash?” Misty asked.

    “Uhhhhh,” he dragged and turned to look at Brock.

    Brock sighed and said, “I think the best place to go is the Orre region. They’ve got a cool Mt. Battle challenge of one hundred trainers I think you’d be interested in, Ash.”

    “So that’s where we’re going. Off to Orre!” Ash said excitedly.

    “Wait, what about contests. Are there any there, Brock?” May asked a little disappointed.

    “Uh, no I don’t think so May. I guess you’ll just have to retire for a little while. Don’t worry, Orre only has a Pre Gym and the Mt Battle challenge, so we’ll only be there for a little while,” Brock answered in a sorry tone.

    May was upset, but she new better not to argue with Ash. She knew she’d just lose.

    May hung around in the Pokemon Center lobby, looking out the dark window depressed. She was really ready to go for more contest challenges. She saw Drew outside sitting on a rock near the lake’s edge. She had a sudden urge to talk to him. There was nothing else better to do anyway, she used as an excuse for herself. She walked out through the glass doors to the outside. It was cool and damp, mostly because of the nearby lake.

    “Hey,” May started.

    Drew turned his head to look at her. A small breeze passed by, rusting his green hair.

    “What’s up?” he began.

    He looked away from her and out at the lake. The stars sparkled in it as if it were a second sky. May sat close to him and looked in the same direction.

    “Nothing really. My group and I will be leaving again tomorrow. We never stay in a spot for too long,” she said with a short smile.

    “Really? Where are you heading?” Drew asked turning to her again.

    “We’re going to the Orre region. Brock said there was a good battle challenge up there and great cities,” May said unenthusiastically.

    Drew raised an eyebrow, “You don’t seem so excited about it.”

    “There aren’t any contests there. Just plain old battling, barely even that,” she said looking down at the rock in front of her foot. She kicked it and it fell into the water with a dull sploosh. “Where are you going?”

    “I was deciding on going to Contesta,” he said, “It’s the place all coordinators go at least once. They say you have to be really great in order to just get past the first couple of contests, but I think I can manage.”

    “Wow, what’s it like there?” May asked anxiously.

    “Well, I’ve never actually been there, but I know one thing. It’s a region that has only contests. No badges, no league.”

    “Wow, sounds like a dream. Unfortunately, Mom and Dad just called. They said they’d like to have Max home before he starts off on his Pokemon journey. I should go with him. Besides, if I go to Contesta, everyone will be in Orre. They’ve already decided,” May said sadly.

    Then an idea struck Drew, “Why don’t you come to Contesta with me?”

    May’s face turned red and she turned away, “...That’s actually a good idea. I’ll call my parents tomorrow, I hope they’ll allow it. Max can handle himself, he has his Quadrapay with him.” (Quadrapay is a fighting type Pokemon with a round head, a large foot and a slinky like body. Max got it during the Wardy region.)

    The next day, May called her parents in Petalburg City. Her mother answered the phone. The woman had a pretty face with light brown hair that zigzagged behind her head. She was wearing a pink shirt and her hands were fastened together in her lap when she answered.

    “Oh, hello May! Where are you calling from sweetie?” her mother asked with a warm smile.

    “Caroline, who is it?” asked May’s father Norman, gym leader of Petalburg from far away in the house.

    “It’s May, dear,” she answered.

    “I’m calling from the Seaport of the World in Wardy, mom,” May said.

    “Oh, how wonderful!”

    “Yeah, I was calling to ask you something,” May said, dropping off in suspense.

    “Oh, what is it, honey?”

    “I wanted to go to Contesta, but the boat leaves today, so I won’t be able to go home with Max,” May said, pleading.

    In her mind, she could hear her mother saying no, and it’s better if she catch the next one, crushing all of her hopes.

    Instead, though, she said with a warm smile, “Of course, dear, you can go. Max told us he has a Pokemon and I’m sure that your friends won’t have a problem dropping him off if they want to.”

    “Oh, thanks, mom! You’re the best!” May said happily hugging the phone screen.

    She then let go to see her mother.

    “No problem, dear. Now you win every ribbon!” Caroline said and then looked down at her watch, “Oh, sorry honey, I have to run. Talk to you when you get to Contesta. Goodbye.” May jumped off the seat and ran outside to meet Drew.

    “She said I could go! She said I could go!” she said giving him a big hug.

    He was startled by this, but enjoying it all the same. May let go, realizing what she was doing. “Hehe,” she laughed shakily with red spread across her face.
    “Oh, no trouble at all,” Drew said with a grin.

    “I have to go tell my friends,” May said and dashed into the Pokemon Center to meet them.

    She saw them huddled together.

    “Hi, May! You ready?” Ash asked her pulling on a glove.

    She smiled and said, “Sorry, guys, but I won’t be joining you. I’m going to Contesta instead.”

    “What? But, May! You were gonna come home with me!” Max whined, “Besides, mom doesn’t even know about it.”

    “That’s where you’re wrong. I called mom just a little while ago and she said it was ok,” May told them.

    “Well, if May’s going to Contesta and Max is going to stay in Hoenn, then it’ll just be the three of us again, won’t it?” Misty said, looking towards Ash and Brock.

    “Yep. We know you’ll do great there, May,” Brock said looking up to her from the bench.

    “Thanks, good luck with Mt. Battle, Ash,” May said and scooted out of the center.

    “Hey, Max, if you want, we’ll come with you to Petalburg,” Misty said trying to comfort the child.

    “Yeah, we could kill some time. I’m sure May’s journeys through Contesta will take longer than ours in Orre,” Brock told them.

    “Alright, then it’s off the Petalburg for us,” Ash said and they walked out of the Pokemon Center.

    Yay! Well, that’s it for the Prologue! Unfortunatly, I only wish that the manga version would go as fast.

    Coming in Episode 1 - The SS Grace is starting to turn out to be a lot fun on its way to Contesta. The salty smell of the ocean and wonderful deck and dining rooms - it's quite the cruise! But when a uncontrolled party breaks out, the tides turn and our two lovers will have to high tail 'til morning or suffer the dire consiquences! See you then!
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2006
  2. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    wow i love it Encyclopika. itz very interesting.I love your story!!^_^
  3. Mistystar89

    Mistystar89 Guest

    Wow, it has a very interesting plot so far. It's great! PM me soon when your new episode is up! ;)

  4. MayShuufan

    MayShuufan Mrs Brendan Birch ^^

    That is so cool so far and I can't beleve May's gonna be travelling with Drew I can just imagine all the shippy things that could happen. Please PM me when you update Encyclopika.
  5. Juny

    Juny Savvy?

    ** wheee, this is liek OMG sooo cool!!!!! You're a great writer, encyclopika XDD the storyline seems good for so far, and it's at least not boring to read XD soo please update soon!
  6. Encyclopika

    Encyclopika The Queen

    Thanks everyone for reading the fic! I’m so glad you like it! Well, here’s episode one. Hope you enjoy it! You hard core Contestshippers are gonna love this one!

    To Auburn Town! Boat Ride panic!
    Rated – PG-13

    SS Grace set its coarse to Auburn Town in Contesta. The sea air breezed through the white beauty of a vessel. It honked its loud horn in a last goodbye to Wardy. May and Drew stood on the ship’s right upper deck, looking towards the wide open ocean and the journey ahead.

    It was getting late. The boat ride was expected to last a nights and a day. May and Drew entered the ships dining room. The room was very large. Tables and their chairs were spread out across the red rugged floor. The walls also a blood red color. In the back was a stage with a microphone. Someone was up their doing karaoke. Everyone could tell he had one too many drinks. His singing was horrible, but fortunately low enough to ignore. May and Drew sat down in a booth to the side, making it easier not to hear him.
    “My god, could he get any worse?” Drew asked.
    May laughed and answered “No, I don’t think so.”

    After they had ordered their meals, someone went up to the microphone and removed the drunken singer. People were thanking him as he left the room. Drew and May laughed at this scene. They had never seen anything like it. The man shouted to be released but he soon passed out and the other man hauled him out.

    “May, go up there and sing,” Drew taunted.

    May looked at him in a ‘you must be joking’ look and he laughed.

    “Ah, you’ll do it some day,” he said and looked to the stage which now had a young lady singing.

    They ordered, ate, and were out in a flash.
    They explored the hull. There were so many things to see, like the game room full of casino style games.

    “Who wants to lose their money to-night?” shouted a man behind them with his friends.

    May and Drew looked around and soon became bored. All the tables were full and most of the free games were broken.

    “Hey, everyone! Go to the dining room! Party on the captain! Party on the captain!” someone yelled from the doorway to the game room.

    Everyone piled out. May and Drew followed them to the dining room once more. Inside, people were lining up for something at a counter on the far left. People were pushing and shoving others around.

    “What are they doing?” May asked Drew.

    He shrugged and said, “Looks like it’s a drinking party. We should get out of here…”

    He guided her out through the glass doors and onto the deck. It was cool and breezy outside. They made their way to the staircase which led down to the cabins. As they made their way down, the glass doors busted open and guys on wobbly legs struggled out. One ran down the side towards them, but they didn’t see him coming. Drew felt a strong force thrash at him from behind and sent him forward across the downstairs hallway. He looked up from where he had landed to see what had pushed him. It had been a young man. He wore jeans and green shirt under a leather jacket. He was very tall and had sprawled himself over May. He clenched her wrists and pinned them down to the ground. His hair was messy and his eyes wild with sexual excitement. He nuzzled his face into her chest and neck. May tried to get up, but he was completely on top of her, dominating what ever was going happen. Drew felt himself get up and tackle the drunk into the wall with so much force the wall shook. May struggled to breathe but took no effort to move to the far wall ahead to get out of the way.

    The man got up and let out a yell, “What are you doing? I saw her first!”

    He didn’t wait for any answers. The man threw Drew a punch, but Drew caught it. He then forced it back to him. The man, furious, leaped to him with two hands trying to strangle him. Drew was quick, though, and grabbed his hands, holding him back. May watched from the far wall in amazement. Drew was actually holding back a man almost twice his size. Drew turned the fight into a game of mercy and began squeezing back the man’s hands back until he fell to the floor in agony. His fingers were bent back too far to be normal. May got up and Drew went to her. They heard others coming from the upper deck. They swung around and into an empty cabin and locked the door. Drew fell against the door exhausted. May sat next to him near the wall. The pounding of running maniacs’ feet outside was getting closer. They stopped in front of the door. They pounded against it. Drew let out an exhausted sigh.

    “We know you’re in there! Come out and let us have some fun!” one drunk outside said.

    Drew thought quickly and responded, “No way, guys, this one’s all mine!”

    “Dammit! Well, how’s it going on?” another asked.

    Drew rolled his eyes, “Awsome! I think this *****’s knocked out.”

    They laughed, told him to have fun and went away. They rested for a while, and almost went to sleep when the men came back. The banged on the door, startling them both.

    “You had your fun! Now let us have a go!” one shouted to Drew.

    “We gotta get outta here,” Drew told May silently, quickly.

    She nodded and they got up and looked around. No where to go. Drew opened the closet and found an air vent on the ceiling. May saw it and called out Combusken. The fire chicken used Double Kick to knock it down. She returned it and Drew helped her get up. Once she was into the vent, she called out Bulbasaur who lifted Drew in. They heard the door crash on the floor and crazy people started piling in.

    “Where’d they go?” one asked himself.

    May returned Bulbasaur quietly and they began their trek forward. It got dark.

    “I can’t see anything,” May said and stopped. Drew let out Flareitten.

    “Flareitten, light up your tail and lead the way,” Drew told the fire cat.

    It meowed in obedience and lit up its tail. It began as the new leader forward.

    “Hey, Drew? Why don’t we use our Pokemon to fight of those guys?” May asked.

    “We don’t want to kill them, they don’t know what their doing. Come morning, they’ll forget this ever happened,” Drew explained.

    They continued their way through the vent for a long time. Then the floor beneath them began to shake, suddenly, and they fell through. May landed on top of Drew and Flareitten landed on its feet.

    “Ow,” Drew groaned.

    May got up on her knees and froze in horror. Drew turned around to have the same gun pointed in his face.

    “Try anything funny and we’ll send you both to Davey Jones Locker!” the sailor said in an English accent.

    “Oh…uh, ok,” Drew said, still eyeing the gun.

    “We’re innocent! We were trying to get away from them,” May told the sailors.

    They had landed in the steering room. Other people were huddled up against a wall in fear. The captain, in his white suit and hat came up to them and knelt down to take a look at May.

    “Hello, there May! Long time no see!” Mr. Briney said with a warm smile, “Haven’t seen you since I ferried you and your friends to Limestone City Gym!” (Mr.Briney had a ferry service from Limestone City Port to the Gym, which is located on a small island off the coast. He’s been reassigned. Limestone City is a city in Wardy where trainers get the last badge of Wardy.)

    “Yeah, I know!” May said happily. Wingy landed on her shoulder in a happy welcome.

    “What exactly is going on here?” Drew asked.

    Mr. Briney sighed and said, “Well, according to these fellers,” he pointed to some kids huddled in the corner, “some teenager got a hold on the liquor and spread it around. Everyone got drunk and crazy and now, well here you have it.”

    He went back to steering. Not too much later, they fell asleep. The crew took shifts. Morning came quickly.

    “Sir, it’s six o’clock in the morning. Do think they’re all asleep by now?” asked one of the sailors to the captain who was steering the ship.

    Everyone else had gone to sleep. Beforehand, they had blocked up the door.

    “Yes, I suppose so,” Mr.Briney said, grimly.

    May awoke to find she had fallen asleep on Drew’s shoulder. When she stirred, he awoke suddenly and became tired in the face.

    “Uh, good morning,” he said lazily.

    “Good morning!” she said in a cheerful mood.

    “Well you’re a morning person. Unfortunately, I’m not,” Drew said as he watched her get up and walk over to Mr. Briney.

    “What’s going on?” May asked the captain.

    “Oh, good morning to ya lasse! Well, we have a bit of a mess. We need to tie up those criminals from last night so that they don’t escape when we reach port. The problem is, is that I can’t go because I’ve got to steer the ship and my crew is exhausted from last night. Then, I could never have them go out, they’ve had enough, and I don’t have it in me to make them go do a favor like that,” Mr. Briney said eyeing the sober passengers.

    “Well, someone’s got to go,” May said.

    “May, if anyone’s not gonna go, it’s you. Aren’t you afraid if something like, you know, happens again?” Drew asked.

    “That’s why I want to go!” May shouted, “I want to get back at them.”

    “Well, if you really want to go, here’s some rope. Good luck to ya!” Mr. Briney said and scooted Drew and May out of the safe steering room happily.

    Drew sighed a tired sigh, “Why? Why so early in the morning?”

    “Oh, c’mon! We could get breakfast while we’re out here,” May said and dragged him along.

    They reached the dining room. It was empty and dark, except for a few places where the early morning sun passed through the glass and hit the red carpet. They walked through and heard a rustling in the kitchen. They entered. The kitchen was a white room with walls lined with stoves, dish washers, and anything else you’d find in a kitchen. They looked around. Whatever had been there was gone now. Drew was curious and opened the freezer. There sat three men who had obviously been the chefs.

    “May, I think I lost my appetite,” he said with disgust.

    May took a look at them. The two of them dragged the men out. They were still alive, barely. The chefs told them that the ‘wild partiers’ had thrown them in there for kicks. It wasn’t too much later when the chefs went off to find the captain and left May and Drew. With them gone, May and Drew raided the refrigerator laughing at each other and having a small food fight.
    As they made their way out, something stumbled into the dining room. It was their first catch of the day. The drunk lay face down and was unconscious. They tied him up and had Flygon return him to the steering room. When Flygon returned, Drew put him back into the Pokeball and they resumed their quest. It took all day to find each and every one of them. Some were found lying on top of wall units, others floating in the pool. It was a hilarious and fun job. When they returned with the last one, Mr. Briney couldn’t thank them fast enough before they both fell asleep against the door, exhausted.

    It was twilight when they reached Auburn Town. Little sparks of light could be seen spread evenly across the small town. The sky kept raining stars across the violet. Officer Jenny and her police crew hauled off the partiers and said that she’d ship them back to Wardy as punishment. The other passengers made their way off the ship. They had a horrible trip, but at least they were finally in Contesta.

    “Wait, May, come here, I have to show you something,” Drew said pulling on May’s arm.

    “But we need to-” May started but Drew urged her to come. She gave in and followed him to the bow of the ship. Before they reached the end, Drew said “Cover your eyes.” She covered her eyes playfully and he led her to the end.

    “Okay, now open them,” he whispered in her ear. She uncovered her eyes. All she saw was the shooting stars across the sky. Then suddenly, one came so close, you could touch it. It shined in a thousand colors, many rainbows and sparkles glittered around it as it made its trek across the blue violet abyss.

    “So? What do ya think?” Drew said as he held her in front of him.

    “It’s…so beautiful,” May commented. She let him hold her by the waist as they watched the star disappear into the darkening sky. There was peace at last.

    Alright! Episode one is complete! Whoo! Oh, just in case you have trouble with the new Pokemon names, I'll be translating them for you in each ep they appear. Today's is Flareitten (flare - it - TEN). See ya next time for episode two, Night at Auburn! Mistaken Theif!

    Next time in episode two – Auburn is a pretty little town. May and Drew decide to meet the professor to find some stuff out about Contesta. Professor Lily is a little new at this and can’t stand it when her little brother Mikey keeps stealing the starter Pokemon! But one night, real criminals steal the starters. Can Professor Lily, May, and Drew find that Mikey is innocent and retrieve the starters? Next time on episode two – Night at Auburn! Mistaken Theif!
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