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Contests (Yancy x Curtis x Lisia, G, one-shot)

After seeing that contest performance, Lisia could honestly say that she was floored.

That day, she had decided to take a day off from contests. She had been exhausted after a whole week of non-stop touring around the Sinnoh contest halls and going to special events, so it was honestly a relief to be able to sit in a cosy chair in the VIP section of the contest hall and watch others take the stage.

What she hadn't anticipated was a special event taking place that day.

Two celebrity icons from Unova had been doing a program on Hoenn's Volcano, Mount Chimney. As they were doing a section on how the Ash clouds fall onto route 113, they had stopped off in Fallabor town. The section of the program had been all finished, but before the two celebrities left, they had wanted to try out a contest. So both of them had been allowed to do a special duet performance together.

That was all Lisia had heard from the commentator. But she hadn't expected what was in store for her eyes.

Two teens, both of whom looked to be about 14, with the most fabulous outfits Lisia had ever seen.

The girl's Pokemon dazzled the audience with twirls, flourishes and leaps. The boy's Pokemon left the audience begging for more with its thunderbolts and charges.

Both of them worked in sync together, timing their routine with flawless choreography that left the crowd screaming, clapping and cheering.

Even Lisia, who had seen many contests in her time and was one of the most well-known stars in them, was left speechless and in awe.


Lisia spotted them in the lobby shortly afterwards. They were in casual clothing instead of the outfits they wore while performing, but the boy had unmistakable platinum-blonde hair, while the girl had candyfloss-pink hair that stood out a mile off. They were both sitting by one of the tables, quietly chatting amongst themselves and laughing every now and then.

Lisia approached them. "Hi!" She said to them, "I just saw your performance on the stage just now, and I don't think I've been so amazed in all my life! Your Pokemon's moves were synchronised perfectly together, and the audience, including myself, became really invested in what was going on!"

The boy looked around at her and blushed slightly. He seemed a little flustered, as though he hadn't expected someone else to talk to him. "Oh, uh... thanks, I guess!"

The girl smiled. "Thanks a lot!"

"Mind if I sit down here?" Lisia asked both of them.

At the same time, both of them began to talk.

"Oh yes, of course, that's perfectly fine-"

"Yeah, sure, it's fine! Feel free!"

Lisia laughed, and sat down in one of the empty chairs. "So, according to the announcer, your names are Christoph and Nancy, right?"

The girl shook her head. "No, no. They're our stage names. Feel free to call me Yancy."

The boy perked up. "And if you want you can refer to me as Curtis."

Lisia nodded. "Ok. I can see why you wouldn't want your real names to be revealed worldwide - names have power, after all - so I'll refer to you by your actual names so you don't have to be bombarded by any fans somewhere in the distance."

Both of them began to giggle at her remark on their fans.

"So," Lisia began, "I should probably introduce myself. My name is Lisia. I do-"

Curtis stared her. "Really? You're Lisia?"

Lisia paused. "Well, yes-"

"I've seen you on TV before!" He exclaimed in delight, "it was partly seeing you all those times that made me think that perhaps trying contests would be a nice idea."

Yancy nodded. "I saw you a ton, too! Your casual clothing makes you look so different to when you have contest outfits on, and therefore I didn't recognise you at first! You're soooo cool!"

"Uh," Lisia replied, "thanks! I'm glad you enjoy my contests. But I do have to say that you have just as much skill! I don't think I could've beaten out that performance you did, even if I was going to the max in effort."

Curtis shrugged. "I'm not really sure. I think I could've done better in that performance than I actually did."

Lisia shook her head. "Honestly, I've never enjoyed something so much in all my life."

Yancy grinned. "Wow! You actually liked it! That is awesome!"

"Well, its true," Lisia told them. "By the way, the announcer probably said what Pokemon you were using, but the crowd was wayyyy too noisy for me to hear what they were. I've never seen them before... just asking out of curiosity, but which Pokemon were they? I'm guessing they're from Unova, since that's your home region and I've never been there before."

"You'd be right," Curtis replied, "my Pokemon is an Electric type named Zebstrika. She became my companion back when I was a kid and wished to get an electric type of my own, and I've never left her side since."

Yancy chimed in. "And mine is a Normal type named Chincinno. Despite Chincinno's looks, mine is actually a guy. He joined me when I used to help my friends catch Pokemon for their team, but he didn't want to join them - he always stuck to me. I'm glad he did - he is one cute little oddball that the Unovan audience adores."

"Well, I certainly adored both of your 'mons," Lisia told them with a wink.

Both of them grinned.

Then Curtis asked a question. "Sorry for asking, but... how old are you?"

"14," Lisia replied, "why?"

Curtis laughed a little, then answered. "Ah, don't worry. I just feel awkward sometimes if I talk to someone who's older than me. Both of us are fourteen, too, so that's fine."

Lisia nodded. "It's completely understandable. I've had that feeling before."

Before the conversation could continue, however, a stern-looking woman entered the lobby and began to walk to where they were all sitting.

"Oh, sorry!" Yancy said to Lisia, "our manager needs us to go, now. Probably to continue the next stretch of our journey to Lavaridge town. I'll see you around sometime!"

Lisia waved. "Hope you see you round, too!"

Just before Curtis stood up to leave, he took an item from his pocket and gave it to Lisia.

"It's a Cross-Transceiver," he told her, "XTransceiver for short. It's an old make, so it doesn't have video, but me and Yancy will be able to talk to you through it until you get a newer make. Don't worry about registering me, I've already put the number from my newer XTransceiver into it."

"Cool!" Lisia told him, "I'll see you round sometime as well, I guess!"

Yancy leapt up from her seat, and together with Curtis they walked back to their manager.


Lisia tuned into the Unova channel on the television.

There, she saw Mount Chimney, one of Hoenn's most stunning sights.

And presenting the show about it were two people.

A blond boy, and a pink-haired girl.

Both of them practically radiated happiness.

Lisia couldn't help but smile.