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Continue the pokemon story!

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Ok, here are the rules.

I'm gonna type the beggining of the story. Anybody else can post the continuation of the story to let another person to continue their part. Then the story goes on until somebody ends it.

1.Your continuation must have something to do with the last person's post.
2.You can only end the story if it's the 11th continuation up.
3.Only I can start new stories, but if you want, ask my permission through PM.
4.All stories must be related to pokemon.

I post:
Narrator: There was an unusual Wooper who lived in a tree.
*noises under the tree*
;194; : What's with all the racket?!
;328; : Your tree tastes good. *munches on tree & it falls over*
;194; : NOOOOO! *CRASH*
Guy 1 posts:
;194; : How dare you!!!! *tackles Trapinch into water*
;328; :AHHHHH!
;194; : That took care of him...
Guy 2 posts:
;107; : I am the assasin!
;194; : Wha?!
;107; :*attacks wooper* YAAAA!
;194; : You're nuts!!!!

so on so forth. OK, I'll start.

;257; : How's our egg, honey?
;256; : It's hatching! Come see!
;257; : What?!?!
*egg cracks*
;255; : WAAAAAAAA!
;257; & ;256; : AWWWWW!

Now you continue!


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Torchic: *Travels near a cliff with Blaziken and Combusken*

Banette: hee hee hee! *Pushes Blaziken and Combusken off.

Torchic: Chic...

Raptor ruler

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;255; : CHHHIIIIIIIIC *unleashes flamethrower*
;354; : Nettte *blasted of the cliff*
;255; : That's what you get for killing my parents


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;255;-.................................Now what?
;026;-Hello, young one.
;255;-Who the heck are you?
;026;-I am the village-
;255;-*Uses flamethrower on Raichu*
;255;-That was very AMUSING!!!!
;026;-You FOOL!!!! I am the village elder and I was going to adopt you, MORON!!!
;255;-No parent calls his child moron, moron.
;026;-Oh...I see...
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