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Cookieshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Faerie, May 10, 2006.

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  1. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    I love big age differences. <3 Eight or nine years is nothing compared to some ships I like... Like Tomatoshipping, where Eldes is old enough to be Ryuuto's father. X3 But yeah, I agree that requited Cookieshipping is wrong, but for different reasons. Like Harley's sexuality. Yep.

    Oh yeah, Robert is the rich, handsome, blond guy with the Mirokaross who was in Haruka's first contest and later won the Grand Festival. No hints that he and Haruka are soulmates, but I've never needed a reason further than, "it's cute," so... Yeah, and I know Tensionshipping makes only a smidge more sense canonly than Cookieshipping, but still... I love it.

    Interesting tidbit: While most English fans find this ship onesided on Haruka's part, most Japanese fans prefer it the other way, with Harley secretly loving her while she loves Shuu. I find this odd, as Japanese fans are usually more apt to leave gay characters gay than English fans... Kinda threw me for a loop when the HariHaru fans started coming out of the woodwork.
  2. aquakirbyyoshi

    aquakirbyyoshi ~The Closet Maniac~

    Harhar. Thought of that shipping before. XD Yeah, prolly best if it was one-sided from May's point of view. I just can't see Harley liking her. oO

    Uhm. Yeah. 83
  3. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Eh. Well ya know, Haarii isn't canonly gay. He acts like it and it's extremely common beleif, but it's still not canon.
  4. aquakirbyyoshi

    aquakirbyyoshi ~The Closet Maniac~

    True, true. Hmmmm.

    ... It'll be hilarious to see Harly and May hook up and leave Drew speechless. XD That would be the best episode ever. *Shot*
  5. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    <3 Wouldn't it, though? *hides under table*
  6. NoDot

    NoDot Gone

    OK, so considering the latest Japanese episode, who supports CookieShipping now?

    I know I'm maintaining neutrality. :)
  7. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    You think so? Have you actually watched it? It runs the ship to the ground. Haruka was mortified, just Harley was hoping for.

    If anything, Tensionshipping was helped to pieces. After all, Harley blows Shuu a kiss, and the kid only looked annoyed.

    The epi was as amusing as hell, but didn't help Cookieshipping in the least. I'm sure it'll spawn some very interesting Japanese HariHaru fanart though... *hopes for Haru!HarixShuu fanart too*
  8. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Live, thread, LIVE! ;_____;

    Nothing special really. Practically every contest episode tramples HariHaru, so this isn't new. Not that I've seen the episode *cough*, but I can guess. xP
    ...Why am I not suprised?
  9. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    I really hope Harley was kidding when he blowed Drew a kiss ... after all he is Harley, and he's always strange o_O

    Cookieshippers, we must be obstinate!!! >.< Cookieshipping won't die!!! ;__; Maybe Harley will be able to open his eyes and notice May ... !! *_* I think May likes him, but he is (unfortunately) very confused °_°"

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2006
  10. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    If this thread can still live, I want to join in the conversation. =O

    ...Hey, I wrote a Cookieship fic before! =P ...And some of you read it. =O


    I like the one-sided ship. :D Haarii liking Haruka silently. =D

    ...But...*glances* Most people think Haruka likes Haarii. xP
  11. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    Haruka seems more interested than Harley, after all. Maybe Harley doesn't understand his feelings, I hope. Or maybe he only hates May, 'cause of that stupid reasons. However I think she does like him, in fact she blushed in the Saffron Contest episode, doesn't she?

    Did you write a Cookieship fic? I must read it, now! :D Can you tell me where I can find it? I usually don't find many Cookieship fics ... ( I find nothing, if I must be honest ;_; )

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2006
  12. Darkliger

    Darkliger The Shadow Elite

    Yes, she did. It was called She's the One for Me. And here's the link if you like: Click here.

    I hope this is okay with you, ~Cecilia~.
  13. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    I read the fic ... it's sad but very good!! *_* I never thought about this ship as one-sided for Harley ... but I like the idea (of course, now that's impossible T_T)!
    I hope you'll write other Cookieship fics!! ^^

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2006
  14. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    YAY! Nice to hear that. ^_^

    ...Though my fic has been for around like, a few months. o_O

    It's okay. ^^ Thanks for the help, anyway. ^^

    xD Got me there. Yes, she seems to be blushing around him...*shifteh eyes*

    But I tend to like to put guys liking the girls first. xD

    And even if this was posted a long time ago... :

    That would be the best episode ever, I agree. xD I've got to have it on tape! =O

    But then...Aw...D: Poor Shuu is alone! NUU! Shuu cannot be alone! ;_;

    ...Let him have Satoshi instead. =D [/shot

    After all, I am an Respectshipper. xD [/shot

    But anyway,

    I'm writing one now.

    ...With Haruka's side of view. D: Ph34ar me and my fics. >D *shot*
  15. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    I'm happy! *_* I'll be able to read another Cookieship fic! ^O^ (they're very rare, unfortunately T_T)

    OMG ... Yes, it would be the best episode ever!!! *___* If I must be honest, I don't like Contestshipping very much ... I think it's too clear, and I like the Shippings that are less clear but more cute! *ò*
    However, I don't like seeing the poor Drew alone too, and I'm also a RespectShipper! :D

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 18, 2006
  16. Mandi.

    Mandi. 3:

    Haha Cookieshipping is such an interesting shipping, but I like it. Even though I like Contestshipping, I still find Cookieshipping a funny shipping, but in the good way xD Plus I love Harley!
  17. HarleyScarow

    HarleyScarow Emerald Shinigami

    I'm with it because Harley's hot in every sense of the word. Before I had sound on my computer and when I didn't read the things, I actually thought Harley was a girl and had a crush on him. Now that I know he's a boy (or as close as it gets), I still have a crush on him. Besides, May always falls for his tricks so I'm getting into the assumption she actually likes him, one-sided, obviously. I have the hots for him (hopefully same thing for him). Harley weird = good.
  18. EasilyAmusedUmbreon

    EasilyAmusedUmbreon Beginning Trainer

    I like Cookieshipping it's cute and I've always kinda thought that Harley had a thing for May.
  19. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    Its funny because I love imageshipping and dabble in contestshipping, but out of all of these I think cookieshipping would be the best as a canon. It would just make people WTF
  20. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Wow. Since the thread came back to life it's been getting flooded with replies. I guess Cookieshipping is more popular than I thought...Or I'm raising awareness about it. 8D
    8D Yes! SatoShuu for the win~! Heh, I bet I'm driving Advance/Contestshippers nuts. xD *also shot*

    Ooh! Another Cookieshipping fic? I'd read that. Finish it as soon as you can! But don't rush too much 'cause then it gets all messy and doesn't make much sense! Just get it up before I go even more insane! >3
    Weird always equals good. YAY.
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