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Cookieshipping General Discussion

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Faerie, May 10, 2006.

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  1. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    It makes me sad how that people prefer Cookieshipping more then Contestshipping. ;_; [/shot

    *ish nuts* >O ...But aren't I the one who brought it up? xD

    I actually saw Taitofan's AMV, then I and wrote a Cookeship fic...

    ...And people like it. 8D

    Then, I got into Cookieshipping more and now I'm obsessed with it. D:

    So, it isn’t because you are raising awareness of it. ;P

    xD Make up your mind! >O Do you want me to rush, or go slow? >O *gets my well-known hammer and knocks your head* xD

    ...But then Shuu will be all alone in that fic. D: Poor Shuu. But I guess I'll just get that Satoshi to uh...XD "Make Shuu more happy" in a way...xD [/shot

    …But then again, I’m a Pokeshipper. I’m so indecisive in the shippings I choose. :S


    ...Someone other then me thinks the other way round. =D

    And we need a topic! TOPIC! >O *bangs head on desk* Without a topic, the Cookieshipping thread won’t survive. ;_;

    …See how caring am I? ^_^ [/shot

    ..[/off-topic] Faerie, you took off the Snackshipping banner in your signature. ;_; [/shot and end of off-topic
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2006
  2. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    We really need a topic ......

    I've a question (of course xD): why did Harley dress like May? Maybe he wanted to make her ridiculous, but so he was ridiculous, and not May. Ok, he's Harley, and we all know he's too ... odd. But is he so odd to dress like May? And he did it 'cause of what reason?? I'm a bit confused T_T

    I like Cookieshipping very much, but I prefer Harley x May pairing instead May -> Harley. ò.ò However after that GF's episode a Harley x May couple seems impossible, unfortunately. But I still hope Harley would change, sooner or later (ok, that isn't easy ù.ù) ... how could he change and like May as she probably likes him?

    Sorry for my bad English ;__; I'm trying to type in a decent language! O.ò"

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
  3. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    I know, it's so unfair. If a ship makes more sense as a one-sided ship that doesn't mean you can't support it as two-sided! I personally am more for the idea that when Haarii first met Haruka he hated her, but over time he sort of came to realize that she wasn't all that bad. And by the time he'd actually fallen in love with her (which, I imagine, would be sometime in early Kanto) he'd gotten himself into quite a fix. xP Yessir.
    >O Meanie!

    *long silence*

    Just kidding. xD
  4. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    ;; YOU CALLED ME A MEANIE! ;; *runs away crying* WAA!!! ;; *ignores you for the rest of my life* ;;

    xD I agree. But still, Haarii shouldn't act all mean to Haruka. ;; Haruka acts nicer. ;D

    ...And how did he got himself in a fix? o_O [/I don't understand xP
    Me too. I prefer Haarii x Haruka pairing instead of Haruka coming first. xD

    ...As for your question, maybe Haarii wants to be like Haruka, attract Shuu and then marry him. [/shot

    xD But seriously, maybe Haarii wants Haruka attention...*shifteh eyes*

    I don't know. =O Maybe...Stop acting mean to her... ;D

    Haruka will like Haarii, and leave poor Shuu alone. =O

    But anyway, I don't get why Haarii got mad at Haruka for insulting his cookie. >O She just said, "They aren't exactly half bad." So? SO!!! >O

    ...Pity Haarii is petty. ;; [/shot
  5. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    OMG! o_O I hope he doesn't want XD

    However...maybe Harley has already understood his real feelings, but he doesn't know how May could understand them too. After all, he always actead mean to May, and she should be 'totemo angry' (Harley's quote :D) with him. In fact she should be, but she really isn't angry, instead she always forgive him. Of course Harley doesn't know that, and he thinks she hates him. So this Shipping starts with many equivocals between the two characters (for example, May said Harley's cookie 'aren't exactly half bad' ... Harley didn't accept that of course, he's too proud xP and after all he has a bad temper ù.u"), however sooner or later they both will know their feelings, and maybe they'll be able to stay together!! *ò*

    I'll ever be a CookieShipper, though there are many proofs against this pairing!! >.<

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
  6. MayisCool

    MayisCool Cascade Trainer

    I think Harley dressing up like May was the wirters way of making fun of Contestshipping, has will posibly forshowding that it could become cannon, but than aigan it could have just been making fun of Contesthipping, has will of May...
  7. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    Or maybe that was a Tensionshippy proof!! o_O" I hope that wasn't XD

    However, I don't know what Max said in the GF's first episode, when Harley dressed like May. Max said something to Ash and Brock, but what did he say? I didn't understand it, unfortunately ... did he say something about May and Harley? o_O

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
  8. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    >O Making fun? >O I'm a proud Contestshipper and...Oh yeah, this is a Cookieshipping thread. o_O

    But anyway, when Haarii blew the kiss to Shuu, many Tensionshippers were like...Celebrating? xD

    ...Just when you think there wouldn't be any hint for Tensionshipping, it happened. =O

    I know! =D

    ...But I forgot. >_< I have to watch that show again. >_< But he wasn't talking about Haruka and Harrii, I think he was talking about Haarii dressing up as Haruka...I think. I seriously need to watch that show again. >_<

    Trust me.

    He does. [/shot

    Totally agreed. Haarii thinks too much of himself. >_>

    Unfortanutely, Contestshipping will still take over. :p [/shot

    To tell the truth, I only like Cookieshipping as One-sided. >_<

    Haarii needs to treat Haruka better. ;;

    Reports on my next fic ~ Zomg. I have Shuu hitting his head on the wall or something. =O

    ...But what has that got to do with Haarii and Haruka? xD But anyway, uh...uh...uh...AHH! *bonks head*

    ...Do you want Haarii and Haruka to kiss in my fic? =O

    Keep in mind there will be a OOC, overly-depressed Shuu in my fic. xDDD
  9. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Posting, posting lalala. Okay, prepare for a post filled with quotes! >3
    Don't worry. When you think about it, Cookieshipping wouldn't exist without OOCness.

    ...Would it? >__> Oh, nevermind.
    They were! I went to the TS thread and they were all as crazy as US! =O
    Well, he'd been all mean and then she hated him and now he loved her...>D
  10. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Meanie. ;; You are mean to Haarii! >O [/shot

    ...How do you know Haarii loves Haruka, anyway? xD I think Haarii is uh...in the "confusion" stage now. He likes Haruka now and then now she hates him.

    Aww! <33 Gotta love the one-sided ship. xD

    I don't think Haruka hates him though. :p She still has a soft spot for him. <33I know she does. She's a kind person. =D

    You don't care about Cookieshipping at all! ;;

    ...I'm just too bored and browing around the forums, and might as well reply to your post since it's a good chance to raise my post count. xD [/shot

    ...I just found out the more I talk about Cookieship, the more I like it. Zomg. I think I just lost my Contest/Gossip/Respect or whatever ship spirit. ;;

    You can't ever make up your mind. o_O I'm in a fix right now with my fic, so uh...*murmurs*

    Writers Block. >O

    In the mean time, we have to get a topic. And let me-The topi presenter-give you all a topic. =D [/shot

    What scene would you like to happen between Haarii and Haruka? Write it out.

    For some reason, I think my Grammer was all wrong in that sentence. o_O But anyway, answer teh topic. Or I'll haunt your dreams tonight. >D
  11. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    Heyy! I wasn't being mean. ;__; *starts to cry*
    Yesh, she hates him on the outside but on the inside she really, really likes him. And she is all sad. >__>

    *will answer topic later*
  12. Shiny Lapras

    Shiny Lapras Guest

    In fact she should hate Harley after he acted so mean with her. But she isn't angry with him because she likes him ... instead he still hates May, at the moment ;_; Maybe he'll be able to change and repay May's feelings. However now May can't say her feelings to Harley, and she must suffer 'cause of him. This one-sided Shipping is so sad, but I also like it much. *.*

    Of course, I'd be happier if there was a HarleyxMay Shipping, where May likes him and he likes her too. But I think I can only dream that ù.u
    And after all...Cookieship fics can comfort me!! *_*

    I'll do it too...now I must think about something O_ò (I've not much imagination T_T)

    Shiny Lapras ;131;
  13. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    Aww...*gives tissue to Faerie* I know you weren't being mean...

    Anyway, to get on topic. ^^

    Okay. Let's see here...From my point of view...

    Haruka likes him, but after Haarii acted mean to her, she hates him. Meanwhile at that time, Haarii hates her. But now Haarii likes her, and now Haruka hates him. But we all know she doesn't really want to hate him...right? xD

    With Shuu keep saying he's a bad guy in a...way, (Gosh, I hate saying this since I support Contestshipping D: ) she's likely more convinced and with the latest GF episode, she probably hates him. But we all know she has a soft spot for him. <33 Probably by when they travel to Shinou, there might be hints...=O [/if they ever travel to Shinout that is xD

    o_O; I think otherwise. xD Currently Haruka hates him, but I know Haarii likes her. xD

    ...But I still can't get why Haarii dressed up as Haruka in the lastest GF episode. o_O; It might be a Tensionshippy hint, seeing as he blew a kiss to Shuu.

    [/starts wild imagination] Haarii wants to get to know more about Shuu, then grab the chance and ask him all sorts of questions about Haruka - Seeing as Shuu is the *closest* rival to Haruka. Shuu will then take caution, but will then tell him more about Haruka. Shuu will then ask Haarii why he asks this question, and Haarii says he likes Haruka and uh...yeah. xD [/shot

    I prefer One-sided ships better. It's seems more...uh...nice for this ship - Specially this ship. xD

    *will also answer the topic later* I have no ideas. o_O
  14. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    But you just shared a lot of ideas. o_O *takes hankie and blows nose* Sankyuu.

    Okay...You asked, and I delivered! Make way for the crazy author person! >3

    What scene would you like to happen between Haarii and Haruka? Write it out.

    Location::Some random Contest Hall

    The Contest Hall was all hustle and bustle as co-ordinators and fans flocked in to register, practice and wait excitedly for the upcoming Pokémon Contest. The employees were busier yet; the line for co-ordinator registration stretched outside the building and the café was crowded with customers shouting to the waiters and waitresses.

    “Your café-au-lait,” said a waitress in a businesslike yet cheerful tone, setting down a steaming cup of coffe in front of a young girl.

    Glumly the co-ordinator removed the cap from a jar of sugar cubes on the table, withdrew a small, sparkling white cube from the jar and dropped it into the mug. “Thanks.”

    After giving the girl a strange look, the waitress turned around and walked back to the counter, her skirt swishing about her legs. The girl sighed and rested her arms tiredly on the polished white table.

    She stared into the cup of warm, sweet-smelling coffe. Her reflection, barely visible but still present, wavered on the surface of the liquid; the girl had sad, sky-blue eyes and fair skin, with a face framed by two long chestnut-brown pigtails. The rest of her hair was tucked under a red bandanna with a white Pokéball-shaped symbol on one side. Her name was Haruka, and she was a frequent Contest participant.

    But something was different about her today. Even her friends, Satoshi and Takeshi, and her brother, Masato, had noticed. Haruka couldn't quite place it, but something was definetley missing.

    At that moment, Haruka felt something brush against her cheek. Looking up, she saw a familiar face near hers; he was leaning agains the back of the seat and grinning.
    No, she mentally pleaded, he's the last person I want to see right now!

    *will finish later* I have to go now.
  15. Stephy

    Stephy candies!!!11

    That's because I used all my ideas on another topic rather then the proper topic. o_O

    And your scene was awesome-ney. ^_^ (If there is even such word) o_O;

    I can't wait for you to finish it! =O Haruka is mising Haarii, isn't she? xD

    o_O; Some random contest hall? I want specific...-ment! Yes, specificment! >O (If there is such word) o_O; Wow, I like to make a lot of new words. xD

    What scene would you like to happen between Haarii and Haruka? Write it out.
    One day, Haruka and Haarii meet together. They say, "I love you." And all the Advanceshippers and Contestshippers kill themselves, then Shuu gets together with Satoshi.

    The end! ;D [/shot

    I'll answer the topic later. xD
  16. Faerie

    Faerie MONS

    You'll see. >DD

    I'll finish it...later. I'm lazy right now. And it's hot. I don't mind the heat but it makes me tiiired...*zzz*
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