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'Coon's the name ; Pokemon is my game.


Jukebox Hero
Hi! My name is AlbinoRaccoon15, but you can call me Coon. ^.^ I'm not new Serebii itself (heck, I've been using it since like 2007!), but I am to the forums. I've read the rules over, and I intend to follow them! 8D

I've been playing Pokemon since GSC, so I know a thing or two. ;) I will be opening a trade shop soon (is that what they're called? Sorry, forum newb is confused) so I look forward to trading with some of you! A little about myself -

I speak Spanish and I am from Hispanic descendent's.
I'm an eeveelutions fangirl ;133; :3
I listen to music from the 30-80's.
I play the violin
Raccoons (especially albino ones) are my favorite animals!

Well, that's about it! Great to finally be a forum member! :) I hope I make lots of friends here. :D

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
Hello, and welcome to the forums AlbinoRacoon15. Thank you for reading the rules; Sometimes there are problems with members not reading the rules and posting things they shouldn't or in the wrong place as a result. Remember, if you follow the rules and respect others, everything here will be fine.

We hope you have a great time her, and good luck with your trade shop!