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copycat pokemon face off

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I vote for the Dratini line and the Arbok line! I think a lot of the originals look better than the rip-off face-offs. Hey maybe we can call them ROFOs! Or maybe I'm odd, I don't know.

Rats and stuff alike: (too lazy to post the pics)

Ratata and Raticate
Sentret and Furret
Zigzagoon and Linoone

intergalactic platypus

Only rescues maidens
im gonna reappear to take note and vote myself. i vote pidgeot since I LOVE IT. i have used it since the days of red and blue, and its never failed me. i was upset it was taken out for swellow. sure swellows better but i like pidgeot a whole lot more and have sentimental attachment to it from the days when it would own for me. so with my vote its



Dark Fire

Land Shark =O~~~
Originals rule, again I shall vote for the Original...which is the Pidgey Line...*runs*


Back in Black
Tailow line. Slightly cooler looking in my opinion.
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