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Copyright Infringement

While I'm not an AMV maker, I have a question about copyright pertaining to the usage of clips and things like that. I was told in a web design class that as long as you don't go over 30 seconds of a song or more than 3 minutes/10% of a movie(would episodes count here?), it was okay to use a part of song or movie as long as you also gave credit. Are the laws different for things like Pokemon and other anime because they come from Japan, or does Youtube just not want to risk being sued?


Have any of you ever been to an anime convention before? I have. Have you ever witness an AMV competition there? I have. Will there be any more of them now? Probably not. u_u
Why? Just because Pokémon and MegaMan aren't on YouTube anymore?

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Why? Just because Pokémon and MegaMan aren't on YouTube anymore?
Megaman and Pokemon is still on youtube, just not the Anime ones (Like the recent Ryuusei no Rockman series that just got removed this week).


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That kinda sucks. I've seen some good AMV's, and I used to watch Fruits Basket on Youtube before FUNimation removed them all.

Good thing my friend has the DVDs. She let me watch the rest over Christmas break. xD

My sister isn't gonna be too happy with this. She uses Youtube to listen to her favorite songs. xD

But this kinda thing is against the law. So, I'm gonna go with it, and find alternate ways of listening to music.
I thought Nintendo owned Pokemon?
I think Shogakukan actually owns the rights to the anime though, so they're the ones who decide if it can be on Youtube or not. They also own the rights to Rockman/Mega Man (although Xebec is the one who animates it), as well as a few other anime (probably anything that also has a manga form in Coro Coro Comics, actually).


#PM needed to switch to an IP tracker because of this, so YT ISN'T the only supporter.


Considering some of the most popular stuff on youtube has copyritten Pokemon songs used in the background, seems kinda ironic that they pick and choose like that.

Has anyone ever heard a case of a fan flash video not using anything direct from the thing its based off of being taken down? I'm learning flash and would hate to do a large collection of Pokemon flashes just to have them taken down due to copyright problems


No, the flash videos don't go down, and it's the Japanese producers who are being whiny, so they couldn't care less about the American music which they probably don't even recognize in the background.


Hey, thanks Latios. Do you mind if I post that in the first post so it's easier to find for the other users?

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If you still want to watch online Pokémon, you can buy them on Google Video for $1.99 American.
Would that be more illegal? If you did that the google would make money off of it.
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Too bad only Americans have access to those videos.

Anyway, I'm sick and tired of people giong around blaming Pokémon USA for this, especially SOVA members. It's Shogakukan, and this thread needs more advertising so we can get the message straight.


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If it was, then a lot of people here would be in the big house.

As long as you don't plagarize, then there is nothing wrong with spriting?
I rarely see any Pokemon epis on youtube now, if you see a pokemon episode you want, download it, most likely it will be taken off. Although still nearly every Naruto Episode is still on YouTube.