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Copyright Infringement


An episode of Naruto: The Abridged Series was taken off a while ago, actually, along with some Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series episodes.
It's just not fair! I really miss seasons 1-5 so much. Those jerkwads at Cartoon Network aren't even showing them anymore.

Plus, on Cartoon Network these days, haven't you noticed those anyoing pop-up ads? You know, the ads that would usealy would apper after every commerical brake. Useally, they are messages of upcomming programs like for exsample: ("Catch an all new episode of Squriel Boy, this Friday at 8:00 PM/7 Central"). That's so annoying!

Sure other networks like NBC and The CW are also doing this too, but the ads on the other networks are alot smaller than the ones from Cartoon Network. I think they are doing this for possible Copyright Protection issues and that could also exsplain why most networks would show a Network Bug Logo for not just station identifaction reasons, but also for Copyright Protection reasons. The logo would useally dissapeer durring commerical brakes and it would eventuly reapper durring normal programming.

I think Copyright Protection issues had been gone too far (even though the orginal creator's work would still be stolen). People who feel like they want to watch and edit Copyrighted Video Clips will get board eventully (even if they are just going to use it for privet home use only)...


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Hey...I find that Shogakukan is being really unfair....firstly I had a pokemon opening on my youtube account that lasted about a min and it had to be removed! Why? Sure I understand that they own the rights to the anime but firstly they would make no money off the single opening....I wasnt making any money...if anything by having an intro up on youutbe was surely advertising the actual anime.I also stated in the description pokemon is a media franchise owned by Nintendo and all credit goes to Nintendo and Satoshi *forgotten last name* >> therefore I wasnt claiming it as my own. But hey guess you cant win.
Also can anyone tell me whether creating pokemon slide shows is against copyright if the slide only lasts a few seconds and no actual whole episode was shown from the pics?


Satoshi, you mean he manga artist of pokemon, Satoshi Tajari.

Well, if Shogakukan wish for pokemon amv's to go down, that is up to them. I've seen some rather exellent amv's and some very bad ones. For some reason, I've always liked anime music videos. Perhaps there are too many on youtube, which annoy anime haters a lot.

Some anime producers actually encourage fan made material. I'd always thought that these anime companies would be flattered to know that people are making tributes to thier shows.

Which makes me wonder, how come Shogakukan hasn't attempted to bring down the fan fiction community
One of my videos just got removed on YouTube! It's not fair. I posted a video clip of classic promos from WGN-TV and here's what happened next...


My dad video taped it back in 1989, and I thought uploading it seemed like it was harmless. I even put a Copyright disclaimer message, but it just didn't work. I used Windows Movie Maker, and Movie Maker decreases the quility of the video. It's just not fair!

Did anyone else used Windows Movie Maker, and then posted the Copyrighted video on YouTube, and then got the E-Mail message saying that your video has been removed? Also, has your YouTube account been termanated due to posting too many Copyrighted videos?
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If you ask me, YouTube is deleting inportant pieces of radio and television history!


o snp.
Aw man.....so I cant post my fandubs?

oh man that isn't fun 8<

But, yanno. Rules are rules.


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I make a lot of AMVs on Youtube(just look at my sig) But none of my videos haven't been removed yet. I give credit though. A lot of my friends on Youtube also make AMVs like mine, but they've never been removed(I don't think) Anyway, I think Shogakukan is being a little too unfair about this. I mean, they're still making a lot of money, why do they care?


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I dont believe this
I llove making AMVs
and the sugi art is fun to re color
we dont mean harm, we arent taking credit


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@ the above poster you can blame people like the RIAA and the MPAA or other such orginizations they could be going after rapists and murders but they go after music downloaders *rolls eyes*
Ignore people like that do what you want. Seriously as long as you dont claim you own it it shouldnt be allowed.Greedy bums...


Satoshi, you mean he manga artist of pokemon, Satoshi Tajari
A bit off-topic here, but Tajiri was the creator of Pokémon, not the manga artist. Other people do the various manga series. ^^

Glad to see my old thread is still going strong. :D

...sort of. XP

@eeveerose: What is there not to believe about this?
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My understanding is that if you do your own drawings then record those images it's not technically copyright infringement as Pokemon is arguably in the public domain. You still have to credit the actual (C) holder of Pokemon on anything you post (especially to YouTube who's scared of getting sued...and by Warner Media group, too) in addition to stating that you drew all the images yourself AND that "no infringement is intended"...even then it's not 100% that youtube won't pull it, but it increases the odds of staying up.

Back when I was running TCG league we cross hosted a local tournament with Regal Cinemas to promote Movie 2000. Part of the grand prize was a complete 4-pack of the film cards plus some league promos (9 in total). We needed special authorization to give out the cards as they had been earmarked to be given with ticket sales.

After the promo event ( ::cough:: ) we submitted a portfolio/album with various documentation. It had to be sent to both Regal corporate and WB and it needed an actual cover on it. I sat down and free-handed the lunchbox image of Ash with pokeball for the front cover and an image of Pikachu bursting through the WB logo topped with That's All Folks! for the back. On the lunchbox the ball is closed, but I opened it and added the Regal logo inside with a light-burst effect. WB loved it and actually sent me a release so they could use the finale in later promotional materials. They sent it on to Nintendo who also loved it. (We also enclosed a photo of the lunchbox and cited it as the source for the album cover which may have helped)

You can use the idea of pokemon in any respectful way you wish, but you can not use their already done work. They do have the right to demand anything you do with their idea be halted and you really have no claim to the contrary. Remember that and you should be OK.