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Core Pokémon Games Face-Off (Generations Edition) [30-Minute Cooldown]

Should the Final Round be restarted, this time with the exclusion of Generation VIII?

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  • No

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Hello, and welcome to yet another core Pokémon games face-off. This is a contest that will determine which games are "best" from each of their respective generations. followed by a grand finale round, pitting all winning games from each generation against each other in one, final, epic round to determine the best Pokémon game amongst popular opinion according to subjective opinions of those who partake in this game.

How it works:

-There will be a total of 10 Rounds to this game:
Gen I > II > III > IV > V > VI > VII > VIII > Runner-up > Finale
-Winner of the runner-up Round will have a last minute ticket to the Final Round.
-Add one point to the game you want to win.
-Once a move has reached x/x points, it advances to the next Round.
Note #1: Core remakes will be included to their respective generation, and thus a part of this competition.
Note $2: Spinoffs, unfinished games, games in development, beta/alpha games, or fan-based games will NOT be included in this face-off. Only the core games, as the title suggests.


1. All SPPf General, Games, and Face-Off rules apply.

2. No arguing, complaining, pouting, or having an attitude if your preferred game(s) are eliminated. Keep it civil.

3. Above rule includes not harassing, flaming, belittling, teasing, or causing a scene under any circumstance.

4. No forming alliances or agreements with other users to put one game(s) over others.

5. Please wait until another user has posted until you post again.

6. If you can, please correct the tally if you were ninja'd or have made a typo of sorts.

7. Don't intentionally post incorrect tallies or information.

8. Waiting periods and cooldown times subject to change periodically, depending on flow of activity.

9. Have fun.

Gen I: Blue
Gen II: Crystal
Gen III: Emerald
Gen IV: Platinum
Gen V: Black 2
Gen VI: Alpha Sapphire
Gen VII: Ultra Sun
Gen VIII: Shield
Runner-up: SoulSilver
Finale: Black 2
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Gesshin Powered
Red: 1/15
Green: 0/15
Blue: 4/15 +
Yellow: 1/15


White Yaksha
Red: 1/15
Green: 1/15 +
Blue: 5/15
Yellow: 1/15

The OG Pokemon game with its amazingly atrocious sprites.

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
Red: 1/15
Green: 1/15
Blue: 5/15
Yellow: 2/15 +

Yellow had my favorite sprites until HG/SS


Red: 1/15
Green: 1/15
Blue: 6/15
Yellow: 3/15+


Red: 2/15
Green: 1/15
Blue: 7/15
Yellow: 4/15+