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Coriolanus Rowland's Guide to Pokémon Husbandry


Gone. Not coming back.
I began reading this on Pokecommunity, and I was quite surprised when I found it here, too. This is great! I also love the dark humour in this, it's extremely entertaining and I would also like to be on the PM list, please! :D

Oh, thanks! I'll add you to the list.

Nice chapter, well worth the wait. Loved how you incorporated Cubone and Marowak into the Kangaskhan entry.

Question; in the Coriolanus Rowland continuity, are Cubone or Marowak at all capable of being tamed?

Mm. I really wanted to get them in there at some point. As for whether they can be tamed - well, I don't think anyone's tried yet. No one really wants to.

This part made me crack up, if only for the image it put in my head.

Yeah. I'm imagining some serious shark skin here.

Again, I feel the need to mention how much I love your dark sense of humour.
I admit I rolled my eyes when you first mentioned 'Khubb' (Fakemon... oh joy...), but I think it worked quite well. The little details make this thing good. :)

I called it 'Khubb' because it needed to be instantly recognisable as a pre-evolution of Kangaskhan without me having to explain that that was what it was. Coriolanus and his audience already know what a baby Kangaskhan is called, in much the same way as you and I both know that a baby cat is a kitten; therefore, he wouldn't explain it, and I had to come up with a name that needed no explanation. And, of course, it needed to exist in the first place because it is so very different to an adult Kangaskhan, and because I was determined to get a reference to the Cubone/Kangaskhan myth in there.

Oh, how I have missed these. The dark humor I laugh at (and therefore will eventually have to pay for) returns!

The Kangaskhan entry was by far the best this time. The part with the rocket propelled granade forced me to walk away from my computer for a minute before I could continue.
As the others have said, I loved the theory of Cubone's origin...I will never look at the species the same way again. Thanks for that by the way.

Yes, I like bizarre bits of fanlore like that. Bizarre bits of actual lore are better, but they're still good.

Anyway, I'm glad you all enjoyed it. Hopefully, I haven't run out of ideas for these chapters yet; even if I haven't, I think we're probably very close to the end now.



Gone. Not coming back.
It's always best to quit before a series dies.

Closing Notes

Through this book, I have guided the would-be keeper of Pokémon from the learning of the basics up to the keeping of the biggest and most dangerous animals anyone can reasonably hope to contain. Innumerable experiments were conducted, tremendous amounts of knowledge obtained for the cause of science, and, I hope, the greatest edition of this guide so far has been the result. I offer only one final piece of advice: steer clear of Pikachu and the Dragons. Obeying this simple tenet – along with not smoking, eating well and never marrying – can extend a man's life for a surprisingly long time.

This book is the summation of a life spent in close contact with Pokémon. If you can't trust my word, you can't trust anyone's; the name of Coriolanus Rowland is known throughout the world, albeit often as that of a wanted criminal. (This is, while I have the chance to talk about it, a gross misrepresentation of the facts. I simply took the most direct route to the top of my profession, without necessarily taking into account whether it was the most legal.)

Now, of course, there remains nothing more than for me to wish all those of you who wish to become Trainers, or farmers, or even simply pet owners, the best of luck in all your endeavours.