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Corrupted Wish Game 3.0

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Cyber Robert

Shockingly Lovely
Well, I noticed that this game was completely dead. So I thought I'd try and remake it.

Old thread: Right here

Rules: Basically the above poster will have given a wish and you twist it and turn it how ever you desire. Well, to a certain degree of course.....but still anything from drawing blood to just eating rotten veggies or anything in between is A-Okay! Then afterwards post a wish for yourself...example

Poster 1
I wish that I had a million bucks.

Poster 2
Wish granted. Here's 1 million male deer...who wish to kill you.
I wish for power.

Poster 3
Wish granted. You get small battery charger.

etc etc.

Okay I think that clears it up enough.......
I wish that this thread became popular.


FC: 4855 8997 3020
granted, the worlds population die of hunger from playing this game.

I wish i was never full.


Back from the depths
granted, you are certainly not full of inteligence.
i wish i didn't have to do homework


Well-Known Member
Granted,you won a corndog that was half eaten.
I wish i aced all my tests in school


Granted, unfortunately all the pudding had been recovered from a derelict Victorian building, is green with mould, and is probably from around the mid 1870s, as can be guessed by the mottly colouring of teh dust which has settled on top of it....this is sounding like an antiques valuation xD

I wish I had Bernard's watch (a watch which can stop time and move it forwards or backwards according to the owner's wishes)



Well-Known Member
Wish granted, but it is evil and decides it wants to take over the world. It kicks you out of your house and begins plotting, then the Linoone find out what it is up to and they get ready to fight the pudding for the right to take over the world. Then aliens show up and they all get into a huge fight which ends with... *Is suddenly kidnapped by Team Rocket before I can finish telling what happened*

I wish Team Rocket wouldn't abduct teenage girls like that while they are telling someone how their wish got corrupted.

Edit: Gah! Beaten! Wish granted, but the aliens steal it and... *Is kidnapped by Team Rocket again*


Well-Known Member
(Actually, in 8 days, I'll be turning 18.)

Wish granted, but the time machine requires 372 batteries to use. The batteries are not included, and everytime you travel the batteries are drained. Have fun wasting your money on batteries to power your time machine!

I wish I had a Deoxys.
Granted, but it's hacked and activates a Bad Egg Glitch that destroys your game.

I wish I had a Music Teacher that wasn't an idiot.


om nom nom
Congrats,yours makes you stay in for recess,and makes you play with the midgets,like mine.
I wish Infernape was real.
(Good, cause I don't like recess...)

Granted, but it goes ape (no pun intended) and beats you up.

I wish our school would perform plays that use REAL SONGS for Christmas and Spring plays.


om nom nom
Granted,your stuck signing ''Jingle Bells,Batman Smells'' (My sister sings that)
I wish I had an Infernape that wouldn't kill me,die,get stolen,arrested and taken away for discoverys,and fuseing me with it.

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
Granted but it killed your Best friend instead

I wish know which mod banned me
Your wish is granted. The mod that banned you was...

A Mod.

I wish for 5 Golden Rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.


Back from the depths
granted,the rings are red hot, the calling birds and the french hens and the turtle doves peck you to death, and the pear tree falls on you.
i wish the next person a merry christmas.
(it's still a wish)


Girafarigfan #5821.3
Granted, I only need to get over fifty Christmasses that are full of trouble before I get one Christmass that's merry...

I wish for peace.


My Little Ponyta
Granted, but everyone embraces each other so hard they all die and it's the END OF HUMANITY!

I wish Salamence was invincible.
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