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Corrupted Wish Game 3.0

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Sunlight, sunlight~
granted.... I listen to them, but make stupid questions..

i wish i was a girl


Cold *** Honky
Granted, but all of the girl problems are too much and you commit suicide.

I wish I had a cat instead of a dog.

Sceptile Master

Survivor of the Great Avatar Depression
Wish granted. It has wings though, and flys around, so you rarely see it.

"I wish for 3 more wishes!"


'Dis ma game face!!
Granted, but they're too corrupted and you go back to your old non good wishes.
I wish to be the greatest Pianist in the world


Cold *** Honky
Granted, but you're ignored by everyone.

I wish you were in a better mood, and wouldn't corrupt my wish.


Fabio Minccino
Granted, it spoils.

I wish for something to snack on.


Fabio Minccino
Granted. Skynet is born, a T-800 will be at your door shortly.

I wish I wasn't sick today.


much more beastly
Granted, but they hate you and DESTROY YOU!
I wish Pokemon were real and all of them loved me and nothing bad ever happened!
Not open for further replies.