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Could Hikari be a permanent character?

Usually whenever there is an opening it gives a small thing in the first few scenes like "Kono hoshi no Fushigina iki mono Poketto Monsutaa chijimete Pokemon! Ima, Shounen Satoshi to Pokemontachi no dea ito houken to tatakai no tonogatari ga hajimeru!" (not sure if thats entirely correct)

But if you look at the D/P Opening where it said "Shounen Satoshi to Pokemontachi" it now says "Ima, Satoshi to Hikari to Pokemontachi"

So considering the never did that with Kasumi, Haruka, or Takeshi...does that mean that Hikari is a permanent character?


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Could be, that would be awesome if Hikari was a permanent character. She is getting a lot of attention so who knows ^_^


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Maybe she'll continue to travel with Ash til series end heck maybe they'll become more than friends (is shot)
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Nope she'll get axed when the next gen comes out, there will be waiting

misty may and a whole bunch of other characters that could have returned but didn't

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Who knows? People will be debating this for the next 4 years probably. ^-^;

I wouldn't mind if she stayed, (I wouldn't have minded if May had stayed either), because I wish they'd have more than one girl in the main group already! XD


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The writers didn't embrace Haruka as a main character until late in AG. They are treateing Hikari as a main character from the begining. I still think she'll leave when/if a 5th gen comes.

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I wouldn't mind May and Hikari returning next season. The anime has hardly touched on female interaction and rivalries. Saori(sp?) does not count.

My best bet is Hikari being ditched next gen. She might stick around for a filler saga but then later get replaced for the 5th gen girl. May was popular and Hikari will be popular so they will most likely drop her, depending on the design of the 5th gen girl.
If May, with a D/P advertisement and an unfulfilled quest, didn't make it to Shinou, how on Earth can you think Hikari is going to be around for the Fifth Gen. May had every reason to stay, and she didn't.

And if, by some miracle, she does, it's a disservice to May, who has/had just as much right to stay as Hikari.

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No. When the next game comes out, Hikari is gone, so the new girl from that game could come onto the show. That's how it is. May left when D/P came out. So why do some of you think when the new game comes out, Hikari is going to stay?

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Nahh the only caracter that will stay is gonna be Brock and Ash I think Hikari will be gone when the fifth generation come's just like May left when the fourth came and like Misty who left when the Third generation came.

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I think dark trainer is being sarcastic. :rolleyes: