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Could Togepi have been extinct?

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Ok, So Ash finds an egg after a fight with supposed extinct Pokemon.

It hatches into a Togepi a few eps later.

We go 100+ Episodes without seeing another Togepi or a Togetic.

Not to mention that the Togepi's Paradise seemed like it was in another dimension and not much Togepi lived there.

This gives me the vibe that Togepi were either extinct or near extinct throughout most of Johto. What you think?


it's entirely possible that Togepi and Togetic are so rare that only a few people have even heard of them, much less have one.

then again, the writers of the show have thrown a number of things well out the window, such as pokemon being found only in the region of their origin or how rare a certain pokemon is.

Kangaskhan is supposed to be only found in the safari zone, but they managed to have one wandering around the wilds Jotho somehow, far away from where they're supposed to live.

and for "extinct" pokemon, Ash and friends manage to find alot of them alive and well.

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It's weird how the writers can claim a pokemon is extinct, but you see one that is still alive. That's really idiotic.

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Anyways, yeah what Geki said, togepi is a very rare pokemon.


I think the only reason why Togepi was the only one in the anime for the longest time was that the writers had some sort of storyline involving Togepi being very special or something... Metronome was using to unknowningly save Ash and friends from mortal peril many times.

but when Jotho was going on, Togepi's "plot" was probably dropped and completely forgotten, especially when Misty was written off the show. It wasn't until sometime during the Advanced Series that it's plot was finally resolved.

Flying Tropius

But there is one thing doesn't anyone but me see a relation between the togetic(pi)s and the Lati@s the look so similar


I also think they should've tried to explain Togepi/Togetic's and Latias/Latios's similar markings.

In response to the question: Maybe they were originally gonna have Togepi be a pre-evolution of Aerodactyl?


Bring it.
I think at the time togepi was just an advertisement for johto. It was probably a way of telling viewers that there is more pokemon out there and a new season will come up. Same goes for pikachu. Besides ash's pikachu, ther was probably only 4 other pikachu's ever seen in the anime.


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DKzM0mA said:
Same goes for pikachu. Besides ash's pikachu, ther was probably only 4 other pikachu's ever seen in the anime.

See "Pikachu's Goodbye", dozens and dozens of Pikachu. Much more than 4.


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What i mean is trainer wise. Correct me if i m wrong but, besides "Pikachu's Goodbye" have we ever seen another wild pikachu? This also goes for togepi. A bunch of togepi revealed themselves in the other dimension. The princess in that episode said that all kings or queens must have a togepi to inherit the kingdom so we can safely say ppl have had togepis before misty so they aren't extinct, just rare.

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i think there just rare and i hope we see togetic again!

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Hey! Richie has a Pikachu! Proves to people there are characters with Pikachu!

Now, as for Togepi...Back when I was young and when the egg was first shown, I was like, "What is that?" along with other people. Finally it hatches and it still takes me a while to remember the adorable little thing.

Then I get this book with Togepi in it and says the PokeDex entry's still a mystery. And then, finally, Togepi comes into Silver and Gold versions. And I was like, "Why would they show a Johto Pokemon in a show that's still on it's first season?"

And then there's Ho-oh. Everyone was like, "OH MY GOSH! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!" for many years. Finally, when the verisons came out, people were like, "COOL! HO-OH! Wait, that looks familiar..." I was like that as well. So apparently they added at least two Johto Pokemon into the Kanto episodes.

And Wynaut had appeared in a Johto episode, like several episodes or so before Hoenn. So the writers are just confusing us. Oh, and in the movies...

The first one shows Snubbull and Marill. We had no idea what they were until the Orange Islands with Marill (where Lugia and Slowking show up) and finally the Johto season with Snubbull. And also, the fifth movie. Latios and Latias are Hoenn Pokemon, though they're still in Johto.

So these things are everywhere. And for Togepi...It's very rare. So maybe it could become extinct one day...I dunno. Can't believe no one thought of this before... Well see you!

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Promotion, I think that's what it's all about. To get the hype up. It really never made a bit of sense that Ash found a Togepi egg near a bunch of supposedly extinct Pokemon, in Kanto. I would say however it is obvious that Togepi is rare at the very least. (I don't even think you could catch them in Silver/Gold could you? Didn't someone just hand you an egg or something?...)

Togepi is evil either way. ;)


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Jesus. :|
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