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council of the starters.

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i heart manga!!!
on a date that shall not be mentioned, for it was sworn to be kept a secret, starter pokemon from every region came swarming from fields and labratories, but strangely not from trainers, and onto one place, a place not yet discovered until then, the enormous mass of an island. that island was named starter island. soon, many professers had gone to the island to study the pokemon there and just the island island itself. but a mysterious, invisible force teleported them to canalave city in sinnoh. because of the lack of starter pokemon, soon-to-be pokemon trainers would not begin their journies. this has been going on for many years. until today. today, 12 trainers, on their trainer age birthdays, will be teleported to starter island to choose a starter. a new era of trainers is to begin!!!

the first 11 people to join (besides me) will be able to become teleported to starter island. to reply, post your player name and starter pokemon. once everyone has joined, let the journey begin!!! (p.s. you can team up with other players.)

my entry:


Mu Xi Phi #141
This should be posted in the Sign Up sub-forum. And read the Serebii forum RPG rules.
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