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Count to 100 before a mod posts!

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You should do that AG.

Buggy, if I were in your situation, Id never be able to joke about it for at least seven years...

I can only imagine.

Here it is:

Back when I lived in Florida, we had this Magnolia tree in our back yard. It was small, and I climbed it all the time with zero problems. we also had a much larger one behind it. Me, being the adventurous nine year old I was, decided to climb it. I got about twenty feet high, before I lost my grip and fell. I got my foot stuck in a branch(about ten feet up; dont ask how because I have no clue how), and I was stuck hanging upside down for ten minutes screaming at the top of my lungs scared for my life. My mom finally came out and saw me hanging there. My dad eventually had to get the ladder to get me down, while my mom was about to go into a panic attack.


Local Cryptid

A hurricane well it was transformed into a bad thunderstorms and tornadoes and it got to my town and stuff and the winds we're really bad. So, a tree fell down and if it would've fallen to the east, it would've gone through our roof. My uncle was there when it happened and he's just like standing out the door watching everything. I swear he can be quite crazy sometimes...
Not open for further replies.