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"Orange" Magical Girl
Co-Owners: keepitsimple, Pokegirl Fan~, WizardTrubbish

Mascots: Countey the Melmetal, Counten the Shiny Melmetal, Feh the Messenger Owl

Cranberry was a substitute mascot for Feh but he died from a dumbbell he tried to lift.

Welcome to Count to 60 Before a Mod or Co-Owner Posts...or CT60 for short. In this thread, you simply go up like so:

Poster 1: 1
Poster 2: 2
Poster 3: 3

...until a mod or a co-owner comes and resets the count, starting back to 0. Of course a mod and a co-owner can still post until they feel like they want to reset. Also me, Pokegirl Fan~, and WizardTrubbish will rotate the power to reset the count with each other. Finally, if we reach 60, we keep counting up until the count gets reset!

While the gameplay of this thread is to count, if you want, you may chat as well as long as it's not inappropriate.


1. Follow all SPPf rules (including no inappropriate posts and attention-seeking ones especially). Doing so will have you on the ban list below.
2. Try not to flood the thread with a ton of posts so rapidly. If this happens, I or the co-owner(s) will pause the thread to keep everything in check temporarily.
3. While sorta mentioned already, as long as you increase the count, you may chat if you would like to.
4. Do not ask to be a co-owner. We will let you know if we feel that you can handle the position.
5. After a mod/co-owner resets, they have to wait at least five minutes before being able to reset again
6. In addition, it has to be a different mod/co-owner resetting the count instead of the same person resetting over and over again!


Strike/Ban System:

First strike: Warning
Second strike: Two day ban
Third strike: Week ban
Fourth strike: Two week ban
Fifth strike: Month ban
Sixth strike: Permanent ban

(Subject to change)

Striked/Banned Members:
None yet
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Yay I can finally stop this ghost nonsense. Can I keep the likes anyway?
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Godzilla would win.


Thanks for contributing
17 I used to dislike it, partly because one of my favourite pokemon got reclassified as fairy and I didn't think it made sense, but I like it now.