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2, (you tell me if I'm wrong but WishIhadaManafi5 looks like a mod to me).

15, okay so the rules aren't identical and I should have read them.

Passive-aggressive or just aggressive...? I know this was a reference to something someone said on here but damned if I know what it was, and I remember my ellipsis obsession.

Pokémon (and cricket but there isn't a bloody thread for that...) Obviously Pokemon, stupid thing to say. Cricket's still great, fine wit that. I think the ellipsis is supposed to be the way my thoughts trail off but it's so pretentious.

Birthday Jun 11, 1995 (Age: 27) True
Location England Still true
Favourite Pokémon Alakazam Still true
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code 2638-0335-1397 Probably still true
Gender Male Yes, still true
Occupation Former IT Manager, unemployed through mutual agree I assume there was a character limit or that's just ass grammar. And this was never really "true" but I get what I was going for. Different job now.


Bone Cold Marowak Guy;13018031 said:
Because gen. 6 will have 126 Pokemon exactly, and show up near May 24, 2016 (give or take 3 weeks). Unironically I still find this hilarious, he said this in 2010/2011 must have been. Quote used to link to the thread as well.
YourFavoriteUser;16234222 said:
Generation VIII will be awful, I just know it This was the better prediction and is completely true.