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ChampioN One

Pew Pew Pew!
6 nothing's banned


11, **** man that's got to be so old, everything's moved let me find it.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member


2, (you tell me if I'm wrong but WishIhadaManafi5 looks like a mod to me).

15, okay so the rules aren't identical and I should have read them.

Passive-aggressive or just aggressive...? I know this was a reference to something someone said on here but damned if I know what it was, and I remember my ellipsis obsession.

Pokémon (and cricket but there isn't a bloody thread for that...) Obviously Pokemon, stupid thing to say. Cricket's still great, fine wit that. I think the ellipsis is supposed to be the way my thoughts trail off but it's so pretentious.

Birthday Jun 11, 1995 (Age: 27) True
Location England Still true
Favourite Pokémon Alakazam Still true
Nintendo 3DS Friend Code 2638-0335-1397 Probably still true
Gender Male Yes, still true
Occupation Former IT Manager, unemployed through mutual agree I assume there was a character limit or that's just ass grammar. And this was never really "true" but I get what I was going for. Different job now.


Bone Cold Marowak Guy;13018031 said:
Because gen. 6 will have 126 Pokemon exactly, and show up near May 24, 2016 (give or take 3 weeks). Unironically I still find this hilarious, he said this in 2010/2011 must have been. Quote used to link to the thread as well.
YourFavoriteUser;16234222 said:
Generation VIII will be awful, I just know it This was the better prediction and is completely true.


17, me over here with the working eyes but no brain.