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Count to 60 Before Somebody With Under 20 Posts Comes

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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."

Lol, oh you guys. Stop talking about little gorgeous me and go back to what you were doing before I interrupted. Or I'll be sigging you people.

(Also, family is coming over, so I might not end up coming back on until later this evening, just letting ya'll know.)


Belly Slide
39 0_0 *Slowly back out of room* Before I go, we have a non-chalant murderer, a freak, and a guy who walks in on people in the shower.


Sunlight, sunlight~
2 Yes, now don't post again for 15 posts, or you'll get banned. *(bekidding, you should be able to ban people when SS and Jacobii are gone, right?)


Sunlight, sunlight~

usurp |yoōˈsərp|
verb [ trans. ]
take (a position of power or importance) illegally or by force : Richard usurped the throne.
• take the place of (someone in a position of power) illegally: supplant : the Hanoverian dynasty had usurped the Stuarts.
• [ intrans. ] ( usurp on/upon) archaic encroach or infringe upon (someone's rights) : the Church had usurped upon the domain of the state.
Not open for further replies.