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Countering Skarmbliss: A pet peeve

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by DrunkenSniper, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Ludicodaniel

    Ludicodaniel <-If only it was red

    And Dire Hit, But, unless you have a pokemon with Super Luck, it can't be used in conjuntion with Focus Energy.

    And High crit moves + Scope Lens + Focus energy = 1/3 crit rate, which isn't bad at all.

    SkarmBliss counters... I think that Arcanine may now class. Just because it's BL/UU, dosen't mean that Flamethrower and Flare Blitz don't work wonders. Same for Rapidash.

    Toxicroak should work well, with good Sp.Attack, attack, and Nasty Plot. It can use Stabbed Brick Break on Blissy, and something like Stabbed Focus Blast (Innacurate though) on Skarm. Blissy won't like Focus Blast after Nasty Plot either.

    Togekiss should work wonders. Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere (Unstabbed -_-) and Air Slash (stabbed), and a Self-Recovery to shrug off Blissy's Attacks, and Skarm's. Togekiss laughs at them in all honesty. Even if it fails to 2HKO.

    Raichu does counter Skarmbliss as well. Just not like Pika. (I wish there wasn't light orb)

    Oh, and Lv1 Sash-Endev-Quick Rattata kills them too. Skarm or Bliss will die, unless the rat gets Paraed, there's a Sandstorm/Hail, or the Rat's poisoned. (Although, If bliss switches in and the Rat's poisoned, Endevor and QA may still kill it, due to it's abismal def)
  2. scizorking

    scizorking Member

    To be honest I hate Charizard >_>
  3. DrunkenSniper

    DrunkenSniper That = GG.

    You suck :((( (j/k)

    I was thinking about Arcy, and believe me, being BL had nothing to do with it. Adamant, Max Attack Arcy with Life Orb is the only reliable way to 2HKO Bliss with Flare Blitz, and that's tantamount to suicude with all that Recoil.

    Raichu > Pika IMO. : D

    I think I mentioned Toxi in the Specs bit, but I'll add him properly.

    Everything, including Leftovers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FEAR
  4. Perfect Sphere

    Perfect Sphere Well-Known Member

    Heatran can counter both. Flamethrower for Skarmory and Explosion for Blissey.
  5. Bert

    Bert Untitled

    Infernape can do exactly the same thign but CC > Explosion (meaning it actuallmy LIVES).
    Mixape is the best you've got to kill (tehcnically not really a counter) SkarmBliss.
    Also, Pain Splitters with a reasonably good physical atk and dito stat can ruin Blissey ^^.
    Dusknoir ^^.
  6. Incarnati0n

    Incarnati0n Just as planned.



    So you people KNOW that infernape can't switch in on skarmory, proving it's not a counter, and still you guys keep yelling "Infernape pwns teh skarmbliss rofl"? I don't even want to mention FEAR's switchin captabilities.

    A counter is a pokémon that can succesfully switch in to the pokémon it counters without taking too much damage and can either kill the opposing pokémon or force it to switch.
  7. phantom1113

    phantom1113 Not a random nub

    nice guide but one question

    do u want to stop ppl from using skarm bliss because apearently ther enot that good since the whole ou tier can kick there ****???

    or just want ppl to now this so that u will get no more whining about this??
  8. Incarnati0n

    Incarnati0n Just as planned.

    first I´d like to people to spell correctly. But that´s another subject.

    I´m happy this thread exists and shows skarmbliss isn´t immortal, but the whole thread would be quite pointless if the arguements aren´t right.

    I made some notes about the pokémon mentioned in the first post. I didn't lst the counters I agree with.

    oh yeah, and again, FEAR is a terrible idea since it's useless on whatever attacking move/status infliction'/spikes varia/weather condition/enemy with brains who inmediatly knows what he's dealing with when seeing a lvl 1 rattata. it switches in on.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2007
  9. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Wowee! This thread is great so far.

    I have a question about FEAR's switch-in capability. Couldn't it work if you started off with it as your first? The only problem I see is if the opponent switches in to a Ghost type. But then, it did force a switch, like the counter name demands... I guess that's a general "Yay FEAR!" statement, though.

    It'd be great if you battle-connoissuers would discuss the popular and not-so-popular counter strategies for other popular Pokemon teams. Maybe another thread?
  10. Mario with Lasers

    Mario with Lasers Unfazeable

    I can't believe people still ban Skarmbliss. Don't they know Tyranitar+Garchomp is a thousand times worse?
  11. the_showstopper

    the_showstopper lover of Glaceons

    This is just my opinion, but...
    Most people would want to go with 252 252 6 EV spread for sweepers and a Modest/Adamant/jolly/timid nature (At least for me anyways). Getting a def hindering nature and investing a little EVs in the other stats is pretty troublesome and hinders the pokemon's sweeping ability. and if you have just one Skarmbliss counter and it faints, you lose the battle. Seriously, why can't anyone come up with their OWN walls? Why do they have to use Skarmbliss just because of their walling capabilities? Why can't they come up with their own strategy instead of copying other's? Seriously, I use my favourites, instead of the everyday Infernapes and Blisseys. You do realize that, after awhile, battles get boring because all pokemon your opponent uses is the same, with little veriety.
    Again, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION! I am NOT flaming any garchomp Skarmbliss users or anything.
  12. Pimplup784

    Pimplup784 Back in Blue?

    I agree with Showstopper. People should put more spice onto they're teams. Don't get me wrong though. I'm not saying everyone who uses the usual Garchomp, Blissey, Skarmory combo is boring, they're movesets aren't but that is a different topic and i would not like to go there.
  13. Pimplup784

    Pimplup784 Back in Blue?

    The best counter i think would be Magmortar. Focus Blast and Flamethrower are a dangerous combo.
  14. phantom1113

    phantom1113 Not a random nub

    if u mean focus blast for blissey i think cross chop would hit harder
  15. Taunt counters both.
  16. spawngod316

    spawngod316 I'm just a thinker

    Hey, that's actually pretty clever thinking. However, the pokemon that uses taunt cannot be weak to flying attacks or a possible bolt-beam combo from Blissey and must be faster than a Skarmory.
  17. Mario with Lasers

    Mario with Lasers Unfazeable

    Two layers of Toxic Spikes being used by any pokémon that learns something to OHKO/2HKO Skarmory works too.

    Nidoking (huge movepool), Tentacruel (~40% damage with Surf or Hidden Power Electric), lol Forretress (Zap Cannon for ~40% damage, and Explosion causes ~70% damage to Skarmory), lol Roserade (HP Fire for the 2HKO, and even Sleep Powder/Stun Spore for Blissey) are the only ones, actually. I'd recommend Tentacruel, as it manages to take a hit better than Roserade and Nidoking, and can even help your team countering Infernape. Forretress is good too, but I don't really like him, so I don't have any good words for the bagworm ;[ *never used him*
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2008
  18. warnerbroman

    warnerbroman the Blue trainer

    or typhlosion
  19. Volteon

    Volteon Back I guess??

    Focus blast shouldn't be considered for countering Blissey. You have less than 50% chance to hit Blissey with the move twice in a row.
  20. Pimplup784

    Pimplup784 Back in Blue?

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