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Countries you have visited and how much you like them

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I came across the thread 'places you want to visit', so I made this thread for the countries you have visited and you can also share your experiences.

Let's start with me. I haven't travelled many countries. I live in India and I have visited Nepal and UAE.

Nepal- I visited there when I was young. I have a faint memory of visiting there. As much as I remember, it was a good place, and I would definitely like to go there again.

UAE- I visited Dubai on a trip with friends and family. It's an amazing place, and very advanced as compared to my country. I was very much amazed by it's beauty and never wanted to leave after the trip was over. Such a great place.

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I’ve been to Canada only to see Niagara Falls, Spain once to visit my uncle and cousins, and Taiwan three times. Canada was only a one night stay and I didn’t do much there other than see two museums that evening with my sister and my dad’s friends daughters. Spain I was there for about two weeks which was nice and I did sightseeing in Madrid by myself. Taiwan I went twice with my dad and once by myself and I enjoyed all three trips but the last was better because I was by myself and I could see different things my dad normally wouldn’t be interested in. I also managed to find three of the hard to find Amiibos over there including Young Link from the 30th Anniversary and 8-Bit Link. Also found Bayonetta so it was a good visit.


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I've been to:

  • Scotland for a camping trip
  • Canada for a week
  • Spain quite a few times, including the Canary Islands
  • Colombia many times (my mother's side of the family is from there)
  • the United States (only once, and it was a stopover in Miami)
  • Germany for a week
  • Italy (when I was really little, I was maybe six or seven years old?)
All are very beautiful in their own ways. I don't remember much about Miami though, as it was only for a day and it was like 15 or so years ago, but I do remember that we went to a pizza place.


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Australia - YEARS ago, for 4 yrs, basically finished HS over there I’d love to go back, visit my sister in particular. This is definitely where I fell in love with the beach life.

Mexico- don’t remember much, if any tbh. It was Cancun for family vaycay but I was young.

South Korea - layover from Australia going back to the states. I was there for a couple days. Ppl were nice, though, I wasn’t fond of the smells over there. That’s something that I can vividly remember, any time someone is like “oh how was Korea”. I’d still go back though.
Countries I've been to:
- France: Been there numerous times. A lot of times with my parents (often on campings) and once with school to Paris. I've seen several provinces but my favorite is probably the Provence region. Paris was a beautiful city and I loved the countless of musea with the Louvres being the icing on the cake.

- Germany: Only been to Germany once, aside from passing through it while traveling. I went to Berlin with my gf 2 years ago and I loved the city. We went sightseeing and to musea all day long. It's a young city with friendly people and a lot of history.

- Italy: With my mom being obsessed with this country and actually taking Italian classes for years so she would be able to speak to the locals, it's no surprise I've been there a lot of times. The country is basically one giant museum. One of the cradles of the Western civilization. Definitely one of my favorite countries. And while I've been there quite some times, I wouldn't mind revisiting to see some regions I haven't been to yet.

- Spain: Unfortunately, the only times I've been there was when I was a kid (aside from the islands), so most of the days were spent in hotels or at the beach but I did have a lot of fun there. I've been to the Canary Islands Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura as well during some gloomy winters which was really nice. But on the islands there's not that much to do out if the hotels/beaches aside from taking some nice walks.

- Austria: Went there on a school trip for two weeks to Tirol, mainly to go hiking. It has beautiful sceneries and mountains. Even though 13 year old me was totally exhausted at the end of every day.

- Switzerland: I've went there a lot of times as a kid. My grandfather used to own a chalet there so we went there almost every winter and a few summers as well. Still remember the time my dad made a tiny igloo when it snowed buckets and the neighbor's dogs towing a sled with my sis and me on it (where we fell off after probably 2 seconds cause those dogs were really excited).

- Turkey: I was really young when we went there so I don't remember much of it. It was blazing hot though and I got sunburnt to the point where I still have a pretty big (luckily faded) scar from it. The part where we went really wasn't tourist-y back in the day, we went there because a friend of my parents was married to a brother of the hotel owner there. Everyone also stared at my sis cause she had blonde hair and blue eyes which upset my mom. Anyways, this was in the late 90's so I'm pretty sure everything changed a lot over there by now.

- Egypt: My parents had this brilliant idea to go to Egypt in the middle of July one time. It was blazing hot. As in, 45°C or more hot. The part we went to was in the Sinaï at the Red Sea. The hotel complex was really nice and the sea was beautiful. Coral reefs basically as soon as you entered filled with tropical fish and other animals. We went to see some nice places during guided trips as well, but the hotel being protected by armed guards was a bit odd, they were pretty friendly though. Wasn't a fan of the city we went to cause the people there kept clamping onto you. Sure, it's their culture and you're supposed to haggle and everything, but please leave me alone when I'm not interested in your wares.

- USA: We went there in 2001 on a trip to Disney World in Orlando. Which was probably one of the most magical experiences I ever had as a kid. I turned 9 there. Every day was awesome despite it being super hot and humid. Unfortunately learned that Americans only bake their fries once so I wasn't too fond of those. And of course some cultural differences. Learned some stereotypes were actually true while others totally aren't. It was a nice trip, but I don't think I'll return to the country as an adult.

There's been some other countries I visited as well such as Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands and the UK, but I was either too young to remember anything or it was just for a few hours in the UK's and Netherlands' cases so I don't really have an opinion on them.


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- Portugal: My home country. I'm mostly familiar with the southern region (Algarve) and I couldn't love it more, it's paradise. Plus the nightlife is amazing. I'm only talking about the coastal cities though, the rest of the Algarve region is (just like the region just above, Alentejo) very rural.

- Spain: Not such a big fan because the places I visited were mostly dirty as hell. But I'm sure there are many wonderful places in Spain and I'd love to visit the main cities, like Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville.

- France: You could call almost it my second home country in a way (although I'm not French), because I lived a big chunk of my life there and that's still where I live. I've been to most regions in France, except for the southeast (Marseille, Monaco, etc), and there are many beautiful places but I mainly like Paris because I'm a hardcore urbanite at heart.

- Italy: Been there for a week, to Rome and Naples. I even went to the Colosseum. But I still prefer Naples for its better weather and because it somewhat reminded me of my home region in Portugal.

- Germany: Been there twice (one week each time), to Cologne, Bonn (which was the capital of West Germany), and Aachen, and I loved every second of it. The people, the cities, everything I've seen in this country is great. I would seriously be considering a move to Germany if german weren't such a painful language to learn :p I'll say, however, that I'm eager to visit Frankfurt at some time in the future because it's full of skyscrapers, which in Europe is a complete oddity (Paris has a few skyscrapers too, but they're more dispersed).
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Went up to Canada (Stratford, Ontario) when I was younger. Had a lot of fun up there. Went to see some plays and had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant.

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I hate that I've only ever been to two countries: United States (where I'm from) and Aruba. I have pretty much no memory of Aruba since I was so young.

I really love traveling though, and want to visit 6 continents. Luckily I have gotten 2 depending on your definition, but I'd still like a memory of South America (and go to the mainland).


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ive been to Tokyo, Kyoto ,Hiroshima and Nikko prefecture( Iroha slopes and the waterfalls nearby) it was with a tour group so things were a bit quick paced for the tour. got a good idea of how it was and was gonna go in May 2020 but the obvious happened. i liked visiting there alot and hope to travel back there this year to spend more time in places i didnt have time to visit for as i was time limited to keep upt with the group.

worst case for the travel, i will go domestic and go see another part of Canada, already been to Calgary and New Brunswick.
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I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Memory is a bit foggy with Malaysia since I was very young but all were very enjoyable.


I enjoyed China: it was nothing like how I expected, and I found that a lot of stereotypes about the country were exaggerated. I also really enjoyed vacationing in Chile a few summers ago: Santiago is a very beautiful city, especially the skyline and the mountains.


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I've been in a few countries.

Denmark: Lived there through my early childhood from 6 years old until 12. My dad was studying computer programming. Sweet country but The danish people aren't too respectful towards Icelandic people in the Mosevangen apartments in Horsens. Nice weather very often here. Denmark is also a big producer of Haribo candies and it's really cheap there. Overall 9/10

Italy: Was there once on vacation in Pietra Ligure, stepped on a sea urchin (i had beach slippers on but a few were lodged in my heel oouch, but no poison)
Overall 5/10

Norway: This was a mandatory skiing trip in Norrtalje with my danish school. But i hate the cold. 2/10

Sweden: Part of a school co-operation between Iceland and a Swedish school. Pretty good experience with a theme park visit before going home.
Me and a lot of others had a rather meh experience since most Swedish people don't use english. 5/10

Spain: All i can say is this country is ridiculously warm even at night the oxygen is really hot. and Thin blankets means it rather uncomfortable trying to sleep. I'm not a fan of extreme heat. 5/10

Iceland: I live here but the winters are long and we get a lot of weeks with cold winds or lot of rain. It gets unpredictable sometimes and things can be expensive. But my family lives here. 10/10
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UK - home country. I've been to England and Wales, although Wales was an educational trip so not really much going on there. London isn't as great as I remembered it when I visited it last year. Kinda grubby, but then again I visited during the pandemic so warped perceptions. Manchester is amazing, spent three years there as a student. Hometown is kinda bland to me but others like it. Looking to move away or abroad. Friends want me to stay but meh, my life. The UK is good to visit but it feels like London vs the rest of the UK at times. It does have some wonderful scenery though in the countryside - don't limit yourself to London if you do visit.

France - frequently visited on holiday. Loved pretty much every place I've been to - my family could only afford different parts of France growing up (we'd drive there) so I've basically toured the whole country. Such a beautiful country. I've seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris and it's truly astounding in person, especially at night when the lights come on (fun fact, it's illegal to take photos of the Eiffel Tower with the lights on without permission due to licensing). Highly recommend France as a country to visit.

Spain - Only visited Ibiza while on holiday but it was OK. I feel like I need to visit mainland Spain before deciding if I like Spain as a country. I remember Ibiza 'being too hot' for my liking so I tended to stay inside and by the time I had finally settled into the weather and temperature, I had about 4 days left to enjoy so to me it feels like I wasted some time acclimatising. Still, it is really nice weather and my first memory in an airplane. I also remember the outside seating area of the hotel overlooking the ocean...absolutely beautiful. Locals were nice too, but I imagine being in a tourist area, it was for custom. Their ability to speak English is a lot better than my ability to speak Spanish and it's something I took away in that I wanted to learn another language.

Belgium - Only drove through this while going towards Holland (The Netherlands as it was known) for holiday as we couldn't afford to fly. Can't really form an opinion of it but it is a country I have definitely set foot inside.

The Netherlands - I have a set of playing cards from Amsterdam that I need to replace if I can find a set, I absolutely love the artwork on them. The flower fields are wonderful to look at and if you can find the time to visit Amsterdam, highly recommended. I went before cannabis was legalised though and I was a kid so the resort I stayed at, with water park included, probably remains my favourite holiday to date. Seems like the park was family orientated, but I loved the Netherlands. Only downside were my adult teeth coming through so for about 2 days I was in pain with a wobbly tooth.


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I visited Mexico once about 6 years ago and I loved it. The resort where we stayed was so beautiful it reminded me of Hawaii based on pictures that I've seen of the islands. :)


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I've only been to a few countries.
Visited: Philippines (4 occasions), Japan (2 occasions)
Layover: South Korea, China
Seen: Mexico (visible atop the Coronado Bridge in San Diego)

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One day I want to go to Italy. It looks like a very beautiful country. Japan would also be a fun country to visit. I want to visit the Pokémon Center so bad.

The only other country I've ever been to was Canada. I liked it up there. Niagara Falls was a wonderful experience.


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I was in Chile, Peru, Myanmar and Brunei.

If I had to say what things I liked about each trip, it would never end, they were wonderful experiences and can safely say that the best thing about each country was its people and its culture.