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Countries you have visited and how much you like them


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Let see:

United Kingdom: The first Time i was only 6 months old. My family went there to visit my aunt and uncle.

Ghana: Homecontry from my Mother. I was so 4 years old, so i have less memory.

Italy: My family was 3 times in italy when i was young. I liked the beach and we did some sightseeing, and i threre was a Arcadehall. That was my first time to play Mortalkombat 3, as a 9 years old

Japan: What a kind of Anime/Manga dont visited that country? After my apprenticeship i visited tokyo for 11 days and it was amazing. It was the first time to visit a large city like tokyo. I was playing arcade, visited the pokemon center in Tokyo/Yokohama (Pokemon Center Yokohama is way better than tokyos). I was really surprised how clean the city was.

Netherland: Amsterdam was great. I was in many districts and the Architecture of the houses looked really good to my. The dutch langauge sounds a little bit similar to german. Well, i see lots of people the overdid it with weed.

USA/Canada: I traveled with contiki throught the Eastcoast and visited Citys like Washington, Newyork, Pittsburgh, Bosten, Toronto, Ontario. It was very exiting to see all the cities. Later when i have enogh money and corona isnt a bigdeal, im going to Las Vegas, Housten, Los Angeles.

Singapore/NewZealand: An another Contikitrip. Well the reason i went to singapore was that the flight was really long so i decided it is a better idea to visited Singapore as a overstay for 3 days and then flying to NewZealand. Singapore was great. I liked it very much the city was safe, clean and many activities were cheap or for free. For the 3 days i sleept in a "Space-Capsule Hotel". The Newzealand tour was very intense because i booked the fulltrip. Meaning i traveled from south to the north and saw lots of places. My favorite place is Cap Renga.

@Hunter Zolomon
I liked the Niagara Falls as well. I did a boot tour throught the waterfalls and it was amazing. It was also very "wet".
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Thinking back on my second trip to Taiwan, my dad and I somehow managed to be in Taipei the same week some video game convention was happening. I actually bought a ticket to get inside and it cost around 100 US dollars which isn’t bad and the ticket let me attend any presentation booth (which Smash 3DS/Wii U was one of them) but I didn’t go to any because they weren’t speaking in English. I got all sorts of free stuff and snacks and managed to snag an Eon Ticket on my 3DS through Street Pass because I had it with me to pass the time on the subway. I was originally going to look at the 101 Building by myself when I saw the convention sign across the street and spent the afternoon there instead. One of the freebies I had gotten was this giant inflatable sword which I had to deflate just so I could take it home with me. I still have no idea how I’m going to inflate it as it is about three feet long.


Japan, India, Germany, Poland, Czechia, Lithuania, Singapore.

That was all from 2013 and earlier. I haven't had a major urge to travel since then but out of those I'd easily go back to Japan again and again. An easy 10/10.


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Countries I've lived in for a substantial period are New Zealand(my home), England(I lived there from age 5 to 10) and Australia(my current home). When I lived in England I had holidays across Europe, especially France and Italy. The US is probably my most visited vacation spot. I also had a few days in transitioning to England and later holiday-related in Singapore and Thailand, but I was very young and my memories of them are foggy


I've been to quite a few places and sometimes I forgot I've been to them.
North America: U.S.A
Europe: England (I live there), Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Malta, Norway, Iceland
Asia: Japan, Philippines, Thailand
Other countries travelled past but never set foot on China, Taiwan, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Sweden
Not technically countries: Isle of Wight & Jersey

Haven't been anywhere in Oceania, Africa, or South America yet.


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I have not ever officially gotten into a nation, even though I have a passport.
I have at least been to LAYTONSVILLE and OLNEY, their water towers are clearly labeled,
so that I would know where I was. I have seen several other water towers, except,
I haven't been able to get a clear view, of what it says on the other water towers, so far.
I do not know why it's unrequired for all the water towers to have a distinguished labeling,
and making it legible and readable, it makes it difficult for people to know where they are,
when they don't know what the water tower says.
The words on the labels of the water tower translate approximately to "LIFE" + "DEATH" respectively,
or, "The City of Townsville" & "Old New"
The cherry blossoms there were most notable!
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I went to Jamaica when I was younger with my immediate family and Grandmother. We stayed in a big house outside of Kingston with a pool. I remember really liking it and enjoying the food. I also went to the Bahamas a lot as part of Cruise trips.

I also got to visit Britain and France after graduating High School. That was fun as well


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Prior to COVID, I travelled a lot. My job has given me a lot of opportunities to visit other countries, and part of the reason I started playing Pokémon and watching the anime again was because I couldn’t travel.

US - Home country.
Europe: UK (London, Leeds), France (Paris, Nice), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht), Portugal (Lisbon), Norway, Sweden

Oceania: Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), New Zealand (Auckland)

London, Paris, and Stockholm are three of my favorite cities to visit. I’m hoping to be able to go back there someday. Australia and New Zealand are nice, but 14 hours is way too long to be crammed in an aluminum tube.
Visited Brasil not too long ago on a business trip so I didn't get to enjoy the sights but I was still happy to go because I'd never been to South America before.


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I would like to visit some European countries. I am attracted to Germany and France. But the problem is that I need to take a vacation. I have a strict boss, so I couldn't even go anywhere in the summer. It upsets me. Now I want to make a time off request form and send it to my boss. I'm sure I deserve a vacation. So I hope that in the next few weeks I will be walking the beautiful streets of München and Paris.
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I would like to visit some European countries. I am attracted to Germany and France. But the problem is that I need to take a vacation. I have a strict boss, so I couldn't even go anywhere in the summer. It upsets me. Now I want to make a time off request form and send it to my boss. I'm sure I deserve a vacation. So I hope that in the next few weeks I will be walking the beautiful streets of München and Paris.
I've heard great experiences from people that have experienced Germany and France. They are definitely on my countries to visit list. Hope you get your well deserved vacation and see these countries.


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Calgary, Canada. I went hiking with friends in the mountains. It was unforgettable trip. I buy stuff for hiking on everest.com at good price. I like to collect new gear for my outdoor hobbies. There are all necessary equipment on every test. Quite convy
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I mostly traveled across Brazil, but i did visit Argentina and the US.

Really liked Buenos Aires. Loved the climate and architeture, the food was great and so cheap. The beverages were kinda expensive and there were a lot of smokers tho.

As for the US, NY is probably the most beautiful city i've seen. I went there on spring and found the cherry blossoms and tulips so pretty. That said i did experience some racism for being latino, which makes me not want to return tbh.