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Couples you can see happening.

Hot Limit

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My favorite shipping is advanceshipping, so I feel like Ash and May would work (if Ash ever grows up of course haha).

Otherwise, I always loved Lillie and Hau or Gladion and the Sun/Moon for the games.

Red and Yellow for Pokemon Special, along with Platinum and Pearl! These two are my favorite from the Adventure manga and absolutely adorable! <3

But yeah, haha.


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-Brock x Lucy (Luckshipping)
-Dawn x Conway (Heattagshipping)
-Lance x Mayleene (A day,I dreamed they were married lol, I don't know what the hell goes through my head)
-May x Drew (Contestshipping)
-Nanette (BW109) x Ragnarok4 :oops:

Don't care much about them But I have no problem with them



No longer active
Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn) Lagomorphshipping (Pikachu x Buneary) Viewpointshipping (Me x Korrina) Bestfriendshipping (Me and my boyfriend in real life)

I had to mention my boyfriend too cos he helps me a lot :) kinda like korrina does

and our stories involving Pokémon fandom can be kinda similar. So I felt it was worth mentioning

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Rocketshipping and Eldershipping, honestly. Oak and Delia are always together even when they have no real reason to be, and when Ash asked Oak "why are you at the beach with my mom," Oak got all flustered and changed the subject and that's super sus.


Newbie That Has No Idea How Anything Works
Grant and Viola, I loved them. I also low-key shipped Korrina and Clemont, wished they more interactions together.

I also just read the X and Y adventures together and I think X and Emma had pretty adorable interactions. Emma was alsoo one of the few people that X made in an effort to connect with.