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Cover songs


I stay noided
No this does not belong in the "Your favorite music" thread. Nobody goes on there to talk about stuff anyway :c

Anyhow what are your favorite covers of songs? Anything that you find even better than the original? Any awesome youtube cover artists you just had to share? Hopefully we can discover new amazing covers on this thread
Single instrument covers count duh

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I'll do my Lilliest
There's this i'd love to share. Its a parody of Taylor Swift's "22" song and this guy made it as "Pikachu".
Basically its about Team Rocket stealing Ash's Pikachu, nya~


I stay noided
There's this i'd love to share. Its a parody of Taylor Swift's "22" song and this guy made it as "Pikachu".
Basically its about Team Rocket stealing Ash's Pikachu, nya~

Speaking of 22, I found an amazing cover of it. Seriously one of the best covers I've ever heard.


The Admiral

solid state survivor
Okay, everyone ever has done a cover version of Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door," but Warren Zevon's cover, recorded when he was on death's door, is pretty depressing.



I stay noided
But I just posted them for you!!
I really liked the one of mirrors. The Clarity one not so much, I think it really does need the electro beat to make it great.

Admiral that is a damn good guitar tone!


I stay noided
I know all those guys except Boyce Avenue (although I've heard of them). I love Walk Off the Earth's cover of Polly.

Can't say I'm a fan of Grimmie though. I used to be but I got tired of her and haven't listened to her for about a year.


Protect The Smiles!
Cold Chisel's cover of Bob Dylan's: Knocking On Heaven's Door: Link
Phil Collins's cover of Cyndy Lauper's: True Colors: Link


The Interceptor
If you like awesome rock/metal covers of video game songs, check out FamilyJules7x:



Son of Wōden
For me a cover has to offer something a bit different, either in a different style, or with a different arrangement. The worst covers for me are bands of the same style taking a song and doing it note for note. It's pointless. But inject a bit of creativity and it can be very interesting to hear a new perspective on an existing piece of work.

One of my favourites is the band Nest covering Skepticism's The Gallant Crow

A couple of othrs I quite like of the top of my head
Æþelruna covering Burzum's Det Som En Gang Var but translating the whole thing into Old English to get "Ðæt þe Hwilum Wæs". Unfortuanately he accidentilly deleted his youtube account when he got rid of his google account, so the video isn't online at the moment.

Moonsorrow covering Metallica's For Whom The Bell Tolls.


I heard this one recently and I really liked it. It's a cover of Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music." I think the piano really takes it to another level though I still like the original quite a bit.