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Covers Better Then the Originals

Umbreon Ruler

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Seriously, no one has yet to mention Gary Jules version of Mad World?
Or Jeff Buckley's version of Hellaluja?

What is wrong with you people?

Jeff's Hallelujah sounded awful to me. One minute I'd be turning up the volume so I could understand his incoherent whispers, then I'd be blasted away when he started screaming. I hate to speak ill of a dead man, but that is not my idea of a good cover.


I Wanna Love You // The Maine

Not exactly classical, but good nonetheless. ^^

EDIT: Oh yeah.

Mr. Sandman // Sara Bareilles

It's not a well-known recording, but I like it much better than the original.
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Ocean Soul

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Walking In the Air and Phantom of the Opera, covered by Nightwish.

They're my favourites. :D


Light The Stars
'All Along the Watchtower' by Jimi Hendrix (Originally Bob Dylan)

'Turn the Page' by Metallica (Originally Bob Seger. You know it's true)

'Hurt' by Johnny Cash (Originally by Trent Reznor)

'Mercyful Fate Medley' by Metallica (Original songs by Mercyful Fate. If only Kirk didn't have to wah every solo to death)

Yeah, Turn the Page is one of their best cover songs, and I also get tired of Kirk's wahing in almost every song.... anyways:

The heart shaped box cover they made for Guitar Hero 2, Seriously best song I've ever heard.......

^ By the way I was being sarcastic... that cover is horrible, but the original is really good (Originally by Nirvana)


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Don't dream it's over by sixpence none the richer (orignally done by crowded house)
Who wants to live forever by breaking benjamin (orignally done by queen)
My hero by paramore (orignally done by foo fighters)
Queensryche's cover of Lisa dal Bello's "Gonna Get Close to You" ... is a tad bit better to me than the original. Testament's "Rapid Fire" is about equal to Judas Priest's original.

Marillion's cover of "Six Months in a Leaky Boat" (original: Split Enz), likewise to the Testament thing. The one that I can definitely confirm as "better than original" as opposed to "equal," though? The repeatedly-mentioned "Smooth Criminal" cover.


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Marilyn Manson's version of You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) is really good. And yes, it is Maryilyn Manson, not Dope - despite what Wikipedia says.

I also think he covered This Is Halloween from The Nightmare Before Christmas and Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd really good, too.


Scarlet & Violet
Beat it by Fall Out Boy (Michael Jackson)

But not better than the original.


Bad and Nationwide
Motorhead's version of Enter Sandman..

Makes Metallica look ****ing bad.


Son of Wōden
[/B]and Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd really good, too.

are you getting confused with Korn?

I might be worng, but I know korn covered it.

but it could never be better than pink floyd.


if it wasnt for the annoying keyboard being destroyed noises in the middle i would say Intermezzo from the Karelia Suite covered by The Nice (originally Sibelius)


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Truthfully, I tend to get to a point where I can really love certain songs as MUCH as the original, without neccesarily considering the revision to be "better".

If You Leave and Smooth Criminal come to mind here, as I actually heard both cover versions of these songs before either of the originals, they were the ones that had grown on me so to speak. Although, when I did actually here the true versions, I thought they were awesome too, so that's about even level as far as I'm concerned.

Then some songs shouldn't have been covered--Madonna's American Pie--*shutters*

But I guess to give a single answer, I have to (however bizarreyl) confess, I much prefer Fall Out Boy's cover of Roxanne to the original. I know that's like being musically blasphemic, but at least I'm no liar right? >_>;;


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Spider-Man theme by aerosmith
Walk this way by rund dmc and aerosmith (not sure if this counts tho =/ )


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You Spin Me Right Round (Like A Record) by Jessica Simpson, originally by Dead or Alive
I Will Be by Leona Lewis, originally by Avril Lavigne (I like both, but I like Leona's better)
I Think We're Alone Now by Girls Aloud, originally by Tommy James and the Shondells (although people think it was made by Tiffany)
Landslide by the Dixie Chicks, originally by Stevie Nicks (I actually love both versions)


Bad and Nationwide
Keep in mind what era that was from. Do ya think Motorhead could cover e.g. Blackened and have their cover kick the original's ***?

Lemmy's vocals do not suit Blackened, so no -- incidentally you picked virtually the only Metallica song that has much in terms of musical quality besides some of their early stuff with Kirk, and virtually the only time Jason Newstead had any influence on the music the band made.

That comparison is like (*, look down) me saying because Danzig covered Thirteen and it was better than Johnny Cash's version that he should be able to cover Cry, Cry, Cry and have it better as well.

*in the event I were to say this, which I wouldn't for two reasons -- I don't consider the Danzig version a cover because Glenn Danzig wrote the damn song and secondly because I consider the versions to be in different genres and therefore not to be compared.

Incidentally I would also mention the Damageplan version of Walk (which is only half a cover due to half the band being from Pantera) and the Pantera cover of Whiplash with Phil on guitar and Darrell singing (insert WTF's here) as being better than the originals.