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Cowboys and Demons (Rated 14+)

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Clockworkz, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Clockworkz


    Background info: In an alternate dimension, demons have somehow invaded earth during the year 1973, and nearly exterminated mankind, save for many people in America. Most of the country was turned into a desert, as entire cities were destroied. Now, it is 1996, and there is one man who has made a name for himself as an amazing demon hunter and gunslinger. He's on the hunt for these monsters, and he won't rest until they're all dead. But there's more to this hunter than what meets the eye...
    (I'll explain the demons thing in the story. Trust me; it'll be good.)
    Without further ado...

    Cowboys and Demons

    Chapter 0:


    The wind blew, and dust kicked up around the nearly deserted outpost situated about twelve miles north-northwest of the city of Kingston, New Mexico. The sun was setting, and through the debris in the little sandstorm, an eerie red glow could be seen across the horizon which made the entire sky seem aflame. Everyone in this little area was inside at the time, in whichever of the three buildings they could shelter themselves in from being buffeted by the sand. Roughly twenty-three nameless, rugged men and women all huddled into the rickety buildings, shivering with an unbelievable amount of fear. A typical sandstorm never evokes this much trepidation; the people are afraid of what caused it, rather.

    Within several minutes of their abandonment of the area, a rumbling could be heard in the distance, and it soon grew closer, trembling the ground as it neared ever closer to the outpost. With an eruption of sand and dust upon the ground, not ten feet away from the entrance to the colony, a bellowing roar could be heard.

    Terrimaka is striking again. If one were to actually see the monster that decided to show itself when the dust cleared, they would see a creature that resembled a centipede, half its body protruding out of the ground, its segmented legs wriggling with tension. Its massive jaws could lift a car, and the antenna upon its head could sense vibrations while it was on the hunt. It scanned the area with its black, soulless compound eyes, as its crimson, insectoid form twitched warily.

    “Back again, eh? Thought you learned your lesson from last time, but I guess not.” A calm, yet rebellious male Texan accented voice came from a crevice between two buildings. Terrimaka, the centipede-like abomination, twisted its head towards the direction of the voice, and tried to focus.

    “Never mind. I guess I’ll have to give you one last lesson in pain.”

    There was a metallic clicking from the area of the voice; the clicking of a gun. The person who spoke up began walking with slow, heavy footsteps out into the center of the settlement, and revealed himself, as he looked straight at the beast.

    He was an odd looking sort, with a wide-brimmed, black leather cowboy hat, a long trench coat of a similar style and identical color. His baggy blue jeans were held up with a belt, the buckle of which depicting a metallic star on it. His strange, military-styled boots stood firmly in the sand, as he glared out at his foe through his jet black, rectangular sunglasses. His long face was adorned with the facial hair of a goatee and stringy black strands hung in front of his face from under his hat.

    With a grin, he readied himself, as Terrimaka shuddered, and heaved itself completely out of his burrow. It was massive; a near perfect replica of the common centipede, only magnified about five hundred times. As it appeared fully, the dust storm died down to mere breeze.

    “You damned demon! I’ll send you back to your master!” With his shout, the man pulled out a strange gun; it resembled a long Colt semi-automatic handgun, but was longer, and bigger overall. Gripping it and aiming down the line, he fired three shots from the barrel, and Terrimaka reeled in pain as a putrid, vermillion ooze spewed from its right eye. He grinned as his demonic opponent writhed, and soon gained its ground again. Without any prior thought, Terrimaka flung its head back, and shrieked. Its legs scuttled, and it lowered its head once more, as it began to move at full speed at its aggressor. The man noticed this, and grimaced, as he dove out of the way, as the monster charged by in a cloud of dust.

    Picking himself up, the gunslinger saw that Terrimaka had apparently stopped itself, and turned about. As it attempted to barrel over its foe once more, the man simply stood in its path, and unloaded all of the bullets in the gun into the head of his enemy. It screamed and stumbled in its locomotion, and collapsed with the force of a plane crashing. The hunter hid his face with his right arm, as Terrimaka’s crashing stopped just short of him, kicking up dust and debris once more.

    He wiped his brow and holstered his weapon as his prey ceased to move. It was dead. Seconds later, doors of the buildings creaked open, and faces could be seen, which turned from curiosity into sheer elation, as the people ran out of their shelter to meet this man.

    “You killed it! I can’t thank you enough!”

    “You’re our hero! Bless you!”

    “Tell us your name, partner!”

    “Yeah! Tell us your name!”

    This man only looked around, with a hint of irritation in his eyes. Finally, he answered calmly, “My name… Is not important to you.” The area fell silent at this person’s strange answer, and he turned around and walked back to the alley from whence he came. A metallic jingled resounded, then a beam of light shot out from the crevice, as an engine started up. A second later, a large, jet black motorcycle slowly rolled out of the gap, with him on it.

    “But if ya’ll gotta know, my name’s Kain.” He revved his engine, and saluted the people of the colony. “Adios.” The motorcycled accelerated, and drove off to the west, disappearing in a cloud of dust.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2006

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